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Halo 5: No M Rating

in Microsoft Discussion 4 days ago

AlfredoTurkey said: Leadified said: Yep, all of them except for Halo Wars thus far. I always thought it was a bit odd considering that the only questionable content is blood (nothing really extreme either). It may have been Halo 2 but I know one of them was rated 12+ in the UK. The first Halo was rated...

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European Miiverse is loving Devil's Third! Just proves Critics destroy the industry

in Nintendo Discussion 6 days ago

generic-user-1 said: midrange said:The people on miiverse who got the game were probably interested in it from the very beginning. Critics go in without bias or preference (hopefully). One rates subjectively, the other is meant to rate objectively. It's nice that people are enjoying the game (I'll try it free on PC), but don't read too much into it wasnt there a shitload...

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Is it time America writes a new Constitution?

in Politics Discussion 6 days ago

No? The Constitution was designed to be a living document. There's nothing so bad about it that can't be fixed with amendments, which would be a heck of a lot more easy to pass than a whole new constitution. ...

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RUMOR: Man Of Steel 2 to be directed by 'Mad Max: Fury Road's George Miller?

in Movies Discussion on 23 August 2015

Man of Steel's biggest issue was its pacing, flat characters, and lack of emotion and humor. While I don't think Fury Road excelled in the latter two serious, it was certainly much better than Man of Steel. I'm up for any DC film not directed by Zack Snyder....

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Nintendo NX: Hardware Specs, Games, Third Party Support And Everything You Need To Know

in Nintendo Discussion on 21 August 2015

This article's constant mischaracterizations of Nintendo's past hardware, combined with it confusion rampant speculation for things they "know", has made this a difficult read. The former is especially disappointing since without it this would at least be fun. So I need to get this of my chest now: The specs of Nintendo's consoles have had very little to do with its success. The Wii did not...

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Oh look! Super Evil Konami letting fans decide what games they want in the future: Suikoden,Contra, Castlevania,Vandal Hearts along with others to.

in Gaming Discussion on 20 August 2015

Please, Konami isn't "evil," they are just awful. Awful companies do enjoy making money, so the survey isn't really out of character. ...

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Halo 5 disappointed at GamesCom.That say the "GamePro" magazine

in Microsoft Discussion on 07 August 2015

Weird...the game looked pretty damn good when I played it at SDCC. A poorly translated excerpt from a German mag doesn't really tell me much. Every Halo game has at least one "non-stop shooting down grey corridors" level. Usually as the opener to introduce game mechanics in a linear, controlled environment. And I remember the demo they showed at E3 looking pretty damn cool. Meh, we'll see...

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Goku Vs Superman 2 - Death Battle!

in Movies Discussion on 03 August 2015

Nintyfan90 said: The_Sony_Girl1 said: Goku didn't beat Buu. Heck, not even SSJ 3 Goku could beat Buu. And didn't you watch the video? Superman was still learning when he was beaten by Doomsday. Superman full potential is limitless, while Goku's is not. If he wanted to, he could become Superman Prime One Million. Goku's entire character is based on overcoming obstacles....

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Naruto US Live-Action film adaptation in negotiations

in Movies Discussion on 01 August 2015

Awesome. :D This is going to be so awful! So long as they stay away from One Piece, I'm good....

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Mozilla CEO blasts Microsoft over Windows 10 defaults

in Microsoft Discussion on 31 July 2015

No, the complaints aren't justified. It's whiney nitpicking at best. It took me a little more than 30 seconds to change it to Google Chrome, which was my default browser before the upgrade. I did it the same way I always did, except with a different (and frankly more practical) graphical interface. I changed it to Firefox just as easily. And then I changed it back to Edge, which has been the...

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Windows 10 won't let you delay or prevent Windows automatic updates from installing.

in Microsoft Discussion on 28 July 2015

My worst-ever virus experience came from when I received my Dell laptop after they had it in their repair depot for more than six months, and I neglected to download and install updates before going on the internet. My computer was rendered virtually unusable and it took me days to figure out how to fully excise the virus. Automatic updates, on the other hand, have never been more than a minor...

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Death sentence. Yes or no?

in Politics Discussion on 28 July 2015

Wow, I have no idea how this happened but I somehow left a reply for a completely different topic in here. My apologies. This was....weird. ...

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If GameStop used game business had not existed, would we have so much DLC?

in Gaming Discussion on 25 July 2015

No. Though I voted that I like DLC (seriously, I've yet to play a game that requires it for a complete experience, and I simply don't buy DLC that isn't worth it to me, and when it is worth it to me I'm glad they made it), it's mostly because if GameStop didn't have a used games business, some other company would have filled the void (not to mention it would have done much better than GameStop,...

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Another Shooting, Another Gun Free Zone

in Politics Discussion on 22 July 2015

Well, yeah, they don't run around killing people because the people who would do that typically don't get guns. Switzerland (as well as many other European countries with high gun ownership rates) conscripts most of its men into the military, and runs backgrounds on everyone before they can purchase most fire arms. People can be disqualified from owning weapons if they fail a psychiatric...

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Another Shooting, Another Gun Free Zone

in Politics Discussion on 22 July 2015

Though I don't support blanket "ban all guns" nonsense, there is a flaw in the above argument: don't ban all guns. Ban all lethal bullets. Most knives have a primary purpose that isn't killing. Same cannot be said for lethal ammo. Though, again, I don't support total gun (or ammo) bans, given that such a thing is unrealistic and even places people like the cite like western europe/scandinavian...

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Rumor: Currently Bad Blood Between Retro Studios and Tanabe(Metrio Prime Producer)!

in Nintendo Discussion on 21 July 2015

Can't wait for Federation Force to come out and be pretty good. All the hate over it is tiring....

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Wii U needs slow death, rise of NX and is Zelda delay inevitable?

in Nintendo Discussion on 19 July 2015

Wii U is awesome. Buying one is hardly "settling". It's had all of my favorite games so far this generation. I feel kind of bad for any Nintendo fan who doesn't have one yet, because they're missing out on some of the best games Nintendo has made/published in years....

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WiiU has surpassed the Dreamcast is the United States.

in Nintendo Discussion on 19 July 2015

There was loads of Dreamcast love before the system even died. It was a gamer's console, and didn't even sell that badly for it's time. In the system's twilight years there was plenty of articles and gamers who looked at the console fondly. The main issue it faced was SEGA's financials, which were drained by years of poor decisions and a struggling arcade industry. Nintendo's lucky they are...

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WiiU has surpassed the Dreamcast is the United States.

in Nintendo Discussion on 19 July 2015

It should be noted that for a large portion of those 34 months, the Dreamcast was officially dead (though also being sold at $100, then $50). I wasn't even aware that the Dreamcast was on sale for that long. I wonder where they sourced that number? As far as I know, the Dreamcast was gone from store shelves by January 2002, or about 28 months. ...

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Another Shooting, Another Gun Free Zone

in Politics Discussion on 18 July 2015

I advocate for strict gun control, but every time I read "we should just ban guns" I cringe. It's never that simple. Aside from the hundreds of millions of weapons already in circulation, and the absolute cultural impossibility of removing and destroying them all, the safest countries on the planet DON'T "ban all guns". They strictly regulate them. The places with the highest murder rates are...

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