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    Strife91 Persona 3 coming to 3DS? Persona 3DS anyone?
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    Is it just me or does this look way cooler than it has any right to be??

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 October 2011 by TomaTito

    Controls doesn't seem to be much of an issue for the IGN reviewer, she only talks about them individually in each minigame. Anyways, I still have this game ordered - shame there's no online multiplayer :( And I can't expect them to release it again for Wii, maybe Wii U instead...

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    My theory indicates that the FFXII team are making FFXV and it will be out in 2014.

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 August 2011 by Galvanizer

    Troll_Whisperer said:If it comes in 2014 in Japan it'll come in 2015 in the West. So, unless they are developing for next gen (which is possible) I don't see it. It will most likely get a simultaneous worldwide launch....

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    Ninja patrolling the streets of England.

    in General Discussion on 29 August 2011 by TheEvilBanana

    Boutros said:He finally did it. Wessle ftw! Hehehehe! :'D...

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    David Jaffe Upset Over Battlefield 3 Hype

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 July 2011 by NiKKoM

    David Jaffe is crazy... everyone will be playing Twisted Metal in october.. who talks about BF3 when Twisted Metal is coming.... >_>...

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    Nintendo responds to Xenoblade's localization efforts (along with Monolithsoft, Mistwalker)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 July 2011 by MrT-Tar

    Conegamer said:Xenoblade sounds bad, TLS? Not so much... Also, GIVE US A XC RELEASE DATE IN THE UK!!! ;) Haven't you heard? It's 02/09, September can't come soon enough!...

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    (Rumor) Project Cafe QFHD Resolution?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 May 2011 by woopah

    Update!8. console will have a controller 9. will require people to have eyes  10. will have nintendo games...

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    Socom 4: is receiving many average reviews

    in Sony Discussion on 20 April 2011 by darkshadow23

    They changed this game way too much.. turned it into Call of Duty. It has no similarities with the older games of the series which is very disapointing. Check out below if you are a SOCOM II fan....

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    What to do?Nintendo's Next gen Consule.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 April 2011 by Play4Fun

    Xen said: Play4Fun said: Xen said: Play4Fun said:             Expect my reply tomorrow... for now, I'm off to bed. I win!...for now... "win"? You're taking it way too seriously. -I am not part of Nintendo, so no idea. However, clearly not something that is as gimmicky and different in effect between people. -I am not talking market...

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    Best Legend of Zelda artwork ever!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 April 2011 by Onyxmeth


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    Crysis 2 Face-Off PS3 vs 360 [Digital Foundry]

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 April 2011 by huaxiong90

    Nothing will ever change this gen. But eh, don't worry console warriors, another huge debate awaits you all when Uncharted 3 and Gears of War 3 drop...probably also when Codename: Kingdoms comes out. Long story short, the gears keep turning. Meanwhile, I'll be actually enjoying this game....

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    Tales of Graces F coming to PS3, 360, Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 April 2011 by SmokedHostage

    You got me... It just had to come out on my birthday to pique my interest. >.>...

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    Tactics Ogre PSP owners: did you buy Vagrant story using promo code ?

    in Sony Discussion on 30 March 2011 by loves2splooge

    That's actually a pretty cool way to encourage people to buy games new. Much better idea than this Online Pass bullshit that EA and THQ have experimented with....

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    3DS is every man's dream

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 March 2011 by Cheebee

    If Miyamoto says so, it must be true!...

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    Shadows of the Damned GDC trailer.

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 March 2011 by zgamer5

    going to be the dantes inferno of 2011. hopefully not. all it needs is to take itself seriously....

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    Reggie Fils Aime: A young portrait

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 March 2011 by dany612

    Well at least I have some inspiration tomorrow when I get pushed at school I'll think 'well be strong Daniel, just like he was'. ...

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    Beyond Good & Evil HD is now on Xbox Live. Download now!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 March 2011 by Shorty11857

    Beat it last night, really great game with a few issues, namely camera, AI and an odd bug or two. Well worth 800 MSP though...

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    the ultimate vs thread: Final Fantasy VII vs. Zelda: Ocarina of Time

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 March 2011 by deskpro2k3

    MrT-Tar said: deskpro2k3 said: This is the first time I've heard of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. I'm guessing each story in the Zelda universe is about the princess etc. As far as Final Fantasy VII story goes, that universe goes beyond 4 games, and a movie. It is still incomplete. So my choice is simple. FFVII because the story is deep, and has fun characters to play with. ...

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    Demon's souls, everything they say about it is true!

    in Sony Discussion on 01 March 2011 by pariz

    It took me about 70 hours to finish it. I died a lot. It took me more than 10 hours to kill phallanx, if not more. Did I mention that I died a lot? During my first ten hours I didn't had a clue of what I was doing. I was lost, anxious, furious. Later, when I started to understand what I was supposed to do, I screw up a couple of times. When I was feeling confortable, they invaded me and were...

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    (Rumor) Optical media for next NIntendo Console

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 February 2011 by Mr Khan

    BoneArk said:                          WORST ARTICLE EVER. You've got it exactly backwards. This is an instant classic! Taking a completely random bit of fabrication, claiming its news, and turning it into a chance to incoherently bash Nintendo. This is gaming journalism...

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    Isn't it ironic PSP gets a price cut but not DS?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 February 2011 by postofficebuddy

    Serriously why do people seem to have a selective memory about this?  http://www.computerandvideogames.com/249226/news/uk-nintendo-ds-price-cut-confirmed/ They're not going to do it 2 years in a row. And besides that a price cut wouldn't have any major impact anyway. It barely had an impact last year. A price cut at this point would just be leaving money on the table....

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