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< Smeags posted something on binary solo's wall:

You might have been the only one who heeded my post in the NPD lol. *grumbles* For what it's worth I appreciate it. :P

Seems they found a loophole in your polite suggestion to close out the discussion.

on 27 October 2015

< ReimTime posted something on binary solo's wall:

Interested in a Rocket League tournament?

Yeah, kind of. For some reason I get really nervy playing competitive online, and even worse if it's a competition. Funny I never feel that way about regular sports. I've tentatively thrown my hat in the ring in that thread.

on 23 September 2015

Glad to have you!

on 23 September 2015

< ganoncrotch posted something on binary solo's wall:

You mentioned Free to Air TV shows btw but TV isn't really free to air in all countries you know, here to own a basic TV ie something with a tuner in it costs close to 200 per year, where as charity shops run campaigns all the time to collect pcs from training centres to give them to poor people, for free and that super flashy internet you talk of? Citizens advice here in Ireland will cover the cost of that (7mb connection) for a poor family.

I just happen to work in a training centre who donates PCs to projects like this it was how I encountered it, I have to say those people who are in bad situations, I would always give them advice on how they can at least be somewhat happy in their pretty shitty situation.

(also I wouldn't ever suggest that selling pirated material is right, that is directly profiteering from other peoples work and I've directly moved to stop people attempting to do that here, sorry if there was miscommunication on that matter)

I guess it just happens to be where you encounter piracy going on, if it is someone like you suggested who has spent a few K on a gaming rig but refuses then to pay for windows to install on it... no, I would never condone that, but if it was saying a family poor enough to apply for a free 15+ year old PC to send emails would love to watch a movie with their kids... no I really am not going to judge that in the same way as the first person, but like I said where I happen to work I encounter the second quite a lot so I get to see it face to face.

Hope that cleared up some of my "Piracy acceptance" I understand completely if you still hold the zero tolerance for it, but some backstory seemed due for you to my feelings on the stuff.


Thanks for explaining the situation where you are. It is nice that poor people can get PCs and internet essentially for free, But I can never accept poverty as a reason to break the law. It's not right for anyone to break the law and poverty is no excuse. I think there is a real problem with society where happiness is defined by entertainment and material things. So people who are in poverty should be looking for happiness by means other than breaking the law to get entertainment products. There is plenty of free entertainment available on the internet you don't need to resort to piracy to be entertained.

on 19 August 2015

Yeah very true but a lot of the time people in this centre come through courses to kind of ... better their situation and explain some things, part of that is basic computer usage in which it's normal to advise against allowing kids to have access to a PC as a babysitting technique which means not really allowing full access to things like youtube since there is a lot of bad content on there next to a lot of great stuff too.

Out of interest would there be anything you would suggest as good entertainment which is freely available online? Kid friendly stuff of course, like I say I find myself trying to help out people in pretty shit situations at times, Appreciate the view of poverty not being a reason to break copyright laws but I'm also a complete anti drug/alcohol user and a lot of times those are the forms of "entertainment" that some poorer people tend to go to, which are of course more damaging to themselves in the short and long term, if I can give someone a distraction for even an hour or 2 from doing something stupid I jump at the chance.

Sad thing is people who are badly off don't always have the best set of tools to just make their lives immediately better, sometimes they can sort stuff out, but rarely after getting a face tattoo in their teens or so... those people are kinda derped for life.

on 19 August 2015

< arachnid15 posted something on binary solo's wall:

Interesting article today on Dualshockers that made me think of you. They suggested an easy way for Sony to introduce "backwards compatibility" which involves exactly what you have been saying on the topic. Simply have PSNow recognize your owned copy of a game by either disc or digital and allow them to played for free when available. You beat them to it by a few months. ;)

Yeah, I don't see how Sony can't do something like this. There is no excuse other than wanting to make money, which would go down like a cup of cold sick with gamers. It is also significantly easier and cheaper to implement than designing an emulator. In fact i reckon a PS3 emulator on ps4 would be impossible.

on 22 June 2015

< Ryng_Tolu posted something on binary solo's wall:

Congrats with your XBO > PS4 NPD prediction.

Thanks. People had me doubting. But Amazon came through like always.

on 14 May 2015

Funny like now amazon say PS4 > XBO ... :O damn, according to Amazon PS4 will win May NPD, but i don't see how, May tecnically will be more strong for XBO... let's see, the month is still not finish.

on 14 May 2015

Nah, Amazon implied Xb one would win. Two Xb one skus close to one PS4 sku suggests Xb one is ahead for the month. May is similar, though the PS4 position in the chart up to now is slightly better than April. But there's still over 2 weeks of May to go and things could tighten up quite a bit. That's why in your May NPD thread I am unwilling to make a call between PS4 and Xb one.

on 14 May 2015

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God Of War 4 Teased? (I Think So!)

in Sony Discussion 5 hours ago

WTF is Kratos going to do? He's already killed all the gods that matter. All he's left with is sloppy seconds....

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Playstation 4 has sold-through 30.2 million units worldwide

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Fei-Hung said: binary solo said: For all that PS4 is doing very well, these sales are not getting anywhere close to making up for the massive die off in Nintendo and Xbox sales. There's a very good chance this generation will be 50% of last generation, especially if MS sees the writing on the walll and hits reset early (2017 is my guess). Dying might be overstating it, but console...

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Playstation 4 has sold-through 30.2 million units worldwide

in Gaming Discussion 15 hours ago

Lawlight said: binary solo said: Transforming, IMO. Gaming in front of the TV will always be with us, and I think it will still always be a popular way to game. But the way the games will be delivered to us is going to fundamentally change over the next 10 years or so. Digital sales of full games is increasing, but I think digital sales of full games will kinda be like the Blu-ray...


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