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    < COKTOE posted something on S.T.A.G.E.'s wall:

    S.T.A.G.E. is A.L.I.V.E.

    Thank you, good sir!

    on 18 July 2019

    < ironmanDX posted something on S.T.A.G.E.'s wall:

    Welcome back.

    Thanks so much!

    on 16 February 2019

    < COKTOE posted something on S.T.A.G.E.'s wall:

    Welcome back. I'm a sentinel tonight. Less than 10 minutes since your return post.

    Thanks man! whats a sentinel? I dont want to be ignorant before I congratulate you. LOL

    on 27 January 2019

    "A sentinel is a guard, a lookout, a person keeping watch. It's often a soldier, but not always." I've been refreshing a lot. ha.

    on 27 January 2019

    Gotcha! Congrats man on the job. Hows everything been?

    on 27 January 2019

    I'm still kicking. Been on EDF 5 lately. The site has been getting kinda crazy again now that there's more competition. How you doing?

    on 27 January 2019

    Good to see. I've been working a lot so i've been out of the loop. Whats EDF 5?

    on 27 January 2019

    Oh, I just looked it up. Nice! That game looks nuts. Im finishing up the spiderman dlc.

    on 27 January 2019

    It's really fun. Not sure when, but I'll try Spider-Man eventually.

    on 27 January 2019

    its good, but outside of the story its quite monotonous. Still, im trying to 100% all of it. Good luck,man. I'll keep an eye out for EDF if PSN has a sale.

    on 03 February 2019

    Is that early concept art for The Last of Us 2?

    Nah, its for God of War 4. I wish I had concept art for last of us 2. LOL Whats up?

    on 26 July 2017

    How can it be God of War 4 if there isn't a 4 : D Hah nothing much just trolling lol

    on 26 July 2017

    LOL just cant wait for next year when the big three exclusives drop (among others).

    on 12 August 2017

    Days Gone, Detroit and God of War?

    on 12 August 2017

    Oh damn. late response! I apologize. Days Gone, Spiderman and God of War are the big games for next year (outside of Red Dead Redemption). Im getting Detroit day one though. My Switch and my PS4 are the main priorities right now.

    on 22 August 2017

    Switch is kind of peetering out for me. I like the look of Detroit but im kind of worried becausee of the mixed things Ive heard about David Cage games. Its interesting though.

    on 22 August 2017

    < COKTOE posted something on S.T.A.G.E.'s wall:


    No problem, man. Whats up?

    on 01 July 2017

    Nothing exciting. Gaming wise, I'm heading out to buy Tokyo Xanadu today, then getting some time in on EDF 4.1.

    on 01 July 2017

    Sounds interesting. What Tokyo Xandu about? Sorry for the late response, because there's never adequate notifications on this site when you use a cellphone most of the time. Heh

    on 25 July 2017

    No worries man.I can't say much about it. Haven't played it. All I know is, it's supposed to have a Persona vibe, but it's an action RPG. Graphics look sweet, but I don't know how it runs. Almost had to buy the deluxe edition, which I'm usually cool with, but this game was almost $100 for the deluxe. Found a regular for $55.

    on 25 July 2017

    Nice. I need to get on Persona right now though. Perhaps I will after I finish Nier. Ive had so many games to play and such little time to play them that its killing me.

    on 26 July 2017

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    Switch Gamers Club - Post Your First Party Titles and How Many Switch Games You Own - August Summary

    in Nintendo Discussion 12 hours ago

    RolStoppable said: S.T.A.G.E. said: Sorry, i've been away for a while. Anyway, is it really first party or is it merely publishing rights that Nintendo has? Microsoft used the same thing with Gears of War. People tried to argue whether Gears of War was first or third party and its quite clear last gen Gears was merely a third party exclusive with publishing rights. Microsoft only...

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    Nintendo 2020 predictions

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    -They will need another 2017 level year to deal with whats to come from the competition with the new consoles. -They a digital store for all key games from NES-The Wii. Because the console is handheld, this could include handheld titles. -Bayonetta 3 needs to drop - ...

    Write 764

    Switch Gamers Club - Post Your First Party Titles and How Many Switch Games You Own - August Summary

    in Nintendo Discussion 1 day ago

    RolStoppable said: S.T.A.G.E. said: I still fail to understand how Bayonetta 2 is a first party IP. This is why I noted it in the third party IP. It belongs to Sega. The trademark is shown below and until it passes over to Nintendo that will wont change. https://trademarks.justia.com/774/44/bayonetta-77444642.html Bayonetta is a Sega IP and trademark, but they have to share...


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