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    Best Console for RPG's

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 October 2008

    Current gen its 360- the undisputed leader in RPGsPrevious gen its PS2- quantity and quality where there...

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    Is paying $50 or less year for xbox live really that big of a deal??

    in Microsoft Discussion on 20 October 2008

    Bitmap Frogs said: kowenicki said: Skeeuk said: yes of course its that big of a deal. some people are working out 3p a day or 11cents a day etc, its not about that at all, its the fact that u have to pay full stop. eg if my live runs out 2mro, i would have to pay 39.99 i say no to that. i enjoy psn as its free and does exactly the same thing as live. remeber the only...

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    Ten Week Countdown 2008!

    in Sales Discussion on 20 October 2008

    TWRoO said: I will add Left 4 dead and Banjo..... GTAIV DLC won't make any difference to weekly sales.I don't know what TLR is though.---@Oyv. There is the fact that for all three people were voting too low.Also about the prediction league... I PMed nordlead about it, ioi put a cap onto the voting of 1,000,000 for the consoles to help stop people messing up the averages, but obviously it...

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    in General Discussion on 20 October 2008


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    Ten Week Countdown 2008!

    in Sales Discussion on 19 October 2008

    Also where is TLR for 360...

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    Ten Week Countdown 2008!

    in Sales Discussion on 19 October 2008

    Where is Left for Dead, GTA4 DLC, Banjo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!...

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    MGS4 soon to be the best selling exclusive of ps3?

    in Sony Discussion on 19 October 2008

    superbeast1370 said: that's great considering Resistance and Motorstorm have been out for almost 2 years and MGS4 has been out for 4 months.   not really considering it was bundled everywhere. and sales show it was only selling b/c of bundles. just check Americas sales of MGS4 before and after the bundling to find out....

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    Gears Of War 2. GRAPHICS Diary. Watch!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 October 2008

    El Duderino said: ^^ Super Mario Galaxy looks like Super Mario Sunshine... the are both Mario games with the same charakters... same for Gears 1 and 2... but if you guys think there have been no graphical improvements you seriously need to play Gears 1 and then look at the vid again... this is not Gears 1.5... theres much more than better lighting and colors... And if you really think...

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    MGS4 soon to be the best selling exclusive of ps3?

    in Sony Discussion on 19 October 2008

    Well its well deserved but its reign at top will stay only for a short while before it comes onto the 360 too....

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    Trophies or Achievments?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 October 2008

    MikeB said: I like the trophies and leveling up idea better and I prefer the PS3 user interface.   I think we all knew ur answer...

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    Greenberg: We’ll globally outsell PS3 this Christmas

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 October 2008

    Skeeuk said: ll at greenies attach rate garbage, the attach comes in higher in NA as 360 has been out longer and has more consoles.in EU attach is same mabey slightly more on ps3 side, simply because there are similar numbers of consoles here.so greenie is talking out of his arse!i do agree hower than 360 may sell more this xmas mainly in NA, but i disagree of him spinning the price cut...

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    Kaz Hirai : it's important Sony does not allow Nintendo to 'run off alone`

    in Sony Discussion on 17 October 2008

    bardicverse said: Skeeuk said: Kyros said:[quote]why?^edit: kyros[/quote]If the big boss says that they "cannot allow Nintendo run off alone" they should have some counter measures in sight. And the biggest one would be arguably to lower the not really mass market suitable price. i thik he was mainly talking about games, price cut is in 2009 now, right now its not...

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    Another week of xbox360 dominance in japan

    in Sales Discussion on 17 October 2008

    DMeisterJ said: w00tGo 360!It deserves MGS4 on the console, PS3 can't manage any sales.   QFT...

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    Sony Must Do Something!

    in Sony Discussion on 17 October 2008

    Username2324 said: smallflyingtaco said: goddog said:     Xerox alto was bought for use with stock since xerox could not launch it, they were barred against it legally.  nextstep was a baby project of jobs, so i could say it was apples all along, after all what is apple without jobs? (also i want a classic next step  computer...

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    IGN Betrays MS! *SHOCK*

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 October 2008

    Jo21 said: Commando said: Just so we are on the same page ..."It's not working. The Xbox 360 is consistently getting beat by the Wii and PS3 despite the cost-competitive Arcade SKU looming off to the side."   ^ Fail.   ^fail. some months doesn't beat a yearly war. and the wii its STILL outselling it. ^ MEGA FAIL Don't u see the bolded terms. PS3...

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    Which will sell more hardware Fable 2 or Little big planet?

    in Sales Discussion on 17 October 2008

    OT: I think Fable 2 will outsell LBP badly. Legs on LBP will be bigger but in the end it will hit perhaps 2million while F2 will hit 4Mil...

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    Which will sell more hardware Fable 2 or Little big planet?

    in Sales Discussion on 17 October 2008

    Skeeuk said: i dont think fable 2 to be a system seller, halo 3 wasnt, gta4 wasnt, i see no reason why fable 2 will do it.lbp will on the other hand be a system seller, but i feel its a kind of title that will have very good legs and will keep selling. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!!!! Ok i will stop....LOLOLOLOLOLOL!!!!!! Okok....u own a 360, u were here during halo 3 launch and what...

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    Biggest 08 Holiday Flop? Biggest Suprise Hit?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 October 2008

    LBP has the potential to be a flop. I mean everyone knows it will hit one million but how much more from there is uncertain especially if they bundles are limited and run out. Look at the legs of MGS4 after the bunldles were finished. Its selling only 6000 in Americas....

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    Konami Officially Comments On Xbox 360 Metal Gear Solid 4

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 October 2008

    Its funny how all rumours of games coming to other console always seem to show the PS3 at the losing end...

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    others UP

    in Sales Discussion on 14 October 2008

    Diomedes1976 said: And metacritic isnt without flaws ...as I remarked in other thread 1)Virtually identical games have a better (AAA) review on the 360 and not on the PS3 because the PS3 version came some months later.2)The Live Arcade games make for a huge amount of the difference in AAA games for both systems.Games that arent say as the best PSN offerings as Warhawk ,GT5 P ,Siren or...

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