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    finalrpgfantasy I just had sex with my dog. I'm a sick Son of a bitch( Damn you, Gilgamesh)
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    What is everyone's Internet speed like? (In relation to Google Stadia being announced...)

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 March 2019

    50 mbps download 6 mbps upload Price: $55 No Cap...

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    Games that presented the biggest leap over their predecessor

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 March 2019

    GTA II to GTA III...

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    How much $ do you spend on gaming?

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 March 2019

    Not very much, maybe between $150-$200. I hardly have the time to play videogames (work, MBA, gym. social life, etc.), so my gaming spending has been greatly reduced. By the time I buy the games I want to play, they are either very cheap or were available for free on PS Plus at some point. ...

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    Devil May Cry V Review Thread - MC: 88 | OC: 88

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 March 2019

    87 my guess...

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    Devil May Cry V Review Thread - MC: 88 | OC: 88

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 March 2019

    CGI-Quality said: John2290 said: I'm going to plop down this 88 right here and hope for the best. With all the shitty releases lately and the disappointing titles In this genre and other action genres of the same slashy variety, I'd reckon this could do over a 90 depending on how many review it, still, I'll stick in the 85-90 range and lock in at 88, Doc. “All the...

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    Horizon Zero Dawn has sold well over 10 million!

    in Sony Discussion on 28 February 2019

    Well deserved. One of the most beautiful game I've ever seen....

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    Are you circumsized ?

    in NSFW Discussion on 15 February 2019


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    Massive Layoffs at Activision incoming

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 February 2019

    Snoopy said: Pinkie_pie said: Diablo immortal will get them back on track   It probably will, mobile games are usually more profitable than console games. I think he was being sarcastic... right?...

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    What's With The PS4 Sales Doubt?

    in Sony Discussion on 02 February 2019

    RolStoppable said: Why is there no option for under 100m in the poll? Because this isn't a Nintendo Switch sales prediction thread. :P...

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    PS Plus February Games Include For Honor & Hitman: Season 1

    in Sony Discussion on 30 January 2019

    Great month. These two games are on my wishlist....

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    Kevin Fret: Gay rapper shot dead in Puerto Rico aged 24

    in Music Discussion on 24 January 2019

    Kerotan said: AbbathTheGrim said: I am from Puerto Rico. The investigation is now aimed at another allegedly extremely popular rapper (whose identity has not been revealed) with whom Kevin Fret seemed to have some business conflicts. The police are paying attention to his social media posts and are seeking information about his bank accounts. Hi Abbath, long time no...

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    Where is FF7R?

    in Sony Discussion on 15 January 2019

    StriderKiwi said: Where every Square mainline entry lingers for 6 to 10 years, development limbo. Love their games, but cannot understand their business model with mainline entries in FF and KH that take forever to make. The worst thing about it is that they have acknowledged the problem, but they haven't fixed it....

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    Kevin Fret: Gay rapper shot dead in Puerto Rico aged 24

    in Music Discussion on 11 January 2019

    Mr Puggsly said: vivster said: According to the article he was apparently so extremely gay that it was noteworthy. Dude, look at the pictures of him. He wasn't just a rapper that happens to be gay, the LGBT stuff was his identity. It may seem kinda crass, but its fair way to describe this guy. He wasn't your run of the mill rapper, the LGBT likely helped him get...

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    Coming clean

    in General Discussion on 10 January 2019

    Yeah... I remember the GIF of you eating a banana. Anyway, welcome back....

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    Game protagonist's who's Character you played whilst wishing all the while you could beat them with a big stick

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 January 2019

    Platina said: Luke from Tales of the Abyss, but at least he's redeemableUnlike Emil from DotNWk This....

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    What Sound System you use for Gaming

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 January 2019

    Yamaha YAS-108 Sound Bar https://www.amazon.com/Yamaha-YAS-108-Built-Subwoofers-Bluetooth/dp/B07D73HMVR/ref=dp_ob_title_ce I didn't want anything fancy and it's wayyyyy better than my TV's internal speakers (Sony X900f tv)...

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    Last game you bought for PS3/360

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 December 2018

    FF X for the PS3 back in 2014....

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    Where are you from?

    in General Discussion on 18 December 2018

    The Fury said: finalrpgfantasy said: Puerto Rico, a small island in the Caribbean. That's 2 of you so far. Small island or not, still part of the USA. 51st state one day. Right........ :P...

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    Where are you from?

    in General Discussion on 18 December 2018

    Puerto Rico, a small island in the Caribbean....

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    Britney Army unite!

    in Music Discussion on 11 December 2018

    It's Britney, Bitch. I'm a huge fan of Britney. I became a fan of her when I saw for the first time the music video for Toxic back in 2004. I was obsessed with her (still are) and I used to constantly search news of her in google back in my middle and high school years. I've never been to a concert of her :( I was planning of going to Las Vegas next year with a couple of friends, but I...

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