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< BraLoD posted something on CGI-Quality's wall:

Playing Nioh?

Not yet.

5 days ago

It's so damn good.
Playing just a little bit, the start pushes an even bigger Souls feeling, until the game go to being what is actually is (not going to enter in detail to not spoil you).

I think I'm in love...

4 days ago

< COKTOE posted something on CGI-Quality's wall:

You were one of my first friends on here. This was before you became a Duke. Just saying hi. My liege.


on 08 February 2017

< Locknuts posted something on CGI-Quality's wall:

Hey you still rocking the SLI Titans? Is SLI support dying? Or are most games still supporting it?

SLI is still efficient for major stuff like I do, but for the average gamer, it may not be worth it.

on 04 February 2017

I used to run 2 x 560 tis in SLI and it worked well. I'm going to upgrade soon and am thinking about adding a second 1070. If support isn't what it used to be though I won't bother.

on 04 February 2017

< Veknoid_Outcast posted something on CGI-Quality's wall:

Hey brother, can you lock a thread for me while I work on it?

I'm around for a little bit if CGI isn't.

on 02 February 2017

Holy heck that was fast!

on 02 February 2017

Lock away!

on 02 February 2017

I'm here. Sorry.

on 02 February 2017

The friend feed actually has some value!

on 02 February 2017


on 02 February 2017

Thanks, you guys :)

on 02 February 2017

You're welcome!

on 02 February 2017

< LivingMetal posted something on CGI-Quality's wall:

Just a little something for ya. ;-)

on 25 January 2017

You were spoon feeding nonsense? :D

on 25 January 2017

Well, there's nothing in the ladle so maybe you're on to something.

on 25 January 2017

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New Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy screenshots for PS4 look fantastic

in Sony Discussion 4 hours ago

Vini256 said: thismeintiel said: Highly doubtful.  From the sounds of the announcement, this is a partnership with Activision.  Which probably means Sony is the one spending the most on these reboots, as I doubt Activision wanted much to do with Crash, besides maybe throwing him into some of their other games.  A PC release may be possible, but doubt anything...

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Who has never been moderated?

in General Discussion 22 hours ago

TomaTito said: CGI-Quality said: Examples? Just a generic response. Some comments can be stealth trolling, I know, but you shouldn't be that offended if you aren't insulted. It's not always about being insulted, personally. Sometimes, a poster just goes too far and someone will report it. ...

Write 197

Who has never been moderated?

in General Discussion 1 day ago

kirby007 said: CGI-Quality said: Was it twesterm? no fisnyjoe and ssj   and lulz for making the goody 2 shoes list I didn't make that list, but I went ahead and removed myself from the one I was on. Not a fan of lists :P...


Occupation: Designer

Education: Wake Technical Community College

Height: 5'7

Build: Other

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Blonde

Zodiac sign: Cancer

Relationship status: Dating

Favourite Games: (Top 10 Games)

2. - TOBAL NO. 1

- F.E.A.R.
- Gears of War
- Super Street Fighter II Turbo
- Goldeneye 007
- Super Smash Bros Melee

Favourite Music: - "WORKER MAN" - Patra*
- "Bonita Applebum" - A Tribe Called Quest
- Dhalsim's Ending Music #27 - Street Fighter II (SNES)

Favourite Films: (Top 10 Movies)

3. - JOSH & S.A.M.
5. - HOUSE

- Robocop 2
- A Nightmare on Elm Street
- The Golden Child
- 3 Ninjas
- Mac & Me

Favourite Books: - Sixth Grade Secrets*

Favourite Food: - Steak*
- Salad
- Yogurt
- Fried Chicken

Hobbies: - GAMING
- Computer Knowledge

About Me: 不気味の谷現象

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