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    < Turkish posted something on forevercloud3000's wall:


    What....what is this? I hope this is not Chris's blood.

    on 18 February 2019

    Hi... could you help me win a PS4 in a competition? need all the help i can get

    check this out to see how you can


    < pezus posted something on forevercloud3000's wall:

    The Playstation Nation GOTYs are a go! Pick your nominees here: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=156117&page=1

    *This automated message was sent to you because you are a member of the Playstation Nation

    Thanks for selling me on Ys, with your long detailed post.

    Question: do your partners, or side characters mean anything? Like FFA, Tales of?

    And are there English voices?

    Well enemies are weak to certain attack types. So far I have two characters:Adol and Duran. Adol uses SLASH and soft body/jelly enemies are weak to it. Duran uses FIST so armored/shelled enemies are weak to his attacks. I know there is a girl who throws kunai and some enemies will have that weakness, etc.

    It has some English dialogue. It more often does the Persona/Disgaea thing where they just say the first few words of every sentence. Some story parts seem to be fully spoken. The voices are also very good so far. Yet to run into any funky translations. Adol who happens to be silent is also sort of a smart ass with his selectable replies, I like it.

    on 28 November 2013

    < Xen posted something on forevercloud3000's wall:

    We seem to frequently agree on stuff. Wonder how I didn't add you before, heh.

    lol idk. Can always make up for lost time. Whats ur PSN? I'm "Forevercloud"

    on 02 November 2013

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    Write 154

    State of Play set for May 9th; No PS5 news but a New game will be revealed (Square Enix teasing something)

    in Sony Discussion on 09 May 2019

    KLXVER said: That animal game looked interesting. I did like Deadly Creatures on the Wii, so Ill keep an eye on this. I immediately got Tokyo Jungle vibes and I couldn't be more excited. TJ had you pick an animal and run the gauntlet of seeing how long you could survive. You had to evade predators, find food(plants or smaller animals), and mate to keep your species going. I have...

    Write 154

    State of Play set for May 9th; No PS5 news but a New game will be revealed (Square Enix teasing something)

    in Sony Discussion on 09 May 2019

    FFVII showed, it looks glorious!!!! ...

    Write 46

    Final Fantasy XII Appreciation and Strategy Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 May 2019

    I've gotten back knee deep into this game now and am now remembering the sheer amount of side content in the game. -Pharos Subterra dungeon and Great Crystal maze - Hunts -The high level Espers like Ultima and Zodiark -Rare Elite Mark spawns -The collection of the "F.I.N.A.L F.A.N.T.A.S.Y." Ultimate Weapons and stuff like Zodiac Spear. -Gilgamesh and Genji Armor set. -100 Wonders of...


    University: ITT Tech

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    Hair colour: Black

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    Favourite Games: FF VII, Chrono Trigger, Chrono Cross, Star Ocean 2, Ape Escape, Crash Bandicoot Warped

    FFX, FFX-2, FFXI, FFXII, Persona 4, Metal Gear Solid 3, Magic Pengel, Devil May Cry, DMC3, Bully

    MGS 4, Heavenly Sword, Demon's Souls, Uncharted 2 and 3, The Last of Us, Heavy Rain, Life is Strange, Skyrim, Mass Effect 2, Infamous 1 and 2

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