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    DFC Intelligence: Xbox One X to sell 17m by 2021

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 June 2017

    That seems pretty generous. I don't have any sort of feel for how Xb sales will go from 2018-2020. Will it be 5-7 million per year average? 8-10 million average, higher? ...

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    Reggie: the 4K audience is “a bit too limited,” talks fan feedback

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 June 2017

    I tend to agree. the 4K TV set install base is still pretty small. Will be interesting to see whether XOX and PS4P help to drive 4K TV sales. I expect 4K TVs to be a substantial proportion of the TV install based by the time PS5 and Xb Two come along. It is important that the TV market is primed with PS4P and XOX? I don't know....

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    July Playstation Plus games

    in Sony Discussion on 28 June 2017

    Until Dawn! Wow, wasn't expecting that. Will be getting for sure....

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    Best new IP this generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 June 2017

    What, no love for Knack or The Order 1886? I'm voting Other, because I haven;t played any of the games on the list, but I have played The Order 1886, and it was pretty good, with flaws. Probably switch to Horizon: Zero Dawn once I play it. Bloodborne really only gets the "New IP" title on a technicality. It's really part of the Souls universe so I personally don't call it a gen 8 new IP....

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    Can the Switch catch back up to the PS4 or did Nintendo kill the hype?

    in Sales Discussion on 27 June 2017

    The Handheld console market is at a low point for potential install base. Nitendo's home console appeal among gamers is relatively low. But that said, combining the handheld and home console market potential for firm Nintendo fans still gives Switch a life times sales potential of about 60-70 million (based on WiiU + 3DS sales, noting that there will have been a lot of people who bought both Wii...

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    Stop that Kojima Konami Drama

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 June 2017

    Can we stop telling people what they should and shouldn't care and talk about that they have a legal right to discuss freely on the internets? Oh and and #FucKonami! And I don't even play Kojima games or particularly care about the man more than I care about people in general....

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    Do you consider Xbox One a Failure?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 June 2017

    Depends on how you define it, but so far I would say that it failed to capitalise on the success of X360. But one can also say that out PS3. Though PS3 ended up a bigger selling console than all other non-Sony home consoles with the exception of Wii, and it outsold Wii in some markets. Not sure the same will be able to be said about Xb one. In the context of the 8th gen I think Xb one can be...

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    Predict When will Ps4 Outsell Wii

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 June 2017

    Not totally sure it ever will. PS4 is lagging in a launch aligned comparison by about 11 million, on VGC (full year sales to end of 2016 for PS4). While Wii dropped like a stone after year 5, Wii's 5th year was basically equal to PS4's current top year. At this rate PS4 will need to have serious legs to get to 100 million. I expect PS4 to peak in annual sales this year, or possibly to be past its...

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    Ford Cancels Plans To Move US Factory To Mexico Due To Trump ... (Hint: China)

    in Politics Discussion on 21 June 2017

    outlawauron said: vivster said: Of course it is. All the jobs would go to illegal immigrants. Or do you think someone who would outsource an entire factory wouldn't take advantage of a much cheaper work force within the US? That's why they're building the wall, right? But the jobs in a car factory are high skill positions. These typically don't go to illegal immigrants....

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    Ford Cancels Plans To Move US Factory To Mexico Due To Trump ... (Hint: China)

    in Politics Discussion on 21 June 2017

    They probably sell more Ford Foci outside of the states anyway. Probably saves distribution costs as well as labour costs....

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    Rocket League Gonna be on TV

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 June 2017

    https://www.gamespot.com/articles/rocket-league-tournament-will-be-televised-on-nbc-/1100-6451090/ "Television networks have been gaining interest in esports for the past couple of years, and today NBC Sports became the latest network to jump on the trend. It announced today that it'll broadcast a Rocket League tournament, marking the first time that Rocket League has been...

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    Xbox One X PC Build: Can you do it for $500?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 June 2017

    What happens when you throw in the price of a 4K monitor vs a 4K TV? Not much point in having a 4K beast for either a console or TV without the display being capable of showing a 4K image....

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    The Industry Is Stronger When Nintendo Is Strong, Says Sony's Jim Ryan

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 June 2017

    pokoko said: "Wii60" era? How does a writer for a video-game publication not know that the PS3 regularly outsold the 360? It's Nintendolife, what do you expect? I would say the 7th gen was the most successful console gaming generation. And the reason for that is because there were 3 home consoles and 2 handheld consoles that all sold well and thus could support decent game sales...

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    In your list of gaming priorities, how high are graphics on the list?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 June 2017

    Graphics is probably a higher subconscious priority than I would like it to be. I have a hard time enjoying games that have "last gen" graphics, or older gen graphics. I don't give any thought to resolution really, as long as it's HD. SD really looks pretty trash and so affects enjoyment. I don't think anything above 720p really improves my enjoyment. It's only "value" is as a console wars...

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    Sony Looking Forward to “Selling a Lot of PS4 Pros” This Christmas, Says It Underestimated Demand

    in Sony Discussion on 20 June 2017

    I expect Pro to be at least $150 cheaper than XOX through the whole holiday period. I expect the XOX p[rice to be what it is. But there will be a lot of bundles to provide greater value. But there might be Pro deals that come in at $299. But possibly with things like $349 and $50 store credit or something. Not an actual $299 price tag....

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    Jim Ryan - The Phil Spencer of Sony.

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 June 2017

    thismeintiel said: What else has Ryan said besides the kids crossplay thing? At least I assume it was him that said that. I've no idea. But Sony should get pilloried for it's shitty cross play policies. Just the criticism should be directed tothe decision-maker, not the spokesman. Actually, doesn't that mean Jim Ryan is Sean Spicer of Sony? Having to come up with creative...

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    So PS4 game lineup til 2019 is stacked af, why would you want PS5 before 2020?

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 June 2017

    I think PS4P and XOX has extended this generation at least 2 years beyond what would have been predicted at the start of the generation. I think PS5 in 2021, unless MS pulls the trigger on XO2 before then. Still, I don;t see MS launching new hardware before 2020....

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    May 2017 NPD Thread! PS4 #1

    in Sales Discussion on 19 June 2017

    I don't think Nintendo has ever really suffered long term with short term supply problems for very popular hardware. They could try to manage supply and demand better, but they will still sell a crap tonne of Switches over the next 3-5 years....

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    Dream Daddy: A Dad Dating Simulator (ft. Game Grumps)

    in PC Discussion on 19 June 2017

    TargaryenVers2 said: http://nerdist.com/major-dilf-alert-dream-daddy-is-a-game-about-dating-hot-dads/   "Dating simulators—that is, point-and-click video games in which you try to find a romantic partner—often exist on the cutting edge of what is considered normal and, well, appropriate. Think back to the groundbreaking Hatoful Boyfriend, in which you were...

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    Uncharted 4 & Horizon ZD look so mind blowingly great they have spoiled games for me.

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 June 2017

    eva01beserk said: binary solo said: It is the benefit of 1st parties with access to more resources and possibly higher budgets. They makes games at least ibn part, to sell the hardware. So I suspect Sony, in particular, has a lower KPI in terms of profits for 1st party games than 3rd parties can afford to have. Not that Sony will be happy with a game making a loss...The Order 1886,...

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