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    VGChartz Playstation Trophy League

    in Sony Discussion on 27 October 2019 by John2290

    Might go for the CoD MW platinum, looks doable for once, all SP trophies. Just gotta push through that veteran mode and Hardend was brutal enough. Fingers crossed. ...

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    Funny pictures

    in General Discussion on 28 December 2016 by JEMC

    Only a couple of gifs: ...

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    Post Your Mind

    in General Discussion on 29 March 2015 by d21lewis

    The following post will be made entirely with the highlighted word of my tablet's prediction feature. Only the first word will be chosen by me: The new York NY and I don't know if you are you are you. I don't know if you are you are you I was a lot of the new York Let me know if you have any questions about this message in the new York How to get a lot of this email address so...

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    Show yourself in underwear

    in NSFW Discussion on 22 December 2013 by mysticwolf

    I wouldn't want my picture to be abused....

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    The Witcher 2: Assassins Of Kings - Hype express train

    in PC Discussion on 15 July 2012 by JEMC

    mysticwolf said:Ok, so I just bought the Witcher 2 during the steam sale fro 16 dollars. I've heard that the story is kind of important, so should I buy the first Witcher and play that? It's only $2.50 until another hour, so I think I'll get it. 16 USD? When did that happen!? Ever since the beginning of the sales it's been 23.99 € here. Edit: NVM, It's been one of those flash...

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    Are too many Americans just using their PS3 as a Blu-ray player?

    in Sony Discussion on 20 March 2012 by BHR3

    i believe the reason is that in US 360 is the favored console its evident by how it sales raised there significantly once the wii's fell last year and that PS3 was never able to outsell it even at $299 or $249 and after all its major exclusives released gt5, uc2 and 3, and gow3 ect. most game are multiplat now, since MS released first and had a pretty big sized user base once the ps3...

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    343 has 'story in mind' for Halo 5, 6

    in Microsoft Discussion on 13 March 2012 by zero129

    SinZinDetta said: It would be great if they made it more RPG like Mass Effect and leave the shooting to online. No way, Halo is a FPS, leave the RPG things to RPG type games, that is something Halo is not. Now i wouldn't mind seeing a Halo RPG spin off, but no way should they do something like that to the main games....

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    Guess Who's Back?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 February 2012 by sethnintendo

    amp316 said:Next up, Alex Kidd. I was actually looking forward to the next Boogerman....

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    Who do you think was the greatest/favorite "HOCKEY"player of all time?

    in Sports Discussion on 15 February 2012 by Bong Lover

    SinZinDetta said: Mark Messier I'd agree if the question was 'greatest gay hockey player of all time', but since it's not restricted by sexual orientation I can not take your answer seriously....

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    Mother Files $900 Trillion Lawsuit Against NYC For Taking Her Kids Away

    in General Discussion on 10 February 2012 by Marks

    Jay520 said: lol that was my first thought too...

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    Is this woman hot or have women believing skinny is hot gone too far in modern societies?

    in General Discussion on 09 February 2012 by Kai Master


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    What Are Your Most Anticipated Games of 2012?

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 February 2012 by goddog

    hitman halo 4 rainbow 6 (think this is a 2013 game though) just cause 3 (rumored for 2012) ...

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    Uncharted 3 Console Graphics King

    in Sony Discussion on 14 January 2012 by Aldro

    1) Uncharted 3 2) Uncharted 2 3) Killzone 3 4) God of War 3 5) Crysis 2 6) Gears of War 3 7) Killzone 2...

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    Your Top 50 Games: 2011 Discussion Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 January 2012 by Korppi

    TruckOSaurus said: Quick question: do you know how FFXIII ranked last year compared to this year? There's a link right below the article in the "Further Reading" section. And I think it's exactly sixty places lower than last year....

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    Your Top 50 Games: 2011 Official Thread (Post Only ONCE)

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2011 by BasilZero

    BasilZero's Top 50 Games   1.       Super Mario World (SNES) 2.       Chrono Trigger (SNES-PSX-NDS-iOS) 3.       Final Fantasy VI (SNES-PSX) 4.       Super Mario RPG (SNES) 5.       Breath of Fire II...

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    Most Memorable Minor Characters?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 December 2011 by Jumpin

    MontanaHatchet said: Jumpin said: Julia and Raine from Final Fantasy 8. Ellone as well, but I am not sure if she constitutes a minor character. Julia's theme might have been my second favorite song from the game (behind the opening theme). I was more a fan of the calmer music in that game. It was one of the first games to really take much advantage of orchestrated...

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    Top 6.5 Reasons Why the Wii is the Best Console of this Generation

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 December 2011 by Michael-5

    I have to disagree. I love Nintendo and all, but on the Wii I only have 10 games, 1 I will probably sell. There are only 7 other games out that interest me, and then 2 JRPG's which probably won't be localized in Americas. So that's max 18 games I will own for the Wii (unless they make 1 more big title). That's the least I've ever owned for a Nintendo console, Wii is possibly the Worst Nintendo...

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    Final Fantasy XIV coming to PS3 in early 2013!

    in Sony Discussion on 16 October 2011 by blkfish92

    If 2.0 truly reboots the game then hooray, but if not then what's the point?...

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    Protest footage in NY, SHOCKING!

    in Politics Discussion on 13 October 2011 by Jumpin

    Looks like Anonymous is getting arrested too http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=drJWxMLrpE0...

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    Rate this Gen's Market Leader: Wii

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 October 2011 by Rockyb

    2/10 pros: cheap console cons : too many kiddy and casual games , too much mario no multiplatform games bad graphics...

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