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< daredevil.shark posted something on kupomogli's wall:

I dont get your sig.

FF13-2 combat playing itself by repeatedly hitting accept on auto battle.

on 12 April 2014

Got it.

on 12 April 2014

< gergroy posted something on kupomogli's wall:

Do you ever read books for fun? I'm gauging interest in doing a book club here, seeing if there are enough members to make it work.


No. Used to, but not anymore.

on 11 April 2014

< Xen posted something on kupomogli's wall:

Dat sig.

< Akiran posted something on kupomogli's wall:

haha that FF13 gif is beautiful xD

Captures the essence of Final Fantasy 13. Repeatedly pressing the same button.

on 02 April 2014

It's really brilliant.

on 10 April 2014

< Wright posted something on kupomogli's wall:

I actually want to play Xenosaga 2 now...

Also, you can spam me with the Castlevania 2 videos as well :D

And a question, have you got a girlfriend, kupo?

I said Xenosaga 2 wasn't any good.

on 02 April 2014

Yeah, but you can thank the videos for making me want to play it :D

on 02 April 2014

Instead of playing it, then watch the movie version. Xenosaga 1 if you take all the cutscenes plays like a movie. I own the Xenosaga Movie DVD which was a preorder from Xenosaga 2. It has a lot cut out, but all of the important stuff is intact and it's still four hours long.

Xenosaga 2 doesn't have a movie DVD, but instead of wasting your time with the awful combat system that is long, drawn out, and boring, you should watch this instead. I'd recommend playing the first game and third game though. If you liked the cutscenes from Xenosaga 2, then you'll love the first game which is one of the best stories in a JRPG imo.


on 02 April 2014

You still haven't told me if you have a sentimental other, Kupo *wink wink*. Might want to go drink some coffee one day?

And four hours. That's as bizarre as LOTR extended version, but certainly makes it interesting. The cutscenes where purposedly to make a movie?

on 02 April 2014

Well in Xenosaga 1 they make it like a movie, and I'm assuming that in Xenosaga 2 it probably goes together good enough as well.

In Xenosaga 3 though, all the cutscenes are still voice acted, I think they may have cut a bit of the budget because there's a lot of parts where the viewing angle is zoomed out and it's just the characters talking without any camera angles to look more cinematic. Not all the time, sometimes, maybe often? I haven't played in awhile so I forget. The first and second don't do that though. I think Xenosaga 3 being the last game out of what was originally going to be six, the budget may have been cut and they had to do that.

on 02 April 2014

No on the coffee btw, unless you're really Jessica Nigri but hiding the fact because VGChartz is full of guys.

on 02 April 2014

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The Last of US 3rd DLC pack contents announced

in Gaming Discussion 3 hours ago

kupomogli said:The reason games aren't hard is so they can sell you hard mode as DLC. http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/post.php?id=6242143...

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PS4 vs Xbox One Games Chart from November to May Shows a Striking Difference

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Dr.Henry_Killinger said: @not bold: False Dead Rising 3 Knack Ryse Killzone: ShadowFall Forza Infamous Killer Instinct Resogun @bold: Steam gave away a free copy of Portal 2, if you purchased it on PS3. You cannot purchase a game on PSN to play on PC.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deal_of_the_day <- origin of flash sales Steam's prices are a result of competition between PC...

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PS4 vs Xbox One Games Chart from November to May Shows a Striking Difference

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bubblegamer said: And why would the PS4 be singled out in this comparison? Is the X1 not able to compete or something? We're mostly console gamers so PC games don't matter that much anyway. Xbox One doesn't have many games either, but it has more retail exclusives than the PS4. pezus said: When have they touted that?  Most of the indies that are timed exclusive to...


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