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< MohammadBadir posted something on Fei-Hung's wall:

Dat Rangiku

Yup. The world needs more of her :p

on 24 September 2014

Have you read the latest Bleach manga chapters?

on 24 September 2014

No, I've not read any of them. I just watched the anime until the Aizen saga ended. I really hope they make another big saga. From Naruto, Dragon Ball and One Piece, inenjoyed Bleach the most.

on 04 October 2014

Oh, and Eid Mubarak in case you are celebrating today.

on 04 October 2014

There's another Saga after the Aizen saga called the Fullbring saga (The lost Substitue Shinigami arc), but it's minor.
In the manga, there's another major saga currently going on, called the Final saga (The 1000 year blood war arc), and it's going to be the final saga of Bleach. It's Quincy focused, and it reveals a lot about Ichigo's past, his parents, the Soul King, etc. and it's really amazing so far, it'll be animated whenever the manga ends.

on 04 October 2014

And thanks! Yeah it's going on right now.

on 04 October 2014

Can't wait. I would buy it but I'm reading the Dark Tower Saga at the moment and only 2 books in. Apparently Dark Tower will be the next Game of Thrones if studios sort their crap out.

I'm buying myself Shadow of Mordor for Eid hehe

on 04 October 2014

You'd buy the Japanese manga? :P

on 04 October 2014

Maybe once I've finished these dark tower books lol

on 04 October 2014

You can read Japanese?

on 05 October 2014

I wish I did. I thought you meant reading the translation of the book lol

on 05 October 2014

The manga's been translated to English online, with a new chapter being released every Thursday.
I read the English translations online, but I occasionally buy the original volumes to show my support!

on 05 October 2014

Looks like my backlog between games, books and comics is growing. I heard the Constantine comics are amazing.

on 06 October 2014

Yeah, it's like you think you could never finish XD
But I guess that's better than me and my VERY limited taste...

on 06 October 2014

Sorry not replied. Been lazy and ill in bed lol

Yup, too much to watch and read. Started to watch Arrow and now Flash series has started.

What games you playing at the moment?

2 days ago

I'm eternally replaying Metroid Fusion and Zero Mission :P
Waiting for the likes of MGSV and Smash Bros U.

2 days ago

I'm waiting for a bunch of games, but really hoping we get a new Darksiders, and a new Gow based on a new mythology that isnt linear.

2 days ago

I haven't been paying attention to any news regarding Darksiders, was it bought out?

2 days ago

THQ sold it off, Vigil went bust and Nordic games bought it from THQ at an auction.

6 hours ago

I see...
It's really unforunate how a lot of these companies are going bust these days..

5 hours ago

< Serious_frusting posted something on Fei-Hung's wall:

fei-hug No way i ever even knew you were still around lol. Its like 2008 all over again

< jneul posted something on Fei-Hung's wall:

i have two moves and sports champions on order

Come back Jneul!

on 08 July 2013

I don't think she will. She was harassed by some Xbox fanboys who then continued to harass her on N4G. She left both in the end and haven't heard from her since then.

on 08 July 2013

< jneul posted something on Fei-Hung's wall:

yes i have had move on pre-order for a long time now hehe:) re5 gold sounds cheap i may try and find a cheap version and use my ds3 for now

< jneul posted something on Fei-Hung's wall:

goodbye, i am leaving permanently now

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This guy basically solved all the middle east problems. yet who's listening?

in Politics Discussion 7 hours ago

So looking over the last few weeks, VGChartz is slowly starting to become VGfaith and Islam bashing. Another reason to leave this site. Sick and tired off people bashing other peoples faith and instigating due to their personal hate towards others. ...

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Roman Catholicism Exposed

in Politics Discussion 1 day ago

More exposings Evolution Theory Proven Wrong: http://youtu.be/6HcN4v6Co9I Anything and everything can be exposed. Fanboys everywhere exposing this and that. Scientists exposing each others theories and beliefs, cats exposing dogs and vice versa. I don't think we will rest until we nuke the planet and all within it....

Write 150

The Qur'an Exposed Thread

in Politics Discussion 2 days ago

Christianity - Anti Christ, Islam - Dajjal Christianity - Hog and Magog, Islam - Yajooj and Majooj God protected the Kaaba for mankind not for himself. The Kaaba was built by the Abrahamic prophet Abraham. God has given human beings free will, and due to this we are often the ones who take away mercy. If you consider the majority of the worlds issues, they are due to human stupidity, greed...


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