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    Witcher 2 on Xbox 360 in November

    in Microsoft Discussion on 02 June 2011

    This is sad news for me. Not so much that witcher 2 is coming to the 360. I'm worried that if they make a 3rd game to the series it may end up being a console to pc port. I dont want yet another watered down rpg like mass effect 2 or dragons age 2....

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    Top 5 hottest male video game characters

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 May 2011

    You forgot tingle!     ...

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    The Witcher 2 vs. Portal 2

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 May 2011

    Wagram said: ssj12 said: This year will be a tought GOTY. Witcher 2 vs Portal 2... both are epic games in their own rights. I am so glad I am not doing the GOTY PC article. =D I have a strong feeling that The Witcher 2 will be winning many GoTY awards.   I wish you were right about that. But i have a feeling that EA may buy the award for rpgs with dragons age 2....

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    List of priorities USA needs to follow before it is too late

    in General Discussion on 02 May 2011

    Kasz216 said: Mr Khan said: Squilliam said: Mr Khan said: Squilliam said: I think a single trasnferable vote system would be better. I.E. You can vote for your favourite candidate first and then if they don't get in your vote is transferred to the next alternative. That way people can vote for the third choice in elections without worrying that their vote would be...

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    The true cost of the recent attacks on the PSN?

    in Sony Discussion on 01 May 2011

    I wouldn't be surprised if sony is forced to pay for 1 year of credit monitoring for every user affected. Plenty of other companies who lost credit data had to do this. Personally i'd rather see this than a couple of crappy token downloads....

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    the 3 consoles every true gamer must play

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 April 2011

    enrageorange said: None, as long as you have a pc you're set. This. A true gamer doesn't play consoles...

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    Sony fans, let's talk.

    in Sony Discussion on 06 April 2011

    It seems like nobody put any effort into hacking the ps3 until sony removed linux. But as soon as sony pissed off a few people it was hacked within a few months. So it makes me wonder about the next gen. With all the asshatery sony is now doing will there be a full force effort to hack the ps4 as soon as it comes out?...

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    PC Upgrade

    in PC Discussion on 21 March 2011

    If you are using your pc for gaming wait until the next gen of consoles come out to upgrade. Since almost everything for the pc is a port made for 6 year old console technology. The setup you have should be able to play games on high setting for many years to come....

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    Building New PC Help

    in PC Discussion on 14 March 2011

    Soleron said: 1. You should spend less on the CPU and more on the GPu; it will get you higher framerates overall. In your position I would say the HD 6950 or GTX 560. 2. If you are determined to go Intel, then you should get Sandy Bridge (i7 2500K or 2600K) instead of Nehalem. I believe the motherboards are back in stock. 3. You can spend a lot, lot less on a motherboard and not notice any...

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    Which of the following is the best DRM in your opinion?

    in PC Discussion on 13 March 2011

    No drm is the only answer. I had to quit pc gaming because i dont trust what the drm is doing to my computer. Although I am getting the witcher 2 because its drm free.   Also, since every drm has been cracked why do they even bother with it?...

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    Metacritic's next victim

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 March 2011

    scat398 said: Alby is right and for those saying we don't have the right to complain, that's just not true.  I'm sure dragon age 2 is a good game, but were upset because it's not the game it was supposed to be.  I've got plenty of action RPG's to play but what I don't have now is a strategy RPG, so I feel a little cheated. And I'm also tired of this concept that console gamers need...

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    Metacritic's next victim

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2011

    Alby_da_Wolf said: noname2200 said: Galaki said: We'll see if they dumb down Diablo3... What's to dumb down?! Just thinking the same!    If they think console gamers need it dumbed down, then either they wildly underestimate their average IQ, or, if they are right, something horrible must have happened to 200 million brains...  =8-O    I don't think...

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    Gamespot: Dragon Age review (8.0)

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 March 2011

    Dr.Grass said: These review scores are a little disappointing  :( I think they are quite good. maybe this way bioware will stop dumbing down thier games....

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    Black or White?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 March 2011

    This thread isn't complete without a pic of MJ. ...

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    in General Discussion on 06 March 2011

    Myak-04 said: As much as I like the series ( 3,4,5 & 6 are great), I just didn't enjoy 1 & 2. Though I did like the phantom menace racing game for N64 :D ... hmmm (strokes chin), I should go hunting for it on ebay . I think I'll just wait for Star Trek 2. It comes out next year too ^_^. I got to agree with this. The wrath of khan is one of the best movies ever made, but i didnt...

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    Need Help with graphics card!

    in PC Discussion on 03 March 2011

    From what i can find your power supply is 350w. Nvidia recommends a 600w power supply. You will have to upgrade that. And from looking at the dell case a bigger power supply may not fit. So check that out too before you buy it.   Edit: also make sure the video card will fit into the box. These gtx cards are huge....

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    Supreme Court vs Westboro Church Protests at 8pm C-span2

    in General Discussion on 02 March 2011

    This is a win for the american people. If freedom of speech protects these wack jobs then it protects everyone....

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    Dragon Age II producer says "there is a place" for Move in RPGs

    in Sony Discussion on 02 March 2011

    keep your waggle out of my rgp! All i can see if they do this is a more simplified rpg....

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    PC Games Revenue Up by 19% in 2010

    in PC Discussion on 01 March 2011

    The report kind of lacks any details. But i got to ask, what do they consider a pc game? Are they counting facebook or flash type games?...

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    Americas Pre-Order Chart (2011 2/26)

    in Sales Discussion on 28 February 2011

    yo_john117 said: VXIII said: yo_john117 said: VXIII said: People still pre-ordering Dragon age 2 after that awful demo ? , it should add negative numbers :( The demo wasn't bad....it by itself was better then Dragon Age: Orgins.  Not in my opinion , they kept every bad thing from Orgins and changed all the good things , kept the poor graphics , weak textures , very bad...

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