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outlawauron's Wall

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< Wright posted something on outlawauron's wall:


Wright! It's ok. No need to feel bad about it lol.

on 30 January 2017

I just thought you'd appreciate the song too!

Other than FFXIV, what are you playing these days?

on 30 January 2017

Tales of Berseria is my primary. Secondary is Legend of Heroes: Trails in the Sky SC. After that, random sports games and a couple backlog games like Xenoblade, Witcher, and Rise of the Tomb Raider.

on 30 January 2017

Oh right, you said you were enjoying Berseria like Vesperia?

on 30 January 2017

Yes indeed. Story, characters, and gameplay systems remind me of it in the best way.

on 30 January 2017

And the downsides?

on 30 January 2017

< Platina posted something on outlawauron's wall:

< Clyde32 posted something on outlawauron's wall:

You still play mafia these days?


Round 75 sign-ups are posted.

I usually enjoy the games, but I can not play this go round. I do appreciate the offer very much.

on 14 December 2016

< badgenome posted something on outlawauron's wall:

I just ran into your hater on Let It Die!

Did I even land a hit?

on 09 December 2016

Yeah! You were pretty strong for a level 1!

on 09 December 2016

< NesFe posted something on outlawauron's wall:

Yo, by the way Grand blue, the manga in my avatar that you asked me about got translated if you want to check it out (15 monthly chapters so far).

Just noticed that so I thought i'd let you know :p


I'll have to go check in out. it is still good?

on 14 November 2016

yeah, I like it. Art is great and its very funny. It's basically about a bunch of drunken college students in a diving club.

on 14 November 2016

< BasilZero posted something on outlawauron's wall:

Hello :o

Need your opinion fellow IT person!


on 10 November 2016

< Soriku posted something on outlawauron's wall:

What's up man?

Hey Soriku! I've been in the middle of moving, so my schedule has been pretty packed and filled with not fun things lol.

My wife is now quite preggo tho.

on 12 October 2016

How have things been going for you? I imagine you're almost done with school.

on 12 October 2016

I heard about your kid on Facebook when you posted about it, congrats man. Boy or girl? Meanwhile I'm over here trying to get this girl I'm texting to be able to convince her mom to drive her to meet me...lol. Sigh.

Where do you plan on moving? I actually graduated this past May with an IT degree/business minor. Unfortunately haven't gotten a major career job yet, but eh I just got an electronics job at Walmart that's gonna pay me decently after being unemployed for a little while, and I don't have much in debt so I can't complain much.

Might also do some writing on the side related to my past internship if I pass their round 2 interview process, which should pay well too. So I'll be busy :P Just glad I no longer have to deal with schoolwork anymore.

Other than that I've been chilling and keeping up with games. I just finished Cold Steel 2, just bought SMT IV Apocalypse, plan on getting FF XV day one, etc. IDK if you've seen the schedule for next January-February but it's kind of disheartening if you're busy with your life lol.

on 12 October 2016

Not moving too far away. Over to Bham, about 6 hour drive from where I was. Congrats on the degree! Best of luck finding a good, permanent position. If you're lacking experience, don't scoff at doing work as a contractor to get your feet wet (usually done through major agencies like Kelly Services, etc).

And the upcoming release schedule is absolutely brutal. There's one week where I'll be buying like 3 games. Wat

on 12 October 2016

Ah ok. And I heard about trying at agencies, I'll give them a look.

As for releases, I'll prioritize...somehow lol.

Anyway good luck with your family & endeavors man.

on 12 October 2016

< Ka-pi96 posted something on outlawauron's wall:

Hey Outlaw, you getting FIFA this week?

Absolutely! Have some friends who still work at EA, so I can't pass up new FIFA for $20.

on 26 September 2016

$20? Lucky!!!!
If you`re getting it though we should play sometime. Just know that I suck :(

on 27 September 2016

I'd be happy to play you. I do have to have it shipped to me, so I don't know when I'll get it. Hoping for end of this week/Monday next week.

on 27 September 2016

Wasn`t the US release yesterday? Or is it like your friend got it from EA cheap but now has to ship it from his place to you?
I`ve got my copy preordered for tomorrow though :)

on 28 September 2016

What type of organized multiplayer do you do in FIFA? I've only really done FUT online.

on 05 October 2016

I usually only play online friendlies and stuff. Don`t really like playing with randoms (or FUT) all that much, so don`t play much mp.

on 06 October 2016

< Ka-pi96 posted something on outlawauron's wall:


Weirdo ;o...

on 28 August 2016

< Shadow8 posted something on outlawauron's wall:

Thanks for accepting my fr! :)

For you, no worries..

on 25 July 2016

How's it going?

I can't complain too much. Quite busy with work and moving prep.

on 25 July 2016

Oh and having a kid. That cool too

on 25 July 2016

A kid OMG you're a parent haha!!! Hope that is fun! Still get time for gaming?

on 25 July 2016

Wife is 20 weeks pregnant, so yes. I have time for now.

While I know the time goes down, I don't believe it'll just go away.

on 25 July 2016

Good the baby won't come before you have finished XV then at least :P . Haha you can always make time!

on 09 August 2016

< Roketan posted something on outlawauron's wall:

Thanks for accepting my friend request!

Thank you for reaching out and including me.

on 22 July 2016

< Kamal posted something on outlawauron's wall:

How you been braaaah?

Doing alright. Currently working on the logistics of moving, so I'm definitely keeping busy. Trying to play games and stuff when I get the chance. How about yourself?

on 17 July 2016

< Acevil posted something on outlawauron's wall:

Outlaw, if you get this game, tell me how it is. Grand Kingdom.

I have it preordered!

Did you play the beta? There's also a demo coming out soon.

on 03 June 2016

Any word on the Beta and Demo, were they solid?

on 14 June 2016

I thought it was pretty solid. It combines some interesting elements of turn based strategy + Worms type battlefield. Definitely a bit on the low budget side though.

on 14 June 2016

< Ka-pi96 posted something on outlawauron's wall:

You play FF14 right? What's it like?

Haven't really been interesting in it myself but I heard they might be adding bliztball so... might have to try it out then :p

Yep! I still play it every week. It's a lot of fun. Great world, story, and a ton of classes to play. They have a free trial and free weekends often. Let me know if you wanna play, don't mind helping out.

on 11 May 2016

Well let's see if they actually add blitzball first :p

on 11 May 2016

< Acevil posted something on outlawauron's wall:

Give me a couple of Vita game suggestion, picking up proper year 1 vita today (hopefully store still has it).

Are there you already have you eyes set on?

This is what I own: http://darkadia.com/member/outlawauron/library#!/shelf/platform-143,129

on 27 April 2016

I think Tales of Heart and Gundam.

on 27 April 2016

and what do you own already?

on 27 April 2016

Freedom Wars, Persona 4, and Some Crappy Lego Game, is what I recall.

on 27 April 2016

I recommend Tales of Hearts R, Toukiden, Tearaway, Ys IV, Uncharted, Soul Sacrifice, Oreshika, Muramasa, Legend of Heroes, Lost Dimension, Gravity Rush, Demon Gaze, DanganRonpa 1+2+UDG.

on 28 April 2016

I will look into all of those. Maybe not DanganRonpa, visual novel type games are bit much. Given I did play two of the AA games before.

on 28 April 2016

While it is VN style, the story and characters are excellent. No one I've recommended it to has been disappointed.

on 28 April 2016

< Wright posted something on outlawauron's wall:

Outlawy, my man. How's the family?

Swell. Lots of nearby family is coming in town for Easter. Hosting them at my house, will be fun.

on 25 March 2016

Be sure to cook them something tasty!

on 25 March 2016

Luckily for everyone involved, I will not be charged with cooking.

on 25 March 2016

< konnichiwa posted something on outlawauron's wall:

:) Just want to say I am back


I'm glad to see it!

on 19 March 2016

< Slade6alpha posted something on outlawauron's wall:

LMAO. I honestly don't even remember you on Twitter. I literally just use it to follow wrestling and video game news.

What's your Twitter handle? I apologize for blocking you though.

My twitter handle is @winstonedomingo. You appeared in my recommended follows section after I followed a few other VGCers. I just clicked follow as I recognized the username.

No worries though. I also only use Twitter for sports and video game news.

on 01 February 2016

< BasilZero posted something on outlawauron's wall:

Dem hentai games and big titties ;O!

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