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    This place is getting deserted, and we have to do something about it

    in Website Topics on 04 May 2019

    I pop in from time to time, but I miss the sales charts. The mods have also had a tough task of cleaning the toxic hateful fanboy members that have been bludgeoned with the banhammer. I at least enjoy checking out the forums now. Whereas that was not the case 2 years ago....

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    VGChartz's logo has a new font

    in Website Topics on 19 April 2019

    Since I really only use the mobile version of the site, I didn't even get to see the change over. However, it does look awesome!...

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    Sony to crack down on sexually explicit games |Update: Specifically Japanese games containing underage characters

    in Sony Discussion on 18 April 2019

    They are talking about underage girls being depicted in sexual ways. I'm all for this....

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    Global Hardware 23 March 2019

    in Latest Charts on 10 April 2019

    I'm amazed at the PS4's performance. And I'm kinda thinking similar to another post here about how Sony is in a unique spot with the continued success of PS4 and potentially looking at the last time they had a super successful platform and how things went following that. PS2 was a beast and the PS3 had several troubles in it's first 2 years on the market. I wish I was sitting in those...

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    Persona 5 Tops 2.4 Million Units Shipped - Sales

    in Sales Discussion on 07 April 2019

    I bought it about a month ago, but haven't had time to play it... Like so many other games......

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    Sony State Of Play - Iron Man VR, No Man’s Sky VR, Days Gone Update

    in Sony Discussion on 22 March 2019

    This is likely to get the kinks worked out for PS5 announcements and if people gravitate to this show program, it will just support what Sony said and what Nintendo has been doing for a few years now....

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    Ni no Kuni II DLC ‘The Tale of a Timeless Tome’. Out now.

    in Sony Discussion on 11 March 2019

    I still need to play this game... Got it on day one and haven't touched it since bringing it home....

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    How Much Do You Expect DMC 5 to Ship in its First Year?

    in Sales Discussion on 11 March 2019

    I say 3-4 million. The franchise has been a consistent workhorse for Capcom....

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    Should The Political Discussion Board Remain?

    in Website Topics on 10 March 2019

    I originally voted no, but there have been some great counter points made. Also, it does appear like a bad decision to removing features on the site, when growing an audience is needed....

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    This site is nearly unusable on Android

    in Website Topics on 03 March 2019

    TalonMan said: Btw - the replies in the articles have been fixed. You'll need to clear your browser cache, in order to pull in the updated .css file... still a problem for me at least. (Loving the new text editor btw! ❤️)...

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    New Text Editor - Update

    in Website Topics on 27 February 2019

    Bisa said: Tridrakious said: I'm interested in seeing the mobile option, as that's how I view most of my time on the internet anyways these days. Oh, that's nice and the new mobile editor is a great addition to the site. I'm still playing around with it, but so far it's very nice....

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    New Text Editor - Update

    in Website Topics on 25 February 2019

    I'm interested in seeing the mobile option, as that's how I view most of my time on the internet anyways these days....

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    This site is nearly unusable on Android

    in Website Topics on 23 February 2019

    axumblade said: What browser do you use? I use Google Chrome....

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    This site is nearly unusable on Android

    in Website Topics on 23 February 2019

    ArchangelMadzz said: What phones are you guys using? Works fine on my Oneplus 6T. I mean it's still not formatted mobile friendly in any way and could be way better but I'm not experiencing the problems you are. I'm on a Note 8....

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    This site is nearly unusable on Android

    in Website Topics on 21 February 2019

    I've pointed this out a few times in comments. Kinda joking about it, can't send a message,because it isn't formatted right either. After figuring out that the screen loses itself while typing, it won't scroll to send. So I wasted quite a bit of time typing stuff up that I couldn't even do anything with....

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    Global Hardware 2 February 2019

    in Latest Charts on 21 February 2019

    People need to realize that the PS4 is still $300, after nearly 6 years on the market and games like Kingdom Hearts 3/Resident Evil 2 Remake can only do so much to drive an old platform that is priced so high. Price cuts need to happen to drive new sales, but Sony is still selling really well anyways. This is just Switch's time to shine....

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    Which consoles sold more between lauch day and the launch date of the following generation?

    in Sales Discussion on 05 February 2019

    I didn't realize that the PS2 sold an additional 40+ million units after the PS3 launched. That's insane and that number alone puts it above the Xbox and GameCube LTD numbers....

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    PSN Alone Generated More Revenue Than The Entirety of Nintendo, MicroSoft's Entire Gaming Division!

    in Sales Discussion on 02 February 2019

    Pretty clear why the guy that oversaw the Network Services is now running all of PlayStation....

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    Massive Lines In South Korea For The PlayStation 4

    in Sony Discussion on 25 January 2019

    This is crazy to see. Big price reductions, but we're now in the 6th year of the platform being out. I would expect price cuts to help, but not create a craze like this....

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    New Website Allows PS4 Owners In North America To See Their Gaming Stats For 2018

    in Sony Discussion on 25 January 2019

    I spent half the year without any actual internet... Still played over 750 hours. Grand Kingdom, Elder Scrolls Online and Dragon's Dogma Dark Arisen were my top games. 28 different games. However, this is likely skewed with me not having consistent internet for the server to keep track of my...

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