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    Prediction: Xbox 360 SKU update March/April. (Wireless, HDD size)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 January 2009

    It would only make sense for them to include wireless if they could do it much cheaper than the stand alone adapter. They should sell the wireless adapter at cost or below cost anyhow. More people connected to xbox live = more things to brag about (17 million!!!!), more gold subs, more xbla games sold, more movies downloaded, more DLC sold.It doesn't make any sense why they are milking people on...

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    Star Ocean 4 IGN Interview [Battle System, Romance, PS3 and more]

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 January 2009

    dharh said:When this game comes out I'll finally get an X360. Probably only arcade edition and no plans for live.    But but, you need 5 years of gold @$50/year, the wireless adapter, and the 120gb hard drive....     J/k, the arcade is great for people who just want the 360 for a couple key games....

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    I bought Fable 2. Why the hell did I wait so long

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 January 2009

    I think Fable 2 is best enjoyed without high expectations. It's a fun game. The people who don't like it are the ones who seem to over analyze it....

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    Microsoft's Bach's Three Reasons For No Blu-ray On Xbox 360

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 January 2009

    Blu-ray players are pretty cheap now, wouldn't make any sense to release one. It would also give PS3 people more reasons why a PS3 is really cheaper than a 360....

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    Is it Just Me, Or Was Anyone Else Disappointed by Fable 2?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 08 January 2009

    I could see how you could get wrapped up into the hype and be a little disappointed by Fable 2, but is Fable 1 better than Fable 2 in any regard? There's a bunch of small bugs and a few potential huge ones in Fable 2, but how bug free was Fable 1? I think back in Fable 1 times people expected games like that to be a little buggy, so maybe people don't remember them.I was disappointed by the...

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    If HAZE was not a PS3 exclusive would free radical be in trouble today ?

    in Sales Discussion on 08 January 2009

    Didn't Haze try to incorporate some anti-military (possibly anti-US) political statement or something?Look at the sales of the recent Call of Duty games... not a smart choice....

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    So Microsoft made a billion dollars on XBL marketplace?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 January 2009

    I think a lot of people are underestimating how much DLC content people buy. There's a reason MS sunk all that money into xblm and xbla....

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    "PS3 Haters Lose Advantage, Jealousy Fuels Hostility"

    in Sony Discussion on 05 January 2009

    2009 ... year of the PS3....

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    The Top 20 LIVE Games of 2008

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 January 2009

    Keflings turned out to be a monster. It's funny. It's a very average game (graphics, sound, gameplay), that it seems almost anyone could have made. (Of course, UNO pulled in a ton of cash as well). If you put out the right game you reap the rewards. TMNT arcade was the best selling game last year, and lookey lookey ... Castle Crashers took that spot....

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    RPG players: There is a fork in the path. Do you go right or the left?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 January 2009

    Back 15 years ago, playing pen and paper RPGs, we always chose left. One of my friends used to say "Death comes from the left"...

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    I really need to try more XBLA titles .... Braid is beautiful

    in Microsoft Discussion on 04 January 2009

    If you liked Braid I would check out Blow on community games. It has some style similarities.There's a lot of great games on xbla, Braid and Castle Crashers are probably 2 of the highest quality ones. I'll plug poker smash and gripshift as two under-appreciated, but good games....

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    Is Playstation network now better than the Xbox live?

    in Sony Discussion on 31 December 2008

    Depends on what you like, if you are really into home type applications, you will like PSN more. If you don't play many games online and don't really ever download anything, I think PSN is better than XBL. Why pay if you don't really do much with the service?I'm really into XBLA and somewhat into community games, so it's no contest for me.  I'm liking Netflix streaming a lot too.  I...

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    I honestly thought I was the only one...GeoW1/2 Graphics

    in Microsoft Discussion on 31 December 2008

    You might like the art direction of Gears 1 more, but the graphics aren't "better." Epic didn't spend millions of dollars making the graphics and engine worse....

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    finally got resistance 2 and gears 2

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 December 2008

    Sounds like you just played the first level and maybe multi a couple times (if ever). If you already decided to hate it, then you won't like the rest of it. (Talking about Gears2)   I thought Gears2 deviated from the core gameplay too much with their borderline quick-time events and boss battles, but that's just me....

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    So, MS seems to still be dicking me around, can I get anything out of it?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 30 December 2008

    Misleading, thread should be retitled I hate Xbox Live....

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    Recommend me my new gaming purchase (Choices inside)

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 December 2008

    Why are you buying more games/systems if you have games that you haven't played yet?...

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    Dead space or bioshock

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 December 2008

    Bioshock, it's dirt cheap (for 360 at least)....

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    What's with these rehashes and generic games? (long)

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 December 2008

    I think you picked bad examples. Usually the AAA games push graphics and gameplay forward. The first time I played horde mode in Gears2 I thought I can't believe no one has done this before. I think the storytelling of COD4 and COD:WaW is a leap forward from similar style games. When I think generic, I think stuff like Haze, Timeshift, Conan, Golden Axe. The lower budget games usually try to...

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    Cry On canceled!!!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 December 2008

    Right now it looks like they can put out better games than Square (or whoever actually developed IU and TLR). Blue dragon sold better in Japan, Lost Odyssey sold better in NA, so MS can choose which one they want developed based on what market they are interested in.I'm crossing my fingers for LO2. I really like the art and battles of BD, but the story was so boring and kiddie, so I'm not sure...

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    Anyone else disappointed with netflix streaming?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 December 2008

    I've been watching Munsters episodes and some movies. I think it looks great. The movie selection isn't that great (but there's definately some good ones there), it's seems best for TV shows that are available for streaming.I put Pan's Labyrinth in my que to test HD. I get an HD picture, but I stopped watching after about 1 minute.My girlfriend really likes it and she is anti-video...

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