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< Cerebralbore101 posted something on CGI-Quality's wall:

Hey, is there going to be an official thread about today's Nintendo direct? If not would it be ok if I made one? I feel like the Rumor, and Announcement thread are a little too long already. A fresh start would be great. Or not. :P

If there isn't one planned, and there isn't (that I'm aware of), you have my blessing. :)

5 days ago

Awesome! Making one now.

5 days ago

< the-pi-guy posted something on CGI-Quality's wall:

I'm sure I've asked before, but have you used VR before?

Sure have.

on 03 December 2018

Which did you use? What'd you think?

on 03 December 2018

HTC Vive and PSVR. I prefer PSVR's games, but the Vive was incredible!

on 04 December 2018

< quickrick posted something on CGI-Quality's wall:

Nintendo pr thread

I see it now. Just a head's up - I wouldn't call people "haters". That leaves the door open for not only personal attacks back at you, but potentially a moderation of your own. Not saying that's where I am yet, but should that kind of report arise, that would most likely be the reason.

on 30 November 2018

I see but he makes its obvious he dislikes me I wont do it again but he really got personal over nothing

on 30 November 2018

I understand your frustration. My advice would be to avoid contact with him. Should he perpetuate any issue with you, then he'd be the stand out. As you know, not all reports will result in a moderation, but try your best not to provoke the situation, and should it escalate, then someone will step in.

on 30 November 2018

I think I'm just gonna stop posting here, if he can attack my like this and not get moderated while I get moderated for anything then it's not worth posting I didn't do anything wrong except say Nintendo pr numbers should be correct but if it's like this I'm done with this forum basically hes right and the mods dont want me here , thanks anyways for the help Cgi you were the only mod I liked

on 30 November 2018

Sorry I wasn't able to help further. You're welcome to remain here, so if circumstances allow, consider giving us a look again. I know there are those who are hard to deal with, but when you carry strong opinions, especially controversial ones, you will also have a target on your back.

Shoot me a PM if you need to chat or have any other issues.

on 30 November 2018

You don't like the rest of us? That's not very nice :'(

on 30 November 2018

I don't dislike anyone its just cgi has always listened and tried to be fair imo. You're ok as well. it's just some mods I feel really dislike me and after the roll post i think I'm gonna get be less aggressive with my prediction was just trying to have fun but its seems some people are really upset and dislike me.

on 01 December 2018

< quickrick posted something on CGI-Quality's wall:

why is there such a double standard here? you have zorg1000 calling someone posts trash yet he doesn't even get a warning and i get banned for telling rol he's just a wanna be mod for 2 weeks.

Admittedly, we have work to do. However, the issue you will face is history. People aren’t as willing to forgive and forget the wild predictions that don’t pan out. Particularly if you make new ones.

As for zorg, I’ll have to give the post a look.

on 24 November 2018

model. We roll attacking me again over a harmless discussion about sales saying he wants to get me permanently banned and saying everyone hates me come on man give him a 2 week ban just like I got one for being rude to him.

on 30 November 2018

Well roll attacking me again over a harmless discussion about sales saying he wants to get me permanently banned and saying everyone hates me come on man give him a 2 week ban just like I got one for being rude to him.

on 30 November 2018

Which thread?

on 30 November 2018

< MasonADC posted something on CGI-Quality's wall:

I can't figure out how to PM, but thank you

There should be a way to reply, but either way, you’re welcome! Sometimes, we get it wrong.

on 21 November 2018

If nothing else, in the future, you can try sending a PM to someone straight from a forum post.

on 21 November 2018

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Write 82

Rumor: Scalebound resurrected as a Switch exclusive

in Nintendo Discussion 10 hours ago

Title updated until we have confirmation....

Write 82

Rumor: Scalebound resurrected as a Switch exclusive

in Nintendo Discussion 16 hours ago

For those saying trademark =! copyright, that is true, but not in the way you think. A trademark is a type of IP protection, like a copyright, but they protect different things. In this case (or the case for video games in general), the trademark owner is the property owner of the brand name 'Scalebound', and thus, it cannot be used anywhere without that owner's permission. Scalebound-to-Switch...

Write 92

CGI's Class Of 2019 ~ Best Graphics & Tech

in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

Just found that area in the video and it does not look like the DF video. It's as if they deliberately turned down other settings to make it look worse (essentially pushing the RTX version to look that much better, by comparison).Btw, this game's NPCs look fantastic...


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