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    Apple refuses to sell IPADs to Iranians

    in General Discussion on 23 June 2012

    MDMAlliance said: thranx said: MDMAlliance said: NintendoPie said: Hm... this has to be some sort of misunderstanding. I seriously doubt a money loving company (like all the companies) would make themselves not be able to get more money. Sadly, apparently it's not. Sadly, apparently, it is.   "Sabet said when she called Apple’s corporate...

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    Only 4 days until Iowa caucuses!! C'mon, Let's GO RON PAUL.

    in Politics Discussion on 07 January 2012

    I always chuckle when I see the word "santorum" because I know I am not the only person who heard of the "other" definition a loonnggg time before ever knowing there was a person named Santorum from which the definition actually came from. I guess that's what happens when you're such a crazy out-spoken bigot, lol. Scary he has as much support as he does but I see it fizzling out. I see the...

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    Wii U Meant for Consumers with Higher Disposable Income, Says Nintendo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 December 2011

    All this Wii is dying talk, yet PS3 is at the bottom of the home console hardware chart and PSP is at the bottom of the charts period. How come I never see "Sony is dying" anywhere?...

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    Nikkei Article on Cafe confirms control

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 June 2011

    RolStoppable said: Yeah, that sounds like Nintendo really started to believe what the gaming industry was preaching all those years: That Nintendo's success lies in gimmicks, not the actual games. Yeah because right then and their when Wii was deemed a gimick they stopped making great games and started chrurning out shovelware like the Mario Galaxy series, Metroid Prime 3/trilogy pack,...

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    And this is why the Modern Warfare 3 logo sucks...

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 May 2011

    formatted now....

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    And this is why the Modern Warfare 3 logo sucks...

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 May 2011

    Hey, have you noticed the sweet new  logo? You know the one that sort of reminds you of the logo? Or maybe if you have heard of this random company? Well it turns out if you search for "MW" logo you get alot of   and even a little bit of . It's not that I necessarily hate the   design, just there seems to be alot of around already. I just think they could have come up with...

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    House of The Dead Overkill Coming To PS3... With 3D, Move, And Trophies!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 27 May 2011

    Get ready to pay $60 for a 3 year old port of a rail shooter you can get for under $10! They had to give Dead Space Extraction away because they knew it wouldn't actually sell, this one would be no different. The original is over 700k now, I see this maybe selling half of that if they are lucky....

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    WW up 30th april

    in Sales Discussion on 06 May 2011

    sales seem to be messed up, or at least when searching for games. really buggy now I was hoping it would get better throughout the day....

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    Conduit 2, WTH.....Sega!?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 May 2011

    I agree with a few people that it's partially Sega AND retailers faults. Gamestops don't even put this on their new releases section, I had to really search for it. Only 1 our 3 in my area even had the game. Walmart never got it in and was one of the places I asked that never heard of it. Target heard of it but never got it in. The TRU I work at go it in but it was almost a week late and we never...

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    Ironic: Modern Warfare is also a casual friendly game.

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 April 2011

    Of course the COD franchise is a casual-friendly franchise. I'm not just talking about mainstream,  I know the difference. COD is a very pick-up-and-play experience even for beginning gamers. There's an endless amount of aim assist features, perks, and kill streaks to make a 10 year old kid  whose never played a video game in their life into a top 3 badass in a deathmatch. It's still a...

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    (Rumor) Nintendo Wii Selection at 19.99

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 April 2011

    Madworld has been around 19.99 for at least a year now and will probably creep at least to 700k lifetime. The sonic games and Conduit 1 already are at 19.99 or below (save for mario and sonic, conduit 2, and sonic colors although they could use the select branding). 3rd party games that REALLY need this branding and price are games like COD3/w@w/MWRE .MWRE is still around $35 new some places,...

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    Beyond 1080P for home entertainment

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 April 2011

    My livingroom isn't a closet. Anything above 720 is a waste, anything above 1080 is even more of a waste because the human eye wouldn't detect it especially from a distance greater then your face smashed against the screen. I guess alot of the HD freaks are college kids living in a dorm where they must be forced to be 2 feet away from the screens or something....

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    Nintendo Console Cycle... so what does this mean???

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 April 2011

    I would like to think a console reveal/teaser this year with some shallow demos at E3 along with alot of Wii and 3DS news, then next E3 a full reveal with actual launch games (that were speculated at after this year's E3) with the console releasing later that year for holiday 2012....

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    As a Nintendo fan I feel relief with the current drought.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 April 2011

    Agreed completely. I still have games right now I picked up or got over the holidays that I have yet to complete. My list of imcomplete back catalog titles along with the few new ones I got over the holidays are overwhelming not to mention the games I still play online such as MKWii, the COD games and Conduit........

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    Tony Hawk Returns

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 April 2011

    they need to get rid of the skateboard (by making it compatible not required) and have standard controller and balance board support.. or just skip dumping money into the 360/ps3 versions all together and market it on Wii where the past 2 sold more and have a higher profit margin....

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    Capcom's Wii Support

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 April 2011

    You can easily find Capcom's problem when you look at their highest sellers on the console (RE4 and MH3) and look at what else came from them. They started building an audience with RE4 and then let them down with whatever they spat out after that. Their lucky MH3 sold as well as it did. The same happened with Activision and the COD series. When you introduce games to an audience and then don't...

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    Nintendo Power - Conduit 2 review

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 March 2011

    I find the first one has better online as time goes on. Ill pick it up every few months and find myself addicted, the latest time I played for hours on end with smooth matches and not a single problem with glitching or connections. I'm not sure if anyone else is having similar experiences, but for me I am still having a blast with the first online!...

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    Where will de Blob 2 sell best???

    in Sales Discussion on 04 March 2011

    Seems gamestops around here don't even stock it for Wii, just PS3/360. I asked and got the "not sure if it's coming out for Wii" answer. Oh well, gamestop strikes again....

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    Nintendo Praises Microsoft, Xbox Live, And Call of Duty

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 March 2011

    It's nice to see him being mature and praising another company, as many said already.  I think it is time for them to take a page from Microsoft and charge into online and social gaming. Live is the best obviously, they can't top it but they can get closer. I like this though, I have always respected Microsoft. Playstation really comes off as a cocky company and they tend to "bash" more then...

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    Where will de Blob 2 sell best???

    in Sales Discussion on 23 February 2011

    Wii is obvious, look what happened to the mysims franchise on other platforms, although like mysims it won't sell as much as the previous one(s)....

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