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< outlawauron posted something on Seraphic_Sixaxis's wall:

You are missed.

< Kantor posted something on Seraphic_Sixaxis's wall:

Hey Seraphic, Versus XIII was just resurrected!

Come back

He really vanished from earth. Took some time off and forgot who I was. Literally. We talked all of the time here, through Steam, AIM, and played games together. Curtis Leandro will be missed.

on 09 July 2013

< spurgeonryan posted something on Seraphic_Sixaxis's wall:

Great avatar!

< yo_john117 posted something on Seraphic_Sixaxis's wall:

My fellow Minnesotan needs to come back!

< Boutros posted something on Seraphic_Sixaxis's wall:

It's been more than a year since you left :'(

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Write 14

Kingdom Hearts: BBS Superior to KH: 358/2 Days \"Overall Quality\"?

in Sony Discussion on 04 August 2010

And explain why if you want. My reasons: + Better Graphics + More traditional KH gameplay (Somewhere in between KH1 and KH2) + More important to the story then KH: Days (Its not a spin-off unlike Days) + Better Main Characters (Terra and Aqua have amazing designs, Roxax wannbe looks average though.) + Most likely will have direct links to KH3 in someway.   Reasons End:   Still...

Write 34

GT review Arc Rise Fantasia. Score:6.0!

in Nintendo Discussion on 03 August 2010

wii has its own white knight chronicles....

Write 137

Who believes Wii\'s successor will have better third party support?

in Nintendo Discussion on 03 August 2010

No, its been a fun ride but i think im done with nintendo "Consoles" been playing them since the snes all the way til now but the steam just doesn't have the punk in them anymore ... Unless the following factors happens next gen... whenever that is. Positive Factors: If its graphics are above and beyond PS3/360 and modern PC's. If they Continue to innovate and at the same time WITH graphical and...


Occupation: Stray Seraphim

Education: Pen Foster Highschool (Online Homework)

Height: 6'0

Eye colour: Green

Hair colour: Black

Relationship status: Single

Website: ...

AIM: Twitter/Yahoo/MSN

MSN: Forget

Favourite Games: ehhh to many to name, and quite frankly yar be the lazy.

The Next Game im Going to obtain for free (cuz its a free download.)

This is what WKC should have been, but oh well least its on PC!

Favourite Music: Metal, Opera Metal, Speed Metal, Symphonic Metal, Pop, Rave, Techno, remixs, light jazz, punk, rock, punkrock, jTunes, Video Game OST's, Soft and relaxing Opera music, from games and movies, Etc...

Update: And whatever the PlayStation Network games "Flower" Soundtrack is... Beautiful!

Favourite Films: pretty much anything that Will Smith is in and Johnny depp is in.

I starting to like SOME anime again, so far Code Geass both seasons, Kiddy Grade 2, Black Cat.

lol call me a baby if ya want but i liked that meatball movie thing.

And i'll say it AGAIN... anything with WITH THIS MAN...


I most likely like, Johnny depp and Will Smith FTW!!!

Update: 2010 Update!

Favourite Books: Yeah... I'll get to here one of these days...

Favourite Food: french-fries > all.

Hobbies: Hi-Def gaming, High Quality Portable Gaming, Sports, Jogging, Custom Creater for games, trying to figure out girls, pretty boys, pretty boys in movies, pretty boys in games, ya know what... anything with pretty boys.

About Me: To lazy to go into detail, not even my facebook/twitter has alot of info, but i made my first bet on vgchartz!

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Started on 17 June 2010

Started on 17 June 2010

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  • PS3 favourite console (51 games)
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