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    Playstation Move Mayhem bundle $99.99 @ Best Buy!

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 14 December 2011

    I'm sure anyone here who cares, might already know about this sale, or have most/all of the items in the bundle.  Well, I didn't have any of it.  Sitting at home with a 25 dollar Best Buy gift card that I've had for over a month.  I stumbled upon this bundle and crapped my pants.  For only 80 bucks (after gift card/tax) I got R3, KZ3, and all move stuff I need (for just...

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    Dr. Dog, dear sir, you have missed out, the mirrror, the wall, each and every tortured titled song.

    in Music Discussion, last active on on 25 July 2011

    It's late, I'm bored and I'm going to leave a few of you that will spot this random thread that will silently move through the forums witout a whisper or a care, a chance at my currently favorite band, Dr. Dog.  Enjoy, or...

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    Diab's Action Figure Ebay Auctions.

    in General Discussion, last active on on 15 November 2010

    Hello fellow VGChartz users.  I thought I would drop by the Off Topic section to let anyone that cares to know...know that I am listing action figures on Ebay over the next few weeks.  Some from video games, some from anime, some from movies and probably a few from some other things I haven't thought of to write down here.  My current listing is USA shipping only but I could...

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    Best FREE Firewall and AntiVirus?

    in PC Discussion, last active on on 02 September 2010

    I just did a clean install of Windows Vista (I know it sucks but I don't have the money to get Windows 7 just yet) and I am in need of some opinions on the best free firewall and antivirus out there.  I've used McAfee for a long time but I don't have the money to resubscribe to it.  I've checked out a lot of sites and most are recommending Comodo for firewall.  I see it aslo...

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    There and back again, a YLOD tale.

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 30 May 2010

    My right hand still throbs from the pain.  That screw driver, I curse thee! MLB10: The Show... As the last bit of loading time had finished, my PS3 turned off.  This is where the blinking started.  I assumed my problem was only from my game.  I turned the system off from behind, unplugged alll of the cords and then I repeated those same steps in reverse.  My PS3 came on...

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    Pefect Game(er) Wins $1 Million

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 05 May 2010

    NEW YORK - Shh, don't tell your kids. Wade McGilberry just won a million dollars playing a video game. The 23-year-old from Mobile, Ala., accomplished the feat in just an hour and a half, becoming the first to pitch a perfect game in Take-Two Interactive Software Inc.'s "Major League Baseball 2K10." He and his wife, Katy, plan to pay off their mortgage and start a family with the...

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    Should I get God of War III at the midnight launch?

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 16 March 2010

    Tomorrow is the day, or night I should say.  At midnight I have the opportunity to pick up God of War III.  I'm not sure if I should go, as I have passed on the last few midnight releases that I have had a chance at.  The most recent being, Final Fantasy XIII. So, I am leaving it up to the VGChartz community!  If I get more votes for yes, then I will go (and maybe take some...

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    Forgive me Nintendo, for I have sinned.

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 05 February 2010

    Earlier last week, I decided to replay The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.  However, I didn't have my N64 but I did have my Wii! I put my Master Quest GC version disc in and started it up.  This is where my confession begins... I had a GC controller and a memory cardy.  But what I was hiding from the rest of the world, was that they both belonged to my sister (The controller...

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    Your personal top consoles of all time!

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 13 September 2009

    I've read quite a few lists over the past few weeks, of multiple website top consoles.  And even a few from some normal people.  And after seeing the spots given to each system and the reactions of those around me here at VGChartz, I thought it would be a good idea to get your personal opinon on the matter. I hope to see no arguements in this, as it is only our own opinions.  I...

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    The Venture Bros. Season 4 Trailer

    in General Discussion, last active on on 27 August 2009

    If you are a fan like me and haven't seen this yet, well here it is.  I saw it for the first time today and I can't wait.  I hope there will be french toast this time.   Minions, attack! Kill everyone! God will recognize his own. Take no prisoners. Show no mercy!...

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    The proud owner of Ghostbusters: The Video game...

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 19 June 2009

    for PC!  Yeah, that's right, I've got no multiplayer but I could give a rat's ass.  I'm enjoying a great game that brings back years and years of my youth.  Although I am wondering how they got the Statue of Liberty back where it belongs (probably the same way that they used to move it).  Anyway.  I have to say that hearing these guys again after two movies that made my...

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    PSP RPG's

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 26 May 2009

    There is only so much information I can gather from a review or youtube video.  I'm trying to see if any PSP RPG's will be worth playing but I just can't decide.  Maybe it's my OCD kicking in, so what do you think?  Besides these games, what should I check out? Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness Final Fantasy I Final Fantasy II Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core Final Fantasy Tactics:...

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    RPG's you have completed more than once.

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 09 May 2009

    Up until a few hours ago, there was only one RPG that I have every played and beaten more than once.  That game was Xenogears (I have actually gone through the entire game around 15 times, give or take a few).  Yes, I love Xenogears that much.  On a side note, my second favorite RPG is actually Legend of Legaia. Back on topic.  Xenosaga: Episode I is now the second RPG that...

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    I am always here.

    in Website Topics, last active on on 25 April 2009

    Are you?  I'm always on VGChartz.  Every day for the past few years I have been on here.  Checking out the sales.  Reading through the forums, through the fights and the laughs.  I often come to this site and then go away only to come right back even though I know nothing has probably changed. As you can tell my post count is not high at all and I have not been a...

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    About the Tales series.

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 25 April 2009

    After creating my "I Need RPG's" thread, I took it upon myself to contact a friend of mine that has way too many games.  I hadn't spoken to him in a few years and I told him that I was having a huge craving for RPG's.  Well, he let me borrow his whole PS collection (he has more, SNES and such but I figured one console at a time would be best). After borrowing his collection, which...

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    Post your PC pictures.

    in PC Discussion, last active on on 01 May 2009

    I decided to make this thread after reading ZenfoldorVGI's thread and seeing the pictures he put up.  So, even though I'm sure this type of thread has been made before, I thought it would be fun to see everyone's insides.  Their PC insides that is.  So, lets see it, show me your stuff. I built this PC about 2 months ago and I'm glad to say it has been my best so far.  My best...

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    Recommend a game for my girlfriend.

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 18 March 2009

    My girlfriend is a very very picky gamer.  She loves the old original Tomb Raider games (PC versions I believe.  I think she liked the controls better) and she likes the original Super Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. 3.  I have to say that she does not like the new Tomb Raider games because she does not like the way that Lara Croft looks compared to the old games.  So,...

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    I Need RPG's!

    in Gaming Discussion, last active on on 24 February 2009

    It's been so long since I've been able to wrap my hands around a new RPG.  I decided I'd ask you guys what your recomendations are? I own a fully BC PS3, PS2, PS1, DS(GBA) and Wii.  I do not own a PSP or a 360.  But don't let that stop you from recomending a game for those systems as I will be getting a PSP someday and if Star Ocean doesn't eventually come to the PS3 I'll have to...

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    Mario vs. Luigi

    in Nintendo Discussion, last active on on 14 February 2009

    I got this idea from the Master Chief vs. Solid Snake thread.  I'm sure something like this has been done before, but what the heck, I'm bored. Tell me, Who would win the fight, how he would win and why. I'll go first (duh!) Luigi - Why?  This is no ordinary Luigi.  He's the Luigi from Mario Is Missing.  And for those who may not know,  this Luigi can NOT...

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    Sony, you complete me.

    in Sony Discussion, last active on on 13 February 2009

    I've gotta throw this out there.  It's late, I've been drinking and I just want to share some Sony love.  Out with the negative, in with the positive.  Goosfraba . . . ___________________________________ Metal Gear Solid 1-4 Xenogears and Xenosaga 1-3 Every Final Fantasy. Star Oce . . . no, I can't go there, not yet Onimusha 1-4 Devil May Cry...

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