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    The Official Dragon's Dogma Discussion Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 February 2014 by mysticwolf

    Soriku said: Bumping this thread. Anyone else here got the Dark Arisen expansion? I like Bitterblack Isle more than I do Gransys. Cooler area, cooler enemies, cooler music. Yeah I got this game from PS+! I really like it. I've put about 40 hours into it and it still feels like I've got a ways to go, But it's very fun....

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    Why do you want to leave, have left, or are thinking about leaving this site?- This thread has helped fix the database, you can all thank our one and only game admin now!

    in General Discussion on 01 June 2013 by cmeese47

    The sales data has gotten really slow and the accuracy is questionable plus half the topics on here are retarded and the other half flame wars....

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    Keiji Inafune says Japanese developers need to learn from overseas devs

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 April 2013 by S.T.A.G.E.

    menx64 said: S.T.A.G.E. said: LilChicken22 said:He's only saying that because he knows we want to hear that and earn our respect. I don't want to play interactive movies and glitchfests every day. Japanese games are the only games I play (Dark Souls, Bayonetta, Ni no Kuni, Monster Hunter, Nintendo games). His lastest game Soul Sacrifice doesn't look like any western title...

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    Why Is neogaf Not Banned From VGChartz?

    in General Discussion on 05 April 2013 by Marucha

    VGKing said: Mnementh said: VGKing said:Because NeoGaf doesn't make up sales data that gets used as proof for fanboy arguments. Why are you here, if you think the data is made up for fanboy arguments? I never use VgChartz data as gospel. I count all the data on this site as estimates of estimates. That's more or less how I treat sales data. It's...

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    Disney closes LucasArts -- Star Wars 1313 cancelled.

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 April 2013 by Porcupine_I

    LemonSlice said: Porcupine_I said:Nooooo! Who will make all these awesome point and click adventures now? ...oh wait LOL! ...Telltale? :p Exactly!   For me Lucas Arts died when they stopped making their adventure games. I don't fell much sense of a loss right now...

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    Nintendo could buy Epic games serveral times over with just the cash they have lying around.....

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 April 2013 by Soundwave

    Maybe Nintendo should've used some of that "cash they have lying around" to finance some Wii U projects when they were sending out dev kits two years ago. Would be nice right about now, but instead they sat on their money and watched their stock price go down the toilet and suffered two awful hardware launches back to back, primarily because they were ill-prepared with software both times. ...

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    Garriott: 'Most game designers really just suck'

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 March 2013 by KungKras

    Kasz216 said: KungKras said: The only one of those I would put above Lord British is Miyamoto. Also, there would be no Final Fantasy if not for Ultima. Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest were made as casualized console versions of Ultima. Sort of how there wouldn't be Anime if it wasn't for Disney.  Exactly!...

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    EDGE 'always on, always connected' Durango SDK leak is real

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 March 2013 by thranx

    VGKing said: Believe it or not, even PC games were limited by consoles like the 360.  Plus there's that DLC many people buy. You can expect DLC sizes to go up as well. Also if Microsfot wants to push for entertainment apps, movie/tv shows downloads will take up a lot of space as well. 500GB is not enough for 5+ years. You'll fill that HDD up pretty...

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    Sony to sell $1.9bn of conv bonds, stock down 10% in early trading.

    in Sony Discussion on 27 January 2013 by kowenicki

    Carl2291 said: kowenicki said: Carl2291 said: ganoncrotch said: to be fair here mate you did directly call him out by name for a response that would call for a defensive reaction by anyone. Also someone calling him a muppet and referring to the ms fans on the site as a "tiny group" and sicophants, defensive is very acceptable if you read through this thread...

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    New Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance Trailer: 7 Minutes!

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 January 2013 by PlaystaionGamer

    This does not look good, may buy it when it's £5 a month or 2 after release. ...

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    To All Of Those People Think The New DmC Sucks. Think Again

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 January 2013 by mjk45

    Porcupine_I said: mjk45 said: Kawaiix33 said: KHlover said:As if the hardcore "fans" would care. Read the comments on any article about the game on N4G, they don't give a shit about these reviews .. Yeah fans or people that comment at N4G don't even bother playing the game and just blantantly bashing how bad the game is without actually trying it. Or maybe it...

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    Male members of VGChatz, if you could fellate yourself, would you?

    in NSFW Discussion on 20 December 2012 by MoHasanie

    I chose "No. That's what women are for.". The sounds gross since the penis seems like such a dirty thing to put in my mouth. ...

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    What's the worst FPS that you've played?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 December 2012 by Jicale

    Army of two, 40th day (might have the name wrong) The first one was pretty fun but this one was just lame from the get go....

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    Is Phantom Pain going to be Metal Gear for the U and Vita?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 December 2012 by Mnementh

    bananaking21 said: Mnementh said: You are right. The most successful Metal Gear Solids sold 6.05M (MGS2, PS2), 6.03M (MGS, PS), 5.71 (MGS4, PS3), 4.23 (MGS3, PS2), 1.92 (MGS:PW, PSP). All in all 7 titles sold 1 million or more. http://www.vgchartz.com/gamedb/?name=metal+gear+solid The most successful zelda-titles sold 7.60M (LoZ:OOT, N64), 6.67 (LoZ:TP, Wii), 6.51...

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    What´s the outlook for JRPGs in the West for the (near) future?...still grim?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 December 2012 by ironmanDX

    Wow, this is my exact position apart from I just started playing lost odyssey.... I've beaten the first and second bosses. So far so good. My first JRPG since Crisis Core.... If you can even call that one. ...

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    Nintendo Should've Bailed Out Eurocom (GoldenEye Wii)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 December 2012 by Mr Puggsly

    ganoncrotch said: Mr Puggsly said: ganoncrotch said: Salnax said: ganoncrotch said: SaviorX said:I would actually agree with this kind of acquisition; they could fill a void Nintendo has had empty since Rare left. that's a void that no one will fill. Although Retro has helped ease the pain. aye retro studios are really amazing...

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    What are the 5 best video companies from 1986-1995?

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 December 2012 by KungKras

    Nintendo, Sega, Sierra, Westwood, Origin Systems....

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    Sony's Portable Console Dying Ugly in Japan

    in Sony Discussion on 27 November 2012 by Soundwave

    I think they should just make a (real) Playstation phone next year with a shrunken version of the Vita chipset. 5-inch screen, slider design, plays most Vita games. ...

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    Will Persona 4 Golden be the highest rated game ever? Will this game save JRPG?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 November 2012 by GameOver22

    No. The later reviews will bring it down. I still need to play the game though. I've had it on the PS2 for a while, but I haven't got around to playing it....

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    Ico Influenced Chief-Cortana Bond in Halo 4, Says Director

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 November 2012 by sales2099

    MS stole a Sony exclusive.......a concept!...

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