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    How physical are you?

    in Gaming Discussion 3 days ago

    Still almost exclusively physical. PC 100% digital, but 95% of all games I buy are for my consoles which I buy physical. All digital console stuff I buy are DLC or re-purchases of old games because of lack of physical backwards compatibility. If the next gen BC hype is to be believed those re-purchases should sharply decline.This next gen may be the last 'physical' gen as some industry people...

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    Final Fantasy VIII Remaster

    in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

    Not since the days of the original Playstation has there been a definitive generation to own a bunch of Final Fantasy games. Definite day one for me. ...

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    Grandia HD Collection "coming soon" for Switch and PC, more information set for E3 2019

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 June 2019

    It's interesting some of these remakes/remasters/ports seem to be Switch exclusive on the console side. Slowly approaching enough RPGs that would get me to buy a Switch (please a non-portable or price cut Nintendo). ...

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    Switch overtakes total PS4 sales in Japan, in less than half the time

    in Sales Discussion on 18 May 2019

    CGI-Quality said: Guys, let’s try to reduce ‘it’s only because’ and actually consider a well placed product that hit at a crucial time. I’m not saying opposing opinions shouldn’t matter, only that you should avoid hit-and-run posts that don’t invite real discussion. I didn't intend for my comment to be read like that.  I think it's...

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    Switch overtakes total PS4 sales in Japan, in less than half the time

    in Sales Discussion on 18 May 2019

    curl-6 said: Pinkie_pie said: Portable is the biggest factor so i see nothing wrong with people saying japan is portable crazy. Vita sold over 6 million without any 1st party and 3rd party AAA games because it is portable  Switch is on track to more than triple Vita sales in Japan. Vita is also portable. So why is the Switch selling so much more than the Vita when...

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    Switch overtakes total PS4 sales in Japan, in less than half the time

    in Sales Discussion on 17 May 2019

    vivster said: Wow, people just hate Sony over there. Not really.  Japan is portable crazy. ...

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    Buying a new laptop - help needed please!

    in PC Discussion on 17 May 2019

    Honestly when I ever did laptop gaming I still always connected to an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. So I have always used a 13 size laptop. Beyond that I would only consider 16GB or less. I currently have an 8GB desktop (that I am going to replace soon) that works just fine with gaming and everything else I throw at it. I am going 16GB for the new comp I am building only because I...

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    Sony & Microsoft Announce Partnership For Gaming & Cloud Services

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 May 2019

    Livewire said: By integrating Sony’s cutting-edge image sensors with Microsoft’s Azure AI technology in a hybrid manner across cloud and edge, as well as solutions that leverage Sony’s semiconductors and Microsoft cloud technology, the companies aim to provide enhanced capabilities for enterprise customers. In terms of AI, the parties will explore incorporation of...

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    My e-mail account got hacked, received blackmail and I have only two days to pay up!

    in General Discussion on 15 May 2019

    It's fake.  Spoofed email that has you both the sender and receiver does not at all mean your email was hacked.  I have gotten these emails.  Right down to the detail about a web cam (that I don't have).  Have told them to fuck off with zero problems.   Also, this is another troll isn't it? ...

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    What was your first avatar?

    in General Discussion on 14 May 2019

    I don't remember if I ever had one before this one. I don't even show up on the avatars list? Found it: 9369955ccc.png Is that some pre-date to avatars being listed under the name of the user? ...

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    Deleting account

    in General Discussion on 14 May 2019

    RolStoppable said: COKTOE said: Why do you want this to begin with? He used to make threads to convince the community here that the Earth is flat and now he is probably concerned that that could cost him his job if his employer were to make a full background check. The Earth is a cylinder! ...

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    Is Amazon.com always that bad?

    in General Discussion on 04 May 2019

    Was the product actually in stock? Otherwise I dunno why you would have problems. I bought a tea that was shipped from china to my home that took only 6 days to get here....

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    When did you first notice that grafix had diminishing returns?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 May 2019

    Never!! JK. Pretty much when 1080p became the norm. PS3-PS4 eras. Obviously there can be more fidelity within the 1080p scope, which is why I'll be just fine and happy without a 4K TV for when PS5/XBTWO drops....

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    Clone Consoles: Yay or Nay?

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 May 2019

    If they use the physical carts/discs, are FPGA based, and the emulation code is made by someone with the same caliber as kevtris, yay. Otherwise, nay for me. I don't begrudge people wanting emulation typical for today, especially in the name of preserving games for the future. But personally I don't use normal emulators. I've only bought non-official hardware recently because that hardware fits...

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    Sonic The Hedgehog - Official Trailer

    in Movies Discussion on 30 April 2019

    Live action Sonic design is just hot garbage. Movie could still be pretty funny though. I'll of course never see this in a movie theatre....

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    PS Now vs Xbox Gamepass in revenue. What to believe?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 April 2019

    drkohler said: Mr Puggsly said: Now it turns out PS Now apparently has 700K subscribers... Try to at least comprehend what you read. The (average) annual INCREASE in subscribers is 700k. Wording is kinda weird, but I kinda agree that this is what it likely means.  This year it has increased 700k. "The average annual increase in paid subscribers has...

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    Offical Sell-in numbers for PS3 - credit to ArmGunar.

    in Sony Discussion on 26 April 2019

    JRPGfan said: vivster said: I'm sure they could've squeezed the Vita numbers in between the lines. Honestly think Sony are ashamed of it...... it was over designed, and thus overpriced, with features that wherent really needed.It didnt sell so well, so they arnt gonna list it next to things that are worth mentioning if they can avoid it.That explains why they show the PSP but...

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    Recent Website Updates

    in Website Topics on 25 April 2019

    Did a little more digging. Looks like your overflow div (for scrolling) needs an id so you can use something like document.getElementById("id_of_div").focus();...

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    Recent Website Updates

    in Website Topics on 25 April 2019

    TalonMan said: Spindel said: May I add an complaint:For the last week (couple of weeks) the scrolling works wanky on this site on iPad and iPhone. I do not have this problem on any other sites.My problem is that the scrolling is sticky, if I do a quick swipe with the finger the scrolling stops instantly when I lift the finger. The normal behaviour is that a qick swipe followed by...

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    New PlayStation in 2019 - 7nm PS4 Super Slim Might Be Coming Soon

    in Sony Discussion on 24 April 2019

    HTML labels on polls please developers. Also, could be. I think might come with PS5 release though. If there is actually gonna be a super slim....

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