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    Wii U Meant for Consumers with Higher Disposable Income, Says Nintendo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 August 2012 by TripleMMM

    Woah, a thread back from the dead. Atleast this isn't as bad as my slip up. But yeah, the poster of that article really thought Nintendo would go Sony's route back then, I just hope they don't be that stupid to do it, but I guess we'll find out in 2 weeks!...

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    Apple refuses to sell IPADs to Iranians

    in General Discussion on 24 June 2012 by superchunk

    Yeah, agree with rocketpig. Apple, like any other US company, can't EXPORT its products to Cuba, Iran, NKorea among various other nations in the world. However, that has absolutely NO impact on selling the products in your stores in the US. That store or managers are just plain stupid. I'm sure they were quickly reprimanded. Though I'm surprised there is no follow-up story by now with Apple...

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    Only 4 days until Iowa caucuses!! C'mon, Let's GO RON PAUL.

    in Politics Discussion on 07 January 2012 by Rpruett

    Kasz216 said:Oh I agree that War is getting unpopular. I just don't think that having a global presence and the "no cost wars" we fight really are. For example I think almost nobody cares that we've launched a ton of unauthorized drone strikes in Pakistan that have killed like over 100 innocent civilians. People are upset about the Iraq and Afghanistan war because we actually are having...

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    Nikkei Article on Cafe confirms control

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 June 2011 by TomaTito

    See, like trestres and I said, it supports the Wii controllers. Now I'm off to sell my old wiimotes....

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    And this is why the Modern Warfare 3 logo sucks...

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 May 2011 by blkfish92

    Damn, MW has been taken! ...Like 1000 times...

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    House of The Dead Overkill Coming To PS3... With 3D, Move, And Trophies!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 30 May 2011 by oldschoolfool

    Well,if the game came out on the PS3 for $20,then it would probably be worth a purchase....

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    WW up 30th april

    in Sales Discussion on 11 May 2011 by ethomaz

    XanderZane said:I doubt Sony will drop the price to $199 unless they want to go back to losing $25-$50 on evern PS3 sold. They probably won't do a price cut until close to the holidays. The XBox 360 does need more exclusive games. We know were are getting a bunch of Kinect exclusives, but what else will they show at this years E3. With the Kinect, they've tapped into the casual sonsumer...

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    Conduit 2, WTH.....Sega!?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 May 2011 by oniyide

    ^^^ most of the reviews i read do NOT dock points for it being on WIi, what reviews are you reading???  and if they add points just cause its on WIi is just as bad, hell adding points to anything just cause of the system its on is bad...

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    Ironic: Modern Warfare is also a casual friendly game.

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 April 2011 by pezus

    amp316 said: The problem with CoD is how unbalanced it is.  If you got the game one day sooner then your opponent, then you automatically win because you have the gun that can kill him with half as many bullets. Well, luckily there are millions that get it first week :P...

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    (Rumor) Nintendo Wii Selection at 19.99

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 April 2011 by primogen18

    Madworld has been around 19.99 for at least a year now and will probably creep at least to 700k lifetime. The sonic games and Conduit 1 already are at 19.99 or below (save for mario and sonic, conduit 2, and sonic colors although they could use the select branding). 3rd party games that REALLY need this branding and price are games like COD3/w@w/MWRE .MWRE is still around $35 new some places,...

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    Beyond 1080P for home entertainment

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 April 2011 by Play4Fun

    Won't be necessary for gaming for a while and I'm glad. There are more important things  that need to be focused on in gaming than resolution.   For home cinema? I don't know....

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    Nintendo Console Cycle... so what does this mean???

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 April 2011 by Cobra_

    Wii has been selling quite well so Nintendo can afford to extend this cycle a little bit...

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    As a Nintendo fan I feel relief with the current drought.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 April 2011 by Conegamer

    Torillian said: MaxwellGT2000 said: Torillian said: milkyjoe said: Torillian said: But that's a ridiculous standard for a statement like "____ is having a software drought".  A similar statement would be like me saying "the Wii has no worthwhile games" because none of the games fit my tastes.  If I go into a thread and say that I know for a fact that every Ninty fan...

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    Capcom's Wii Support

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 April 2011 by oniyide

    ^^^^ interesting, wonder why VGchartz has it overtracked so much, unless they were counting the versions that were gather in RE Essential Compilations, but thats giving the PS2 version an unfair advantage. My original point still stands the PS2 version is the best selling one, but not neccersarily by much...

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    Tony Hawk Returns

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 April 2011 by epicberserk

    Ronster316 said: epicberserk said: i dont have any faith in this game or any tony hawk games anymore Well, thanks to Skate i have not played an extreme sports game since Proving Grounds (and that wasn't exactly the ideal last extreme sports game to play was it). You think you have lost faith? I'm a broken man lol I miss my extreme sports games (with D-Pad controls) BIG TIME. yea...

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    Nintendo Power - Conduit 2 review

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 April 2011 by theARTIST0017

    dany612 said: I want THE GRINDER! >.< yes and dont forget Sega almost screwed this game up too.   Anyways to get back on topic, I really don't trust reviews in general only certain ones. And especially not Nintendo Power. G.O.- Forbid. The score really doesn't mean anything. If you have an interest in something, play it for yourself then judge it....

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    Undoubtedly the best part of Zelda's 25th Anniversary.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 March 2011 by gumby_trucker

    TruckOSaurus said: Here's the making of: Wow.... So much dedication.... (also: I didn't know it was meant to scroll like that, very nice touch!)...

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    Where will de Blob 2 sell best???

    in Sales Discussion on 18 March 2011 by Conegamer

    theRepublic said: Advertising is not the problem.  I've seen quite a few TV comercials for it in the US. I actually really liked the first one, but I've got so many other games I want to buy that it is going to have to wait a long time. Well, over here in the UK I haven't seen a single TV ad or poster, only one small ad inside ONM. That's it really... And it isn't even in Game or...

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    Nintendo Praises Microsoft, Xbox Live, And Call of Duty

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 March 2011 by mendozahotness

    They do deserve their props. GG Ninty...

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    Wii Succesor and Future Will Use Physical Media

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 March 2011 by TomaTito

    Resident_Hazard said: TomaTito said: Resident_Hazard said: This doesn't change my view that Nintendo always takes bizarre, sometimes awkward steps backward (seriously, still a single-input touch screen??), but I'm really looking forward to the 3DS.   Read this thread about resistive screens, it can detect two pressure points and like stated in the thread it has been used in...

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