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    Any English Cricket fans here?

    in Sports Discussion on 13 August 2011

    That was tremendously painful to watch as an Indian fan. The bowling is weak but the batting has been all sorts of silly, horrible fact that India could not pass 300 even once. Switched it off when Sachin got run out, TBH test cricket is very boring for me and just like watching Sachin bat but ODI's are fun. Hopefully the football is not so painful to watch and Chelsea pummel Stoke City, last...

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    PAL Charts - Week 49

    in Sales Discussion on 13 December 2010

    kowenicki said: Excellent numbers for GT5 in UK and I am not surprised given the huge advertising that it is currently getting on UK TV.  I have never seen a single game get this much advertising ever.  About time too. I expect the numbers to fall through the floor in the UK after christmas though.  What channels have they been blasting the game on? I never saw many adverts...

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    Insomniac go multiplat - Choose EA

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 May 2010

    Was going to happen, really good to see them going multi-plat. http://www.insomniacgames.com/blogcast/podcasts/entry/1529692...

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    Final Fantasy XIII (360) Not HD | Resolution, Anti-Aliasing Analyzed

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 February 2010

    SE totally fucked up with the 360 version, the Gaf reaction is to say the least hilarious. Such a reaction for a turd on a disc is plain old sad, keep the tears for a better game like the 360 version of FFXIII Versus. Edit - Damage control from the 360 fanboys is wonderful though I must admit....

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    GOW3 very much likely to selll 1.5 mn+ first week.

    in Sony Discussion on 13 February 2010

    sega4life said: When GOW2 came out the install base for PS2 was what? 130+ million? And it only sold 2.6 million to date.. 1.5 first week will be more then half of what GOW2 did lifetime on a 130+ install base. This is the only correct answer in this thread. Sales of a game have got to do with install base and nothing else at all. The PS3 is 25% of what the PS2 install base...

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    Microsft has Final Fantasy 360 Special Edition Bundle

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 February 2010

    Such a weird bundle, no HDMI, 2 controllers which are not needed unless SE are adding co-op through DLC, no special design or even that shitty Lightning faceplate. Just a weird weird bundle for a bad bad game....

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    Worldwide up

    in Sales Discussion on 04 February 2010

    kowenicki said:PS3 v 360 gap down to under 37k.... and falling... Yes.........the gap is closing now.........should by down even more next week.........can't construct a sentence properly..........

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    GameSpot: White Knight Chronicles Review - 6.0

    in Sony Discussion on 02 February 2010

    6.0 too many, a terrible terrible..........terrible game. FFXIII is shite as well but of those two FFXIII is a diamond in comparison to WKC. Versus is the last one left of the big console JRPG's, some Nomura magic to save this terrible generation.Glorious handheld gaming master race, DQ IX is a great great game. ...

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    Updated sales numbers from NPD via GAF (Forza, Demon's Soul, Rabbids, etc.)

    in Sales Discussion on 27 January 2010

    haxxiy said: Slimebeast said: So Demon's Souls and Valkyria Chronicles have a lot higher numbers on VGC than NPD.I hope it's just a coincidence that these two games also are extremely unproportionally popular on this particular forum... Also ioi ramped up Forza 3 numbers by half a million just to please Selnor. Yeah, right...   On a serious note, is that hard to...

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    Yamauchi: Gran Turismo 5 is 90 percent complete

    in Sony Discussion on 15 January 2010

    In his latest interview he was still under the impression that it was a March 2010 release in Japan meaning that the March delay was most probably not development related. That said I really do hope this is not kept back until holiday 2010, the game will sell whenever it releases and have nice legs....

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    The Official Dec 2009 NPD Thread (Data for 5 weeks ending Jan 2 in 5 hrs)

    in Sales Discussion on 14 January 2010

    I'm in awe at those Mario Kart Wii sales...............literally no words. The next best selling racer on home consoles (GT5) will be lucky to do 1/3 those numbers.Easily the most fun I have had on the Wii so here is to millions more!...

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    Yamauchi: GT5 to use 80% of PS3s power

    in Sony Discussion on 14 January 2010

    I absolutely love it when people on gaming forums say developers are talking bullshit when saying these numbers, why it is so wrong for a developer to know the power of a console they have been working on?The killer is when these people are kids or working at KFC, that would be 99% of them. ...

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    Gran Turismo 5 Delayed

    in Sony Discussion on 13 January 2010

    It's getting beyond a joke now and the most worrying thing of all is that the release says "due to development issues". It's a late 2010 release for sure.GT5 is an industry joke now, I myself am getting a little bored with this, Sony need to tighten the chain on Kaz or this game is never releasing. I think it is going to be a FFXIII like game where the long developement time hurts it.Goodness...

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    Predictions For 2010

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 January 2010

    - DS will outsell the PSP- Wii shall sell more than PS3/360- FIFA '11 releases September - SMG2, GT5, Halo Reach, Zelda Wii, Pokemon Gold/Silver, COD whatever will do 1M first week- GT5 will be a good game- FFXIII Versus is changed to FFXV and release winter 2010 in Japan- I will leave the shithole also know as King's College London - Next KH announced for PS3, Soriku on suicide watch- PSP 2 at...

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    New GT5 gameplay videos from CES

    in Sony Discussion on 08 January 2010

    http://ces.gamespot.com/video/6245184/ - Nurburgringhttp://ces.gamespot.com/video/6245181/ - Fujihttp://ces.gamespot.com/video/6245180/ - Menu http://ces.gamespot.com/video/6245182/ - Gallardohttp://ces.gamespot.com/video/6245183/ - McLaren F1 http://www.gametrailers.com/video/ces-10-gran-turismo/60629       ...

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    a gran turismo story (make.believe)

    in Sony Discussion on 06 January 2010

    Touching, showing everyone that playing games will help you succeed in life and take part in races no one is watching. I'm going to throw shells and banana peels now so that I become the greatest kart racer of all time. ...

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    NA + Others HW Up!

    in Sales Discussion on 03 January 2010

    Hyruken said:Awesome sales all around but especially for Wii and DS.Great sales worldwide for PS3 but as i mentioned before the gap in US between 360 and PS3 is increasing and in UK it is the same. What will be interesting to see is how sales look in a month or so when numbers have gone back to being normal and the FF13 effect in Japan dies down. It will be good to see if the PS3 sales in...

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    Hello ioi, comming the new charts for 27 december today?

    in Sales Discussion on 31 December 2009

    Retail musings are hardly something one should go by but from what I have read people said the 120GB PS3 were very hard to find. Anyone seen for themselves a problem such as this in NA? Either way just fightning for scraps, Nintendo are killing the competition.What of my sweet prince the PSP? :(...

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    Moving onto next gen consoles - Which will be immediate purchases?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 December 2009

    The current generation of consoles have now been out for quite some time and I think it's pretty obvious that in the next couple years we will see their next iterations release. With that said which next generation of consoles will you purchase immediately? Without a doubt I will purchase the next Nintendo and Sony handhelds, the day they are announced I will have the money ready. That will be...

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    VGChartz Official Gran Turismo 5 Thread!

    in Sony Discussion on 25 December 2009

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zeJ6GXh9uas&feature=player_embedded#Extended E3 GT5 demo, racing against an airplane no less!...

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