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    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on Xen's wall:

    I miss your sexy finnish accent around here

    < Wright posted something on Xen's wall:

    So? Haven't heard any opinion on Fable yet.

    < Bisa posted something on Xen's wall:

    I'm rejecting your Okami HD for PS3. There's already an entry for Okami on PS3 (it looks like they never released the original on PS3)

    http://www.vgchartz.com/game/70963/okami/?region=All it would be preferred if you corrected that page, to avoid duplicates thanks.

    Done+name edit suggestion (since it is officially called Okami HD)

    on 21 April 2018

    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on Xen's wall:

    So how is God Eater?

    Quite repetitive and small scale: however, also extremely challenging. People saying Dark Souls is hard need to try God Eater.
    It'd be a huge downgrade from MHW I imagine - it's originally a PSP game after all.

    on 21 April 2018

    < Wright posted something on Xen's wall:

    What's with your "Ah?"s? :P

    What's with you noticing a habit of mine that even I didn't notice? :O

    on 17 April 2018

    I pay attention to you, that's what's. (?)

    on 17 April 2018

    Haha, it's nice to know that somebody here still does.

    on 18 April 2018

    The only thing I notice is you changing your avatar between various funny persona related things.

    on 18 April 2018

    Akechi is a disappointing character, but it's nice to have the pretty bishonen maid as avatar every now and then. :P

    Other than RE6, watcha playing these days?

    on 18 April 2018

    God Eater Resurrection. Finishing a degree is eating most of my "free" time, so to say that I am looking looking forward to summer is the same as saying nothing at all.

    on 20 April 2018

    I miss my college days. :(

    Enjoyed Lost Odyssey and Binary Domain? What did you think of 'em?

    on 20 April 2018

    Lost Odyssey has sparks of brilliance, but it was certainly missing in character interaction and a more fleshed out background story. Overall, I really enjoyed it, though.
    BD is exactly what I expected. A cool TPS with lots of cheese. I have only good memories except for the running away on the truck part =P

    on 21 April 2018

    I kinda see where you're coming from, particulary the immortals. Kain gets fleshed out, but the others get kinda hang out (Kain's wife, whose name I can't even remember, is as bland as fuck and she pretty much only interacts with Kain and S/C). Also, immortals are OP as fuck when they can learn skills from virtually anything in the game, but other than that I did enjoy it as well. Probably one of the best things that ever came out back when MS cared about software.

    And BD is just plain fun. Best Terminator not called Terminator. The voice prompts were hilarious at times, and the french robot was neat. xD

    on 21 April 2018

    1000 years of dreams makes that game extremely special. It's too bad that lost odyssey's example in that regard was not followed!
    The game is anyway just a few tens of hours away from a timeless classic - just needed more character interaction, really...

    I bought a used X360 last year for some early exclusive X360 software+all the best versions of Armored Core, so next in line are things like Infinite Undiscovery, Chromehounds, Kameo... early 360 software is very unique.

    on 21 April 2018

    UGH Infinite Undiscovery. You sure have poor hand to go pick the games.

    I'm your 360 man, so if you need recommendations, don't hesitate to ask. :P Try hunting down a copy of Project Sylpheed if you can; that's a game people generally overlook even when looking at 360's exclusives lists.

    on 21 April 2018

    Yeah, I have heard mixed things of IU: BUT BUT it is tri-Ace, and they have yet to fail me with GAMEPLAY. Perhaps this is a first, but it is cheap and short enough that I'll happily take my chance.

    Sylpheed is on the list =P

    on 21 April 2018

    Just brace yourself for some disappointment, it's all I'm saying. Better to go with very low standards for it xD

    I'd assume Beautiful Katamari is on the list too?

    on 21 April 2018

    Right near Ace Combat 6 :)

    on 21 April 2018

    Good boy. Seems you've grabbed all the neats already. What little else I can suggest is, maybe you don't feel like investing in a profile, but I absolutely recommend going to the digital store and getting Geometry Wars 2. It's an absolute blast of a game, and easily one of my 360 favourites, despite being such a "tiny" game in comparison to other games in the library.

    Maybe it seems unappealing to you, but Fable 2 is a game you should give a chance to. It also has co-op, just in case you feel like playing with your GF.

    If you want to indulge yourself in some *ahem* questionable choices, Dead or Alive Xtreme 2 and Rumble Roses XX. The former is such a weird game, might as well give it a go. xD

    From here, I guess you have everything else covered. You're aware of Cave's shumps, such as Deathsmiles, Dodonppachi, Akai Katana and the likes? Outside these you have the usual Xbox games which you've already said didn't like, like Gears.

    There's some terrible exclusive games you can try for the lulz too. Not worth investing money in them (unless they're very cheap), but you could download their demos and have a good laugh, such as Hour of Victory.

    on 21 April 2018

    I am RGH hacked in order to be able to use dashlaunch etc (region free - since so many Japanese titles are region locked...), so XBL is not much of an option =P
    It's too bad - I was sure something like Geo Wars II would be available on steam instead, but nope! X360 only.

    I had no idea of Fable II and coop - I will actually look into it now, as I am not much of a WRPG man (you are right...) - beyond KOTOR that is.
    Gears is only OK in my eyes: fun with a friend, mechanics work amazingly, but yeah a 6.5-7 game at best as far as I see.

    Here's my wishlist/games to investigate as of yesterday. You can bet DoA Extreme 2 was one of the first things on it. I will add Rumble Roses now =D


    on 22 April 2018

    Yeah, that list seems fine as far as JP exclusives on 360 go. There's Tales of Vesperia if you haven't played it too, and the south korean Kingdom Under Fire game for 360; there are the two Warriors-like Ninety-Nine Nights games, though I personally never played them. Dead or Alive 4 was also a 360 exclusive forever, afaik. You can't miss Earth Defense Force 2017 either, though that eventually got a Vita (?) release, so you might want to invest on that other version - it features co-op, so it's a good idea getting it on 360 still. Ubisoft published two exclusive Naruto games - Rise of the Ninja and The Broken Bond, so if you like Naruto you might wanna check them out.

    Since your console is hacked, you have access to some of the US-only games like Culdcept Saga, Crimsom Alliance or some...WW2 SRPG Atlus made, I can't even recall the name (I think it's Operation Darkness but not sure). There's a bunch of very obscure JRPG JP-only, but if your japanese game isn't strong there's no point in investing on them, like Diario:Rebirth or Spectral Force.

    They're not exclusive per se, but considering their releases on other platforms were all over the place, Condemned 1 and 2 are best enjoyed on 360, and I would strongly suggest not missing them out.

    And that's all I can think of. I'd be interested in reading your overall impressions once you're done with the console, whether through a thread or a wall post.

    on 22 April 2018

    Haha, I have owned my X360 for more than half a year now, and I love it so far.

    I am saving my experience with ToV for the time I get a hacked PS3 - the PS3 ToV has a fan translation, and since that is a more complete experience, I am skipping the original release.

    I own EDF 2017 and am happily playing it with a friend. It was one of the first games I bought.

    I considered both KuF and Ninety Nine Nights, but they both look a bit mundane, even if exclusives: too bad I will not be able to experience the ten mirrion sordiers, but oh well.

    I will write back with more experiences, anyway =D

    on 22 April 2018

    Let's never forget:


    on 22 April 2018

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    Danganronpa team's new RPG "Zanki Zero" sounds awesome! Lots of neat features,

    in Sony Discussion on 09 May 2018

    Xxain said: I have never played anything from this team. This will be the first. You've missed out. Danganronpa is great!...

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    Switch hacked: unpatchable exploit is a security nightmare for Nintendo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 April 2018

    JRPGfan said: back to topic at hand...... here's a teaser of the Switch running a gamecube game :p https://www.youtube.com/watch?=25&v=PhRYKDnagUQ God damn. One can only hope that the next NSW revision is cracked open just as well as this one if portable GCN emulation is what we are to expect....

    Write 145

    Switch hacked: unpatchable exploit is a security nightmare for Nintendo

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 April 2018

    Good good. Let's hope the inevitable next hardware revision gets hacked as well and we don't go X360 mode on this (that is, a completely new hack for a completely new revision...)....


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