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    My name is mary, i got you from www.vgchartz.com and i want to have a

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    am yours mary

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    he haz dissapeared!!!!

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    Was his first friend, Woo! :D

    Currently Playing Metroid Prime(Wii), Pokemon Pearl(DS), Warioware Twisted(DS), Final Fantasy (NES) and Wario Land (VB)

    I own a variety of different consoles: NES, SNES, Genesis, Sega CD, Saturn, Dreamcast, Xbox, PS2, Wii, Gamecube, N64, Gameboy, Gameboy Color, Virtual Boy, and DS. I own anywhere from 6 games per system to about 60 for some of them. I did own a PSOne and a PS3 but I no longer do.

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    Write 79

    What´s your best Nintendo memory?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 January 2008

    Best Nintendo memory is still saving the princess first (when i was about 5 or 6) before my parents and still having arguments around the dinner table from time to time (18 years later when we get together) about who actually did it first and who figured out world 7-4 first. Another great one was playing Contra with my dad. Even though we both sucked hard and couldnt hardly ever make it past the...

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    in General Discussion on 02 January 2008

    celine said:Slayer of God said:From the best RPG ever created. A guy named Grahf called the main character this a few times throughout the game. Does any body know what game??? Xenogears ?BTW mine is refered to Luis Ferdinand Céline . You got it Celine. Nicely done....

    Write 63


    in General Discussion on 01 January 2008

    Bass.exe said:It came from the Megaman Battle Network Series. Bass.exe is considered the strongest net navi and the only one capable of running without an operater. Also Bass has always been my favorite Megaman CharacterFinally another game related name....


    Occupation: Residential Care Aid

    Education: Currently Enrolled in College

    Height: 6'0

    Build: Slim

    Eye colour: Brown

    Hair colour: Brown

    Relationship status: Married

    Favourite Games: Xenogears, Xenosaga I,II and III, Megaman 1-6, Megaman X1-X3, Super Mario RPG, Pokemon, any Mario Platformers, Mario Golf, Star Wars Episode I Racer, Beyond Good & Evil, Shadow of the Colossus, ICO, Rogue Squadron 1,2 and 3, Final Fantasy IX only, most Kirby Games, Smash Bros, Link to the Past, Dr. Mario, Gradius, Wizards & Warriors 2, Guitar Hero 1&2, Jade Empire, Call of Cthulhu, Vertical Force, Many Castlevania Games, Totally Rad, Bubble Bobble, Legend of Dragoon, Lunar 2, Kingdom Hearts (1st one only), F-Zero, Earthworm Jim, Sonic 1-3, Sonic Cd, Sonic Rush, Resident Evil 2, Tony Hawk (Any of them), Little Nemo: Dream Master, Street Fighter II, Killer Instinct, Golden Axe, Marvel vs. Capcom, Rock n' Roll Racers, Star Fox, Star Fox 64, The Adventures of LoLo 1-3, Dark Alliance 1&2, Diablo 1&2, Metroid, Super Metroid, Uniracers, Adventures of Batman and Robin, Battletoads, Double Dragon, Maximum Carnage, Spiderman 2, Pokemon Snap, 1080 Snowboarding, Demon Stone, Wario Land(VB), New Super Mario Bros., Contact, Yoshi's Island 1&2, Mario vs. DK: March of the Minis, Trace Memory, Goldeneye, Mario Kart 64 (only), Mario Party (1 only), Quest 64 (shut up), Hybrid Heaven, Nightmare Creatures and probably a lot more

    Favourite Music: Old School Metal. Favorite Band Judas Priest. Also enjoy Rainbow, Uriah Heep, Blue Oyster Cult, Black Sabbath (Mainly with Dio), Dio, Alice Cooper, Stryper, Tourniquet, Cacophony, Yngwie, Queensryche, Kiss, Iron Maiden (Mostly Pre-Dickinson), Loudness, White Lion, and other similar sounds. Also some more melodic pop such as Frankie Vallie and the Four Seasons or the Beach Boys
    Guilty Pleasures - Aqua and the B-52s

    Favourite Films: Pretty much anything with Brad Pitt, Memento, Ravenous, The Big Lebowski, The Prestige, The Good Girl, The Machinist, Star Wars 4,5 and 6, Serenity, Donnie Darko, Serpico, Taxi Driver, Arlington Road, a lot of Arnold movies and probably a lot more I can't think of right now

    Favourite Books: Haven't read in a long time. Last series I read was The Sword of Shannarah and I enjoyed those books though.

    Favourite Food: Cheeseburgers, Home-made only.

    Hobbies: Learning Guitar, Gaming, Purchasing Home/Home Improvements, Movies, Music, Pets, School, any extra time also used for gaming

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