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    The Fall of Xbox - Video by Videogamedunkey

    in Microsoft Discussion 3 hours ago by KazumaKiryu

    Chazore said: KazumaKiryu said: Exclusives are very important for everyone, in my opinion. or not ??? Not really for me. I've been playing a plethora of multiplat games across both my PC and Switch. The only exclusives I've ever been playing so far at this current time, are hw based exclusives like Planet Coaster (soon to be Planet Zoo as well) and RTS titles, or indie's that...

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    Xbox Empire - Double Fine Joins XGS | Gears 5 Launches September 10th | Ori and the WotW Launches February 11th | Bleeding Edge Announced | Flight Simulator Announced |

    in Microsoft Discussion 4 hours ago by Ryuu96

    We’ve pared down the past week’s news into one easy-to-digest article for all things #Xbox. Catch up here with This Week on Xbox! https://t.co/EFuoWriRxq — Xbox Wire (@XboxWire) October 18, 2019 ...

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    Do you think Google Stadia is doomed to fail?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 July 2019 by Chrkeller

    I don't get your point. I find the free offerings of PSN+ to be all but worthless. Spiderman being $20 doesn't change said argument. And if you download something for free via PSN+, no you can't keep it and play it forever. It goes away as soon as PSN+ lapses. ...

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    All the Xbox One Backwards Compatibility Games [Updated for June 29, 2017]

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 June 2019 by d21lewis

    Enslaved is all I needed. I'm totally satisfied now. ...

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    Google GDC Keynote Official Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 March 2019 by RaptorChrist

    I was curious so I checked on the stocks of the Big 3, and for the most part, Nintendo and Microsoft seem largely unaffected, but Sony has taken a significant hit. I'm not very big into stocks, so I don't check that often, but it's interesting because Nintendo's stock seems to be jumping up and down quite a lot, as though there are some gigantic trades being made, causing the graph to seemingly...

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    Which of the MS-purchased studios do you think will be shut down?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 06 January 2019 by WolfpackN64

    I don't trust Microsoft with anything anymore after shuttering Ensemble Studios and Lionhead....

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    "Microsoft will vanish in 5 or 10 years, Facebook in 3" explains FSF President.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 December 2018 by Mummelmann

    Pirateogta said: Five years later... Microsoft surpasses Apple to become most valuable company in the world. https://www.cnbc.com/2018/11/30/microsoft-apple-end-trading-market-cap.html We had a member in here that predicted much the same thing, but on an ever more dramatic scale. Hilarious in hindsight....

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    Nintendo E3 2012 Conference - E3 is Dead. Long Live Nintendo Direct!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 October 2018 by OTBWY

    I think PSX is more important....

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    UPDATED: Xbox to offer All Access

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 August 2018 by Machiavellian

    Azzanation said: Machiavellian said: People do want what they want but not everyone has the upfront cost in the begin stage.  The model has worked well within the mobil market so I do not see why it would not be a success here.  For people who already made up their minds, they will just buy it outright.  For people who like a lower entry to get the latest console...

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    Microsoft teases all-new hardware for gamescom

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 August 2018 by endimion

    I found the article I was referring to Everything we know about the next Xbox Elite Controller 'V2' https://www.windowscentral.com/xbox-elite-controller...

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    Should Nextbox go for the headstart, or wait for PS5 to make the first move?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 25 July 2018 by lightningfunk

    the XBOX brand name is so low right now that whether they release first of second or together,it will have a tough time winning...

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    No Mans Sky coming to Xbone July 24th, full MP at launch

    in Microsoft Discussion on 19 May 2018 by nanarchy

    one of the most over hyped and underdelivered/underwhelming games made. After playing it on release and feeling conned out of my money I certainly won't be being hit a second time. Wondering though for those that stuck it out or bought it later did it substantially improve?...

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    UPDATE: RUMOR: PS5 Dev Kits Sent Out This Year. Launch 2019. BC With PS1/PS2/PS3. Sony acquires Silent Hill. Blade Runner PS5 Game At PSX. And More.

    in Sony Discussion on 15 March 2018 by VGPolyglot

    I don't believe this....

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    XBOX ONE X Owner's Club

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 March 2018 by Machiavellian

    Vasto said: Azzanation said: Played the Sea of Thieves Beta on the X and my god it looks amazing in 4k. 1st party games really do this system justice.   I totally agree.  Enhanced on the X it looks amazing.  I also have to agree that Sea of Thieves looks great.  The art direction really shines when upped to 4K.  Not sure if its rendering...

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    Microsoft are finally showing the Power of the Cloud

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 March 2018 by Machiavellian

    DonFerrari said: Machiavellian said: Not sure if MS every stated massive leap in image quality.  Compute power does not always equate to the graphical end there are many systems that come together to get a game working at a certain performance to justify server side compute. Also, I believe a lot of people do not know what cloud compute means or the technology used.  If...

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    New State of Decay 2 Screenshots Showcase Refined Graphics Since Last Outing!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 01 March 2018 by reviniente

    Those screenshots look Ethancarter-esque. I'll wait and see how it looks in motion....

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    leaving MS consoles after ten+ years

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 February 2018 by kazuyamishima

    Right thing to do! I just got a xbox one S 1tb minecraft limited edition for just $175 total about a few days ago just to play 360 games and playing 4K content....

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    Worldwide Xbox One sales dropped below Xbox 360 in 2017

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 February 2018 by ArchangelMadzz

    phinch1 said: Have Microsoft ever released the numbers of xbox one sold? They seem to be keeping it a lot quite this gen or using live accounts of both 360 and one to sound better Xbox is officially at 3 million units sold through.And officially 'almost' 10 million shipped....

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    Gameware Stops Selling Xbox Systems in Reaction to Recent Game Pass Announcement

    in Microsoft Discussion on 09 February 2018 by VAMatt

    Unless Amazon or Walmart tell them to f-off, Microsoft isn't going to change their strategy. And, even if those guys did make a stink, MS would probably just start selling them their consoles at a super low price to shut them up. ...

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    Kaz Hirai To Step Down As Sony CEO April 1st.

    in Sony Discussion on 02 February 2018 by UltimateGamer1982

    Not gonna be the same without kaz and Andrew. Or tretton and boyes. Shawn is cool but there’s not much left of the old guard. Thank god we still have shu :( ...

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