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    Video Game Piracy costs the industry as much as it makes!

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 August 2015

    I don't really believe removing piracy would increase sales much, if anything it would just end up with people playing less games. I would expect most pirates are young folk who are very tight with their money, income equality and everything being worse than its ever been with games and DLC still being quite expensive. I personally dont even pay for my games anymore with my own money since I...

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    Rumor: PlayStation Plus getting an increase in prices in Europe

    in Sony Discussion on 01 August 2015

    I still dislike the whole PS+ thing being mandatory, I only play handful of games and the extra games will likely just go unplayed for me, yet I still have to pay just to play Metal Gear Online only pretty much....

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    I want to be part of the master race.

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 July 2015

    It's been said allready, get a cheaper CPU and more expensive GPU. Games like Fallout 4 don't require very strong CPU since there's not that many things to process. graphics settings though require good GPU. All games apart from some heavy strategy games don't even require much of an CPU these days especially console ports. CPU is the part that ages the slowest in a PC. GPU on the other hand is a...

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    No Man's Sky: How The Universe Works (MUST SEE)

    in Sony Discussion on 22 July 2015

    I would think it's a standard Instanced MMO, just wonder what kind of player number is the limit, has this been announced anywhere?...

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    No Man's Sky: How The Universe Works (MUST SEE)

    in Sony Discussion on 22 July 2015

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7K6t77a9Rw0 I'd say this is going to be inevitable with this game. I'm hoping this game has more depth than what I've seen so far, exploring is fun for a moment, if there's no combat, construction or survival elements I don't see this being much better than Spore was....

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    Mother of God!!! (Meh!!! It is Just a PS4 MGSV Bundle!!!)

    in Sony Discussion on 27 June 2015

    That is a sweet PS4, I might grab one of these if I see them, still haven't bought PS4....

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    Yu Suzuki: Sony and Shibuya Productions are not seeing a cent of your Shenmue 3 Kickstarter dollars

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 June 2015

    I dont really care where they are getting their money. MS and Nintendo both could have paid for the game, but obviously did not before Sony. People have been asking for this sequel for a decade so they definately had a loooong window of oppoturnity to JUST DO IT! MAKE EVERYBODYS DREAMS COME TRUE!!! but I suppose Microsoft don't really care about Japanese games and Nintendo likes to just...

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    MGS1 - Kojima wants an open world remake!

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 February 2015

    I would prefer open world remake of the original NES Metal Gear, they could make the storyline more elaborate too instead of of short text here and there....

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    Why are all these users suddenly leaving the site?

    in Website Topics on 31 January 2015

    I was away quite a long time and just came back myself, mostly just lurking though, don't have much to say....

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    The Witcher 3 contains 16 hours of sex scene motion capture data

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 January 2015

    a bit excessive I would say, lol....

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    If you're doing exactly what you're doing in 10 years, would you be happy?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 January 2015

    I'm a level designer for a gaming company, would likely not protest doing this work still in 10 years. I like my job, and co-workers area really swell. :)...

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    You only get one new game to play in 2015. Which one? NEW POLL! I didn't forget Uncharted 4 this time

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 October 2014

    Star Citizen maybe, would expect that game to offer the most expansive game experience yet...

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    Final Fantasy XV is 50 to 60% Complete Says New Director, Will have no playable female characters

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 September 2014

    once it releases "We cut off the towns in the game, they would make a completely new game!"...

    Write 102

    Bungie: The Destiny Post-Game Carnage Report - Facts and Figures!

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 September 2014

    Being disappointed doesn't mean the game is unplayable, I think the fact that some people also paid full price for the game means they might as well give it a fair run. It just isn't genre-defining or next-gen, even though they advertised it so....

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    PS4 and XBOX ONE, made of gold

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 September 2014

    and people complain PC gaming is expensive!...

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    Mojang: Yes, we’re being bought by Microsoft (confirmed for $2,5 Billion)

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 September 2014

    sooooo... Does this mean all new Minecraft content will be payable DLC?...

    Write 64

    Destiny 75 on metacritic: its a gorgeous game but brings nothing new

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 September 2014

    The game has too little content for full price and it is just not innovative in any way, they should have kept it in development for another year atleast and more of that marketing budget should have gone to making the game....

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    [UPDATE] NHL 15 missing numerous modes from previous years, EA Sports outlines update schedule

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 September 2014

    First Sims 4 and now this, they really want to cut features this gen to get the cash even faster I suppose....

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    Playstation franchise elimination game: MEGATON: Jak and Daxter beat the God of War!

    in Sony Discussion on 03 September 2014

    + Medievil - Killzone...

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    Trolls drive Anita Sarkeesian out of her house...

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 August 2014

    I saw taht analysis wyrdness posted earlier Wonder if this is a stunt for popularity and money, that seems to be the thing with these days. Also this is the internet, if you take everyone seriously you are going to go insane in a week. Still if this is real its just not cool to spout death-threats....

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