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    PS3 360 gap below 2 million post adjustments

    in Sales Discussion on 30 August 2012 by CGI-Quality

    XanderZane said: The 1st Quarter 2014. By then the next generation will have start and it won't matter much anyways. Yeah, that's IF it takes that long. I don't think it will happen at all (and really don't mind either way), but it will always matter given what's happened this gen (even if individual nobodies like you or I don't care). The industry will take notice if the PS3...

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    Sony stock 24 year low. "No turnaround in sight".

    in Sony Discussion on 12 July 2012 by NintendoPie

    Gilgamesh said: Wait 24 year low? Back in May Sony was at a 30 year low, in two months they gained 6 years back! They'll be in the green in no time! What Kowen said. And besides; that would be almost impossible....

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    Rate the movie above you

    in Movies Discussion on 06 July 2012 by spurgeonryan

    DEath Wish has not aged well over the years. I can still stand to watch it but just barely. Still I am willing to give it a 7/10. That music and the sound effects and the coloring was just horrible back then. Brave...

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    April 2012 NPD 360 HW 236k, PS3 175k, Wii 91k

    in Sales Discussion on 14 June 2012 by zimbawawa

    Is the May NPD due today? Anybody want to create a thread. I need 50 posts :(...

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    Was the Wii a fad?

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 May 2012 by cusman

    The Wii found a new audience and/or  the PS2 audience mostly went to Wii The Wii got dated for gamers because compelling games for it became too infrequent as Nintendo clearly started focusing on 3DS and Wii U. We still don't know what the heck most of the Nintendo 1st party studios are working on for the last 2+ years so it must be Wii U games right since most of 3DS launch surge software...

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    USAsians. 1% in tax for defense or the constitution?

    in Politics Discussion on 30 May 2012 by Harrybarry

    Taxes were 1% in 1776?...

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    Microsoft told Pachter their E3 focus is on services over games

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 May 2012 by S.T.A.G.E.

    sales2099 said: S.T.A.G.E. said: VGKing said: o_O.Q said:its good business sense after all and ultimately that's what matters It's bad business. Sooner or later people will move on to other platforms which are actually giving them new gaming experiences. You think Microsoft can launch and sustain a new console with just more Forza and Halo + Kinect and 3rd...

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    Sony Q4 and FY 2011 : PS3 1.9m shipped - PSV 1.8m lifetime.

    in Sony Discussion on 12 May 2012 by theprof00

    Sorry I said some horribly hurtful things. I didn't mean to hurt anyone's feelings, thing just happened so quickly and in the end I hurt a lot of people with what I said. Also, I'm also sorry for flaming. ...

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    Wii's last E3, what are your expectations for the Wii at this E3?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 May 2012 by megaman79

    gumby_trucker said: megaman79 said:An apology Im deadly fucking serious too. It sure as hell bothered me to see what Nintendo didn't do this last gen., regardless of the influence of the third party efforts (yes, they are largely irrelivant in comparrison to Nintendo IP sales)....

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    The reason I believe Sony's exclusives can't sell as well as they should this gen.

    in Sony Discussion on 09 May 2012 by S.T.A.G.E.

    logic56 said: Jay520 said:@ Logic We're talking about the sales right? (That was my original topic when you quote me) If not, then disregard all of my posts. yes we are Sony not being known for thier characters is not a concern regarding sales Because Microsoft made themselves as far as library a mirror image of Sony identity is key. It's the only way to...

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    Wii U games list - "leaked"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 May 2012 by milkyjoe

    People are fooled far too easily....

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    Exit polls show dual setback for Austerity: France and Greece

    in Politics Discussion on 07 May 2012 by haxxiy

    Cheer up guys, things are still going to get worse. ...

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    Best New TV Shows - The Results!

    in General Discussion on 03 May 2012 by NintendoPie

    adriane23 said: NintendoPie said: NOOOOO!!!!! I WILL KILL THE PERSON WHO TOOK PERSON OF INTEREST OUT!!!! KILLL YOOUUUU!!! COME AT ME BRO!!!!! *Looks at bad-butt avatar* *Backs away.*...

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    Microsoft set to launch $99 4GB 360 + Kinect bundle next week in the US.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 May 2012 by Squilliam

     Once you grab a couple of games and accessories with the console you're usually adding about $100-200 to the initial purchase price. This means someone with less money on hand can walk out the door with a $2-300 purchase price instead of $4-500. The total extra charge isn't too bad on top of the overall purchase price compared to loans and credit card interest....

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    witcher 2 review thread

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 May 2012 by Aldro

    This game is loads of fun really and im not even THAT fond of RPGs! Haters' gonna hate... 88 Meta >:[...

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    MS patent could hold the key to precise kinect controls

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 May 2012 by Silver-Tiger

    relax guys, I was just making a joke. :D...

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    Global SW & HW Up ! (21st April)

    in Latest Charts on 02 May 2012 by oni-link

    Epic_Bro_Fist said: Thanks Barozi, can't believe IGN is also bickering about shipped and sold numbers when it should be taken that shipped=sold. Retailers, will not order more stock than what their inventory and demand could support.  However, I don't know if 10.5 million shipped is good for the Move?  How does it compare to the Kinect, or the Wii's other add-on like WM+ and Balance...

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    Only next gen consoles can save the racing game, says Blur designer

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 May 2012 by okr

    @ zarx & NiKKoM: True & True (Oh, how much I loved Grand Prix 2. I played it for several years and I think it was the first game I ever used mods for. Geoff Crammond is THE reason - besides Sid Meier of course - I nominated MicroProse for this stupid "Top Game Developer of all Time" thread that's currently running. Ironically the 5 people posting there don't downvote legendary PC...

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    Why Do You Like (and Dislike) Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft The Most?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 May 2012 by amp316

    Mummelmann said: amp316 said:I dislike everything. Anyone that's ever read my posts knows that. But we love you! I appreciate the love, Mummelman....

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    Shift in Drone policy.

    in Politics Discussion on 01 May 2012 by Kasz216

    ImJustBayuum said: Kasz216 said: theprof00 said:Where do you get the figure of 10 civilians to every 1 militant, if they haven't released any numbers? Brookings institute estimations. those estimations been audited?...seems really high I don't know, a hellfire missle has an effective radius of like... 200 feet. For example... take a loot at this guy...

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