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    Okay, what is the deal.....with Waluigi?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 March 2010

    I agree, please no voice acting lol, but I happen to like Birdo, whatever it is, because I love SMB2....

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    Sega: We must do better on PS3 and 360

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 March 2010

    ^agreed, it looks like they want to pull a Ubicrap or something, I hope not....

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    Monster Hunter Tri Western campaign begins

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 February 2010

    I hope they showcase some of the online features and bundles in future commercials, though these are a good start. I just hope these A) actually make it to the TV B) appear on more then 2 channels and not just after 10 PM and C) are seen more twice and for longer then a week....

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    NMH Reviews - compiled.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 January 2010

    ^the only "data" we have is the pre-orders, which aren't horrible. Saying the first week of this game is already "kinda floppy" is like saying FF XIV hasn't sold up to snuff yet....   I would have liked Ubi not to do the same tired bullsh*t they always do by dropping it with no promotion. They will complain about sales for this game and RS2,  I have NO doubt about that at all. They...

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    Vitality Sensor: The first gaming POLYGRAPH?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 January 2010

    Actually wasn't something like Wii Relax copyrighted a little while back by Nintendo? This will have 2 games and Nintendo will be done with it....

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    NEW red steel 2 trailer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 January 2010

    crazy idea, but why not put this on the big box in my living room a bunch of times? The TV? I know, i know, Wii is known to some as a casual console, putting it on television where everyone can see it is an insane idea, why not try it Ubi?...

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    (Fail) No Wii For The Kids: Hidden Costs Compel Console Return

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 January 2010

    this.. is.. laughable... lol. "hidden costs", how about LOOK before you BUY? There are crazy things call price tags, look at them. Do some research. As with any large electronic purchase, you shouldn't go in blind. Why are people so stupid these days? I mean honestly, working a Toys R Us this past holiday season has only showed how stupid the average consumer is when it comes to buying things...

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    nintendo announces 2010 lineup (until like april)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 December 2009

    Is there a way to petition that list to like... 1/4th it's size so they can not release alot of the garbage? Seriously I wish there was a way to vote on releases like that, then there won't be so much wasted plastic....

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    FFCC: The Crystal Bearers may have a ~30k NA debut. Bomb?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 December 2009

    I wish there was actually going to be promotion for this. I mean what about bringing the bon jovi advertisements over here, the guy IS from NJ...I wouldn't get my hopes up for real commercials and promotion, 3rd parties avoid that stuff like the plague on Wii games....

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    Reggie predicts NSMBW will outsell the 360 version of ModernWarFare2 !

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 November 2009

    http://www.amazon.com/gp/bestsellers/videogames/ref=pd_dp_ts_vg_1well, its #1, MW2 number 2, well see......

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    The Conduit 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 April 2011

    I went to walmart and they didn't have it, didn't know it came out actually. Went to a second walmart and they had the same situation. That's a few places I have been that just don't carry it, the only place I have ever seen it is Gamestop....

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    The Conduit 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 April 2011

    Gameinformer is a side effect of having the power-up rewards card. Also most of the multi-plat previews are well after I have seen them online so you can't say they didn't know about Wii versions all of the time. If they are trying to be a "professional" game magazine maybe they should know something that's been on sites like gamespot, IGN or even Gamestop.com months before the issue comes out...

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    The Conduit 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 April 2011

    Anyone who thinks GI is in any way fair to the Wii console maybe saw one or 2 issues but I have been been getting them in the mail for a couple years now and can honestly say it takes me about 5 or 6 seconds from recieving my issue to tossing it simply because of the lack of ANYTHING Wii related which is what I am interested in. I don't just skimp I go through page by page and once and a great...

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    The Conduit 2 !!!!!!!!!!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 April 2011

    Bad job Sega, I even forgot this game came out today. The TRU I work at didn't get anything about this in, not even the game itself. Gamestops around here didn't even bother putting it on the New Release section, they just threw the box in with the others. Stealthiest release EVER....

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    How do you delete everything and close your account?

    in Website Topics on 13 February 2011

    ^It's a valid question. There is nothing in the FAQ thread either. Is it so wrong to want to know this information? Sites that make it a pain to actually delete accounts are annoying,  it should be simple to remove yourself. I do not wish to visit the site as much anymore. The entire reason I started to visit is mostly not available, so I do not want to have a representation of myself...

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    How do you delete everything and close your account?

    in Website Topics on 13 February 2011

    If I am going to have to pay for features that were once free, I am getting completely out of VG chartz and moving on. I looked around in my account and settings and didn't find anything helpful. I want everything gone as I hate having profiles and accounts on sites I don't visit anymore. Any help is appreciated, thanks!...

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    would you pay for VGC Pro???

    in Website Topics on 10 February 2011

    nope. It's not like I need any of this, Ill just spend more time on free sites....

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    Nintendo fanboys are hilarious.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 28 August 2010

    ...does this really need a thread? I mean so what a bunch of people said some stupid stuff on a comment board... but you actually started an entire topic about it to highlight it......

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    Loud Advertising Problem

    in Website Topics on 29 May 2010

    i happen to enjoy putting on my playlist while surfing, so muting should never have to be an option to blocking something like internet ads, they should never be so invasive in the first place....

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    Loud Advertising Problem

    in Website Topics on 28 May 2010

    I hate hate these ads. I've honestly just stopped going to several sites that use them, not worth it. This might be another site because I am being forced to listen to something I did not agree to. Sure an add before a video or something, hell maybe even a pop up I can close or mouse over that I can agree to mouse over and hear something, but a blatant sound or video that pops up like such, worse...

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