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    GT5 have fake damage system.

    in Sony Discussion on 19 August 2009

    So in Forza if you drive headlong into a concrete wall at 150mph do you die? Now that would be real damage....

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    Teh real C3ll

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 August 2009

    IBM Might Extend Moore's Law With DNA-based Chip Technology By Joseph F. Kovar, ChannelWeb 5:23 PM EDT Mon. Aug. 17, 2009 Looks like Moore's Law may be extended into the indefinite future, thanks to IBM (NYSE:IBM)'s development of chip-building technology that uses a DNA-like structure as a...

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    PS3 Slim 299.99 @ Best Buy?

    in Sony Discussion on 12 August 2009

    Looks like bollocks to me....

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    David Jaffe's Twitter Says PS3 Price Drop. Now ...$199

    in Sony Discussion on 03 August 2009

    Maybe what Jaffe meant to say is that his Twisted Metal game will be out by the time the PS3 is priced at $199?...

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    David Jaffe's Twitter Says PS3 Price Drop. Now ...$199

    in Sony Discussion on 03 August 2009

    Jaffe's just done a huge disservice to Sony. While it's a joke $199 and P3s have now been linked in people's minds, ss when PS3 Slim comes out with a price tag of $299 people are going to be less impressed at that price point and many will decide to hold off until it hits the $249 price, but that will be a year or 2 off at least....

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    Why The PS3 Will Ultimately Win This Generation

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 July 2009

    And here was I thinking you were going to post something funny like...Because it's black, and everyone loves black. Straight out of the Sony marketing department. Such a puff piece of unsubstantiatable speculation on what the future will bring for console sales that I'm a little embarrased to be an exclusively PS3 owner.And not counting the Wii!?! come on I thought we were over that by now. PS3...

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    All aboard the Forza 3 spaceship, Microsoft Leader says welcome aboard!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 June 2009

    ^ Tell that to Polyphony last gen, and the gen before....

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    in Sony Discussion on 22 June 2009

    Hang on a mo! CQC given:CQC taken is 2.14 not 68.whatever. But still is OK because 2.14>1.65 and your CQC given:CQC taken only needs to be >1.65. At least that's the way I see it. If it means your CQC taken needs to be ...

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    All aboard the Forza 3 spaceship, Microsoft Leader says welcome aboard!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 June 2009

    Well I gotta say that if the fine folks at Turn 10 can get out 2 quality Forza games in the time it takes Polyphony to get out 1/2 a game then that speaks volumes for the greatness of Turn 10. And possibly for the ease of development on the 360. Slightly off topic, but does the Ferrari at the top of Selnor's post look rather like a Hyundai Coupe to you, only with one rear light instead of 2?...

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    RUMOR - Michael Jackson involved in new video game for PS2, Wii, PS3

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 June 2009

    No innuendo here.I couldn't stand MJ right from the start, so this makes me like the 360 just that little bit more. (Still buying a PS3 though). Lucky for MJ, Sony and Ninty that I am in a small minority....

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    Before you permaban spam accounts...

    in Website Topics on 20 June 2009

    Can their accounts be left active for a little while so we can write some fun stuff on their walls? Surely no one here is gullible enough to actually take any of the private messages from these accounts seriously, so why not have a bit of fun with these accounts for a couple of days?...

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    Informal poll: Do the PS3 fans suck or do they blow?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 June 2009

    It all depends on which side of the fan you're on. Of course the fact is true fans can only blow, but in blowing they are also creating the illusion of sucking.Oh, and ban Squilliam for making the most provocatively unprovocative thread EVAH!...

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    FFXIV may only be a timed exclusive.

    in Sony Discussion on 03 June 2009

    It was certainly an equivocal exclusivity statement from Tretton at the Sony conference, something like: "PS3 will be the only console you can get this game on WHEN IT LAUNCHES IN 2010". Sony don't moneyhat permanent exclusives according to most folks, therefore SE would be dumb to give Sony a cast iron guarantee of enduring exclusivity. Timed exclusivity looks like the go here....

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    Will The Conduit atomize Halo 3's opening record?

    in Sales Discussion on 24 May 2009

    *Sigh* Ninty fans shoulda learned from Sony fan's egg on face attempt to claim KZ2 as H killer.I think people do Halo 3 a disservice by saying it was hype which gave it it's sales. Sure the hype was necessary to achieve good/great week 1 sales, but the hype is not the reason it smashed records. Halo 3 is part of a (sub) cultural phenomenon, that is why it had the best ever opening week for a FPS...

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    Did Anyone else notice Star Ocean 4 has sold better on the 360?

    in Sales Discussion on 03 May 2009

    Just wanted to hop on the bandwagon....

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