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    < BraLoD posted something on Fei-Hung's wall:

    And the sheep was no more.

    3 days ago

    Is that your cat?

    2 days ago

    Nope, random internet flying cat.

    2 days ago

    < ZODIARKrebirth posted something on Fei-Hung's wall:

    Thanks for accepting:)

    No worries. Welcome to the club :)

    4 days ago

    < BraLoD posted something on Fei-Hung's wall:

    How could those golden lions pass up as real cats is beyond me, tho.

    6 days ago

    Speaking of cats, my cat is doing her security check around my bedroom right before she jumps into the middle of the bed, stretches her arms and legs and pushed me right to the edge lol

    6 days ago

    She is making it clear how rules the house.

    6 days ago

    The men in my family are very often called lions. Probably the reason why she likes her alpha. She will only cuddle to me and sleep by my side. She knows who runs the house lol

    6 days ago

    Yeah, 'cause she runs the house.

    6 days ago

    She kills spiders and flies for me in the summer. In return i stroke her belly and feed her treats.

    6 days ago

    Lol, cats hunting spiders are pretty funny.
    When they go on pretending they are dead to try to fool the cat 'cause they know shit just got real, then the cat will smell it and keep poking the spider with it strongly on the ground and the spider feels like it has to run for its life and the cat jumps over 2M high from the sudden movement XD

    6 days ago

    Cats are just awesome.

    The other day she was chasing a fly and she lost track of it. So I told her where it was. She refused to acknowledge it. So I picked her up and pointed her face straight at it, she refused to look. So I put her down. She looked around and then suddenly went for the fly like she herself found it and done it all without any help. She finally caught the fly, chewed it a little, slapped it around a bit and then posed on her side like a 70's glamour girl who is really proud of herself.

    So I lied down next to her, stroked her face and told her, that I make a better cat than her and walked away lol

    6 days ago

    Well, you better sleep with your eyes open, if you start challenging cats like that XP

    6 days ago

    I'm a lighter sleeper than her. We also play fight a lot and I keep telling her I have faster reflexes than her, and I do. Lol

    She don't care as long as I feed her treats and let her cuddle up.

    6 days ago

    < Roketan posted something on Fei-Hung's wall:

    Thanks for accepting my friend request!

    No worries. Welcome to Chartz :)

    on 22 July 2016

    Thanks, you are so polite :)

    on 22 July 2016

    I think it comes with age lol

    Also, gaming is more than a hobby so I'm always grateful and appreciative of fellow gamers.

    What games you playing currently? :)

    on 22 July 2016

    I recently finished Inside and Wolfenstein New Order (i love FPS and RPGs).What about you?

    on 23 July 2016

    I'm playing BF:H, SFV and Alienation at the moment. I'm hooked on all 3, but I'm starting to get the twitches for a deeper game again.

    Not sure if i should get AC:S, DS2:SotFS or wait for Bloodborne GotY edition to playthrough it again and experience the dlc.

    I loved Wolfy. One of the best FPS experiences of this gen. Hope they make another one that's bigger.

    on 23 July 2016

    Seems like we have the same taste! I was also thnking buying DS2 Scholar edition and AC:S. I have played and finshed all the AC games. I finished DS2 at launch but never played the DLC.

    on 23 July 2016

    I was never into the souls series in fear of it being too hard, but then Bloodborne converted me lol

    I'll probably pick up AC:S. From what little I've seen, they've bought back the amazing templar hideouts from AC:2. AC2 is still my favourite AC game due to the puzzles and amazing Templar platforming sections.

    Not played DS2. I want to get it but I'm waiting for a friend to pick it up with me so we can co-op if I get stuck. I'm a bit crap at these games. I finished DS3, but some bosses really gave me trouble and I had to co-op them to beat them. The nameless king was probably the hardest boss I've fought in all of souls series.

    You played Furi yet? It's like the purest and most fair but punishing form of souls boss fights.

    on 23 July 2016

    First time i am hearing Furi... i just googled it. Don't know if i got the right game lol. AC2 is my favorite AC. I advise you to play Rogue if you haven't. Speaking of DS3 i still haven't played it. I haven't decided if i should go for it or wait for the Complete Edition (with the DLC).

    on 24 July 2016

    Here is a link to one of the bosses in Furi:


    DS3 is pretty awesome. I had to get it early as I worry that if I leave it to late, i might struggle finding people to co-op with if I get stuck on a boss. I'm a proper wuss lol

    However, you are right, even with Bloodborne, had I waited I could have picked it up cheaper with all the DLC.

    I've had a look at AC Rogue and watched many gameplay videos, but I prefer the 3D AC games. Maybe because they feel more hack n slash compared to the 2D ones.

    on 24 July 2016

    Furi sure looks interesting. Will definitely check it out.

    Btw, maybe you are confusing Rogue with AC China? Rogue is a 3D AC game.


    on 24 July 2016

    Aah! Feel like a right dumbass now. Mistook Rogue for Chronicles >.<

    If you like Afro Samurai and the darker Animes out there, you'll like Furi more. It's got pretty awesome characters and a decent story too.

    You played AC:S?

    on 24 July 2016

    Nope. My brother played it and he loved it. It's on my backlog. Last AC i played was Unity and i liked it, especially Paris. Too bad that the game had so many platforms. IMO it's very underated.

    on 24 July 2016

    Very true. I didn't buy Unity at launch due to the bad press etc. Bought it a year later and found it amazing.

    on 24 July 2016

    Nice, you don't see many people appreciating Unity. I have no doubt that you will like Syndicate (me too also!)

    on 24 July 2016

    Sorry for the late reply. Niece is getting married and family has come down from America and we were setting up a huge marquee in the garden and decorating it. Oh and stuffing our faces :p

    Unity was awesome. I think i might have enjoyed BF more (the sea shanties are amazing), but unity wasn't far behind.

    There is only one thing that bugs me in all the ACs though. The stealth following missions where you eavesdrop.

    on 25 July 2016

    No problem! Congrats for your niece. I have 4 nieces myself although they are still very young! If you enjoyed Black Flag then you will love Rogue. People call it Black Flag 2 with a better story and better character and i 100% agree with them. Still i would play Syndicate first. You can play Rogue while waiting for the next AC (which will be awesome if the rumors are true). And yes eavesdrop sucks.

    on 25 July 2016

    You need to experience Indo / Pakistan / Punjabi wedding. The celebrations go on for a week and women buy stupidly expensive outfits for at least 3 of the occasions.

    Yesterday was just setting things up and getting people accommodated in hotels, apartments etc.
    Today we are setting up a southern BBQ thing where we will cook a whole lamb overnight in coal (American relatives shipped the whole device over). Women meanwhile will start packing gifts and do last minute shopping.

    Tomorrow they will start the late night dancing and singing in preparation for beating the boys side in a dance off.

    Wednesday the women will book henna artists, beauticians and reiki women to pamper them etc whilst they eat, sing and dance.

    Thursday they will do more of that but it will all be about the bride and giving her a complete do over, pampering her and as usual more singing and dancing.

    Friday they will book out a fancy Hall and, feed tons of people and and boys side will battle it out in song and dance with the girls side. The bride will also get tons of presents etc.

    Saturday is the wedding.

    Sunday is the wedding thrown by the boys side.

    Everyday will have shit tons of food, shisha, desserts, snacks etc.

    The whole thing is too Bollywood for me, but I go for the food :p

    Can't wait to get AC:S. Hopefully after the wedding shenanigans are over :)

    on 25 July 2016

    This sound sooo awesome. It must be an amazing experience. I have seen some Hindi movies so i guess i have a picture but the way you describe sounds much better. I think i'll stop talking now since you have some many preparations XD.

    Have fun!

    on 25 July 2016

    Fun doesn't usually start until the evening thankfully. That gives me time to watch some anime and play some Alienation lol

    Yup, like the Hindi movies but with a modern twist since my relatives are pretty modern and from all over the globe.

    on 25 July 2016

    < BraLoD posted something on Fei-Hung's wall:

    Since you ignored my amazing reply to your Demon's Souls question on that recent thread, I'll say it again here: Get it asap if it comes to the PS4 somehow.

    Omg, I thought I replied to it, but clearly I didn't!

    Yup, I was scared of the souls games before but now I have a great fondness for them. I hope it has co-op though as I enjoyed helping others and gang banging bosses lol

    At the moment I can't stop playing Alienation. You must get it when you get your PS4!

    on 10 July 2016

    I just platined Dark Souls 2... boy Demon's Souls was so much harder, and now they have the Bloodborne Sanic style when you can effectively run from things, seems like Demon's Souls will keep being the hardest forever XP

    Look up to Nioh, seems really good and quite hard (more than recent Souls games), though it looks like it might be nerfed because of the feedback from people who couldn't git gud...

    on 10 July 2016

    Yup, I'm looking forward to Ni Oh. I was thinking of getting scholar of the second sin. Not sure if i should from what people have been saying.

    on 10 July 2016

    What have people being saying? DS2 is amazing, I don't have the DLCs but I heard they are also really good (even read some people say they are better than the main game, even as I'm sure it's an exageration, they should be really good). DS2 is only kinda of easy compared to DsS and DS1.

    Definitely go get it, it goes on sale not that rarely, so you may wait for it, but do get it.

    on 10 July 2016

    I'll probably pick it up from Game. Has it got co-op? I'm not great at these games so I use co-op when I get stuck on bosses lol

    on 10 July 2016

    Yes, but it's kinda limited to bosses (when you beat the boss of the area your partner will vanish for their world) but there is also NPCs to help you, so talk to everyone and stay human (can only summon as human, so don't keep going hollow so you'll not miss any summon sign) and you'll have help at most of the bosses (I believe SotFS added NPC help to all the missing bosses you had no help before on the regular DS2), but there is the online people to help you if you need, though you have to keep an eye in your soul memory because you can only summon or be summoned to close tier from yours.
    Though as I said, DS2 is not that hard, you can solo every boss if you keep trying even if you aren't that good (I always solo all bosses in my first go on this games, but that's how I like to do it XP).

    But really do get it!

    on 10 July 2016

    Darklurker tho... that one will make you sorry if you try to beat it (I died so many times before I finally beat it...), but it's an optional boss XP

    on 10 July 2016

    Sorry I didn't answer your question. I've just heard it's the worst from Bloodborne, DS1 and DS3.

    I watched the GT review and the game looks pretty good. I can pick it up for £17.99 and if i wait for a bit (I'm trying to get my Alienation character to level 250 and then I'm going to playthrough Furi) and hopefully by then I'll be able to pick it up in a sale.

    on 10 July 2016

    I've heard the Nameless King is the toughest boss (he is in DS3). I tried to beat him on my own and I failed over a dozen times. Then I started to co-op and failed for another couple of hours. There was 2 or 3 of us going on and failing really badly. In the end a group of us finally made it.

    on 10 July 2016

    I just can't accept not being able to beat a boss alone, Darklurker handed my ass to me like over 20 times, but I would only stop after I beat it, and that's what I did XP

    Demon's Souls is harder but there is no boss as hard as that, even as the Fake King is pretty damn though and King Allant until you are really, really strong is basically unbeatable (I actually beat it at a very low level, though, lol, but seriously, I would hit him for 2 or 3 damage while he could one hit kill me even with a shield, one touch and it was over, it took me like a hour to beat him (that's the single run where I did beat him, not counting the ones I lost), but damn it was worth it, his set made the fire level get easier, made possible to me to not insta die to the Dragon God fire breath (that plus ring and water veil magic) and his sword was completely OP, even better as it's a fuse to another great sword that works opposed to it and the one that has the two together is great all over).

    But seriously, it took me until the 11th boss (and I wasn't even playing them in order as I was going on my own, so I was beating some medium stage bosses already) to die for the first time on Dark Souls 2, while the Tower Knight (the second boss on DsS was already handing me my ass without mercy on DsS, lol).

    on 10 July 2016

    You see, you play the souls games properly, I don't! I have very little patience as I get more violent as I play these games and I end up brute forcing my way through them lol

    I often play early levels until I've leveled up enough and then just power through the boss lol then in the next area, I do it again etc

    If i tried as much as you did, i woukdhave probably broken my tv, my pad and the disc or just rage quit the game :-/

    on 10 July 2016

    I usually don't have a hard time with the bosses, that's just some of them that make me try over and over again, if every boss was that hard it would be a quite a task to keep on trying, but I can usually figure them out most of the time, on DS2 just having a heavy shield and staying in guard and observing the boss was enough to make me hardly die for them.

    on 10 July 2016

    Look Pervy Sensei, this is how I brute force.


    on 10 July 2016

    I don't want to see how to beat any boss on Bloodborne, sorry, but you get really over powered then? That doesn't work on later runs on the game, tho XP

    on 10 July 2016

    Well, I completed Ng+ on co-op with a friend who is really good at any game lol he was half the level I am and still better than me :-/

    I mean it's not like i won't learn the patterns and dodge, it's just that I don't have the patience to dodge for ages and ages. So I'll put most my xp into health, strength and dexterity with some to endurance here and there. That way, when i get to a boss I can just try and beat the living shit out of it once I know the basics of the pattern without having to worry about rolling around for too long lol

    on 11 July 2016

    Levels aren't that important, it's good for weapon scaling and for allowing you to equip better stuff (including spells) but it usually doesn't change that much being high or low.

    And it's cool, I've been playing with people online and there are usually really careless ones, maybe it's impatience, rushing will usually bring harm but it's understandable, if I start dying to a boss I'll definitely rush for it later, but I don't rush in the fights themselves, specially because it's when you want to pull that extra hit that'll get a counter and die, or run of stamina enough to avoid what is now about to come, I also go for strength builds rather than magic, I like to put up my shield and observe, rather than keep rolling, usually I even heavy equip load myself making my rolls become not that good to pull off, so I always keep waiting for the right time to attack, when I first try a boss I start taking a while to even attack it, and when I do I keep it to one blow just to see how it'll react, then I'll go allowing myself to try more, sometimes being so passive is bad to face some bosses, but it usually works really well, specially for human-like ones, though using spells is definitely faster, to both avoid and build damage, on the cost of being of being risk to pull off.

    on 11 July 2016

    Yup, i use the first encounter to gauge the boss too, but if i do decent damage on the first hit, I know I can go all out and give the boss a good beating.

    A good example is when I thought Eileen the Crow. Didn't realise she wasn't an enemy so I attacked her and then got the crap beaten out of me. I knew in my second fight I needed space to move and had to learn to dodge and stay away from her fast attacks. However, true in my style, since I didn't want to dodge and roll for ages with only a few attacks in between, I just kept leveling up a few times and trying again until I wooped her ass lol

    on 11 July 2016

    I usually can gauge and beat them in the first try, tho XP... LOL, sorry XD

    on 11 July 2016

    I can to, but Eileen was a biatch to beat as she was a seasoned hunter lol

    on 11 July 2016

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    Captain_Yuri said: [img]http://i.imgur.com/T5tY5fk.jpg[/img] My cat used to watch my parakeet sit on my shoulder and then started to do the same. That's what the pic reminds me off :)...

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