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    Night in the Woods Dev commits suicide in light of accusations against him.

    in General Discussion on 02 September 2019

    He was mentally ill. His sister said that he'd suffered from mental and personality disorders his entire life. These people are on the edge of committing suicide most of their lives. This result isn't shocking. And certainly isn't an admission of guilt. Another reason I don't like the metoo movement. Not only does it circumvent "innocent until proven guilty", it's basically a guaranteed...

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    What was the Greatest Launch Title of all Time?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 July 2019

    Wii Sports, it practically drove the sales by itself. Analysts called it lightning in a bottle. Not to say it was a great game, just a really great launch title. ...

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    Dutch national railroad is going to compensate the people deported to concentration camps

    in Politics Discussion on 26 June 2019

    Are you referencing an article or something or just making random speculation, a "what if" scenario? If it's the former, I'd appreciate a link. ...

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    When did you first notice that grafix had diminishing returns?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 May 2019

    Going from PS2 to the PS3. I haven't thought much about graphics for ages now. I actually like 2D games more than 3D games honestly. I remember loving Rollercoaster Tycoon 2 then "upgrading" to RCT3 and thinking the game was absolute shit. I felt the problem was the 3D graphics because nothing looked good anymore. I don't even play mainstream games anymore. I play things like Don't Starve,...

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    At what point is this child abuse? Trans kids.

    in Politics Discussion on 20 April 2019

    For starters, none of the "reassignment surgeries" or treatments for trans people even have a positive effect on trans people. They still end up committing suicide at the same rate. So as far as I'm concerned taking this MASSIVE jump is a mistake. You want to start treating 3 year olds as trans kids, then you need to have some serious evidence. Your heartfelt sympathies is not evidence... ...

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    Sony to crack down on sexually explicit games |Update: Specifically Japanese games containing underage characters

    in Sony Discussion on 18 April 2019

    If they limit this to getting rid of loli shit, I'm fine with that. But the SJW crazies have been going absolutely nutty these past few years trying to make up for Trump getting into power. I have no idea how the hell they keep f'ing this up, they have the election in the bag and they keep doing their absolute best to lose the next election. I used to consider myself as left leaning as...

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    This guy tells it like it is reguarding the Borderlands 3 exclusivity with epic games store.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 April 2019

    Basically people are upset because Steam has been good to them. They introduced the 80% discount after all. They opened up classic gaming and got devs to update a lot of these broken games for new PCs again. They opened up the indie market. People love steam and Valve. So they are kinda fine with letting them have a monopoly. However, I think they are largely overlooking the fact that...

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    Why can't Sony ever do right in the eyes of the consumers? People always complain

    in Sony Discussion on 26 September 2018

    It's the same thing with all companies, businesses, and political parties. No one can make everyone happy. Even the most likeable of people have their haters. Until a clearly "perfect" product appears on the market, everyone will hate everything. That's simply how things work. Your particular example is basically people not understanding that backwards compatibility would require the PS4...

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    Why do people hate Anita Sarkeesian so much?

    in General Discussion on 12 September 2018

    I don't like her because she is trying to be a leader of feminism by backseat driving when she doesn't even know what she's talking about. She doesn't play these games herself, she doesn't understand gamers at all, she's just looking at it through a glass window and criticizing what she sees. In the end, all she points out are things we all know from the start and she's pulling the microphone...

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    Are women over-represented in video games?

    in Politics Discussion on 03 September 2018

    No woman aren't overrepresented in games, that has nothing to do with the complaints people have. The complaint is that these games are bending over backwards to shove politics into their games and then show it off like a circus event. E3 is supposed to be about cool video games, it's not a gay pride parade. Tell me, when you go onto a game like Slither.io, does it not bother you that...

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    Do you believe in God? Why/Why not?

    in General Discussion on 28 August 2018

    No Because logically from every angle, all I see are downsides. Morals - Religious people preach endlessly about their "high moral standards" but flout them whenever it serves them. They treat all the so called religious morals as "open to interpretation" and end up ignoring the lot of them. Example: I once pulled over on the side of the road to help some guy with his car because it...

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    Trump's Personal Lawyer And Campaign Manager Both Going To Prison

    in Politics Discussion on 27 August 2018

    I doubt it will have even the slightest effect on Trump's voters. Backwater hicks won't change their votes no matter what. They preach morals and ethics all the time but when push comes to shove their morals are as shallow as a puddle of water. There was a famous leader of the KKK back in the 20's, D. C. Stephenson, who pretty much owned Indiana and got away with pretty much everything. ...

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    What exactly do you consider to be "SJW agenda" in games?

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 August 2018

    It bothers me in the sense that I don't like them shoving it in the face of gamer's. I don't like people bringing politics into games and I really don't like it when it's done by a developer. ...

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    The 2018 Obscure Game Monthly Review Thread.

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 August 2018

    https://store.steampowered.com/app/809280/Grimmwood__They_Come_at_Night/ Grimmwood: They Come at Night The game recently came out but for some reason not many people bought it. It's a great game that you can easily sink 50 hours into. The reviews are mostly positive and the only negative reviews are non-issues as far as I'm concerned because they point out the following flaws. There are only...

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    I think I'm being haunted.

    in General Discussion on 23 August 2018

    I would sooner wonder if you have some sort of mental problem. Schizophrenia isn't always a permanent thing. Sometimes it just comes and goes. My brother had a much more serious case than what you're describing, but I would ask if you consider yourself to be a very intelligent person? The intelligent people are usually the most susceptible to mental illnesses. I can't say whether or not...

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    Any members from 06 - 09 still post here?

    in General Discussion on 19 August 2018

    I think I fit that bill. I mainly lurk. Have to check my achievements after posting this.   edit yep, 11 years.  ...

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    "Follow your dreams" is the stupidest advice ever.

    in General Discussion on 07 August 2018

    I'm similar to you in that opinion, however I do believe people should follow their dreams -IF- they have the talent and are able to work hard. There's a point where holding true to your dreams is just hurting yourself. ...

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    I Have Lost Faith in My Province's Politics

    in Politics Discussion on 28 July 2018

    This is only a bad thing if you are a conservative hoping for a win. Because this person shouldn't stand a chance at winning right? I don't personally keep track of other provinces, but if she's draining out the conservative vote with a crappy platform, it's not going to do anything other than guarantee the other parties a victory. ...

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    No Man's Sky NEXT Trailer And Info

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 July 2018

    Considering I hate PVP this is the absolute last thing I care about on the list of things NMS f'ed up. Congrats, they got the multiplayer, the part of the game that we pretty much expected to not be there in the first place. They literally said, "you aren't going to find other people, but you can if you really really want to." Now how about adding all the stuff we actually wanted when they...

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    NINTENDO stock -34% since March 2018

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 July 2018

    Of course it deflated. Nintendo doesn't have that much first party studios, not enough to support their console by themselves at least. And that's what it always comes down to. Nintendo put all their eggs in year one to get the console popular, now they have little to nothing for the year after. I remember everyone calling the first year of the switch some golden year of game releases... ...

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