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< Hiku posted something on Chris Hu's wall:

The character in your avatar looks similar to Yuri Hyuga. Who is it?

It's the main character from Infinite Undiscovery, Capell.

4 days ago

I see. Thanks.

2 days ago

< Assyrian612 posted something on Chris Hu's wall:

Okay well since I can't reply in the thread, this is my last reply to you. If you want to continue to make assumptions, you do that. Obviously you didn't pick it up the first time. As far as I'm concerned since you love assuming, your psn id, was stolen off the internet and you've never played a GT game in your life. Eye for an eye.

That comment made no sense.

on 18 July 2014

Die hard GT fans are pretty much liked die hard Dallas Cowboy fans they are in complete denial that their team/game is nowhere as good as it used to be.

on 18 July 2014

Right whatever you say chief!

on 18 July 2014

Even people that cover racing games for a living (Inside Sim Racing) are saying that GT has major flaws. But I guess you are one of those delusional fans whatever makes you happy. Living in Fort Worth I'm surrounded by delusional Cowboys fans.

on 19 July 2014

Well it seems you have a greater problem or sick fascination with cowboys fans.. I could care less what you consider delusional; makes no difference to me when GT is the staple of racing and Forza is the staple of... Well nothing, so there ya have it bubba.

on 20 July 2014

Sure go on but the fact is you are in denial and can't handle the truth bubba. Also I really have nothing against Cowboy fans they are so delusional that they are hilarious they provide me with great comic relief I'm guessing that most die hard GT fans will get to that point eventually also.

on 21 July 2014

Only person delusional is you bubba, GT is a massive success and Forza is garbage.. Sorry to break it down to you so hard to comprehend.. Also your obsession with cowboys has just gotten to a sick level lol.. Yeah Chow..

on 22 July 2014

I get it now on top of being a delusional GT fan you also a delusional Cowboys fan I feel your pain GT is on its way down and the Cowboys have sucked for over 15 years buddy.

on 22 July 2014

What is hilarious is a 42 years old person, or someone who pretends to be 42, acting like you in the forums.

on 05 August 2014

So guess they have delusional fans in Canada also you guys are the ones that are truly hilarious. Also why would I pretend to be 42 if anything I would pretend to be a lot younger. But check my PSN ID that is my birth year.

on 06 August 2014

HA HA HA. Indeed. If you don't pretend, and are really 42... You're not helping your cause. xD

on 09 August 2014

Speak of yourself going by the comments you post you not mister mature either. Anyway pretty much no one acts their age online and if you really want some immature comments go to YouTube or read some comments on Yahoo articles.

on 09 August 2014

< Ps3 posted something on Chris Hu's wall:

R5 - One Last Dance

< Anfebious posted something on Chris Hu's wall:

I don't agree with this ban. Ico is overrated and short, there is nothing wrong with stating facts.

It's all about the location. Posting something like that in a Driveclub thread really isn't needed so it's treated more harshly.

on 17 June 2014

Now that I think about it you are right. It is out of place...

on 17 June 2014

Its short? I should finish it then.

on 21 June 2014

5 hours if you know what you are doing. But if you get stuck it can go up to 8-9 hours!

on 21 June 2014

Agreed but its not like I missed anything it was a slow week anyway. Also it wasn't that out of place since I was just commenting on someones avatar.

on 21 June 2014

< FrontlineJaguar posted something on Chris Hu's wall:

People on this website told me you are racing genre fan so what are your thoughts on forza horizon vs forza 5 I watched both the games and too me in some cases forza horizon looks better. Your opinion

Horizon comes nowhere close to looking as good as Forza 5. Its graphics are somewhere between 3 and 4 especially when it comes to the car models.
Forza 5 looks a lot better then all previous Forza games, that being said I'm still looking forward to Horizon 2. Although if its really set in the deep south like in the preview concept art pictures IGN leaked last week I'm a bit less exited about it they should keep it in Colorado.

on 17 March 2014

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Rate the song above you !

in Music Discussion 2 hours ago

5/10 Not really my type of music. OT: I really like the Chvrches song posted not that long ago probably one of my favorite songs featured in Horizon 2. The Voice brought this song to my attention....

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The NFL Thread 2014: Steelers fall to the mighty Bucs, Panthers get demolished for the second week in a row

in Sports Discussion 3 hours ago

noname2200 said:Looks like local blackouts (in all sports) may finally be a thing of the past. The NFL's anti-trust is exemption is also in question (MLB first dudes), although that one is unlikely to happen soon in my opinion. Despite being pretty bad for the last 20 years the Cowboys have...

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The NFL Thread 2014: Steelers fall to the mighty Bucs, Panthers get demolished for the second week in a row

in Sports Discussion 3 hours ago

noname2200 said: Chris Hu said: noname2200 said:So now I really need to reevaluate the Patriots... Also, Raiders first to fire head coach this season, Lovie Smith relieved. I think the Patriots got jinxed by ESPN First Take both Skip Bayless and Steven A Smith picked them to win it all. Finally, ESPN did something right! Skip Bayless migh be still...


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