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< NintendoPie posted something on Gnac's wall:

No matter what you think, you should've applied for Mod. We could've had another chance to dominate the new Mod nominations with Nintendo members.

But I don't have a pet! You have so far refused my subtle advances, so I'm throwing this aviary down the east face of this this here rock of Gibraltar.

Chance: pissed into Spanish territory.

on 01 April 2014

Pet or not, the chance was there in your grasp and you didn't take it.

You could've backed up Rol's submission just in case his didn't get him Mod powers.

on 01 April 2014

Why would Rol need Mod powers? Being right about everything is enough. Besides, it's more fun to pummel people out of the ring with righteousness than to simply ban them, and not have them learn.

on 01 April 2014

Hm, very true. Although Rol was seriously hurt when he figured out the Mods didn't choose him. They tore his life long dream apart. He's been asking for this for so long. :P

on 01 April 2014

< Mr Khan posted something on Gnac's wall:

Your last comment in the "Nintendo should get aggressive" thread made me cheer.

I mean well, even if I am clumsy with my expression. This is why I didn't apply for the recent Mod applications. Plus, I'd ban some people just for pushing the limits of civilised discussion, and we can't have that.

on 01 April 2014

< Smeags posted something on Gnac's wall:

Gnac-senpai! Desu Desu Kawaii! :3

LET'S FUCK [redux]

on 24 March 2014

I'll get the panties and pillows from the mod war with Khan.

on 24 March 2014

< Kaizar posted something on Gnac's wall:

Check out awesomeness:

Trailers are in the 4th OP & 5th OP.

< Xen posted something on Gnac's wall:

Hello Bousouzoku Leader,

Is there any chance that your highness will update the ignore user/UI scripts?

I would like that as well, oh you Bousowachamacalit Leader!

on 29 January 2014

I'll see what I can do once I've finished off this Cointreau.

on 30 January 2014


on 30 January 2014

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Write 66

Collectively Gamers are killing Gaming.

in Gaming Discussion on 08 April 2014

WagnerPaiva said:I agree, everytime we buy a generic shooter, we kill gaming a little bit. This is a fantastic example of sentence redundancy! We need more "very unique" shooters....

Write 66

Collectively Gamers are killing Gaming.

in Gaming Discussion on 08 April 2014

The games industry "we" deserve, but not the one "we" need. Regardless, it's the one "we" voted for by striving for this kind of stuff at the expense of everything else. Time to sleep in the bed you've shat in. I'll be in the shed, where I have been since 1996....

Write 66

Collectively Gamers are killing Gaming.

in Gaming Discussion on 08 April 2014

ktay95 said:Not sure who "We" means but I definitely am not killing the industry. Its the rise of casual gamers last gen that are the driving force behind the crazy CoD, FIFA, Madden, AC sales etc. Big companies are just chasing the masses as they always will. Man, these fucking casuals are everywhere, aren't they? It's like they have all the buying power, or something....


Occupation: Starving artist

Education: None at all

University: of Life, lad

Height: 7'13

Eye colour: Brown

Hair colour: Brown

Zodiac sign: Taurus


Favourite Games: Stuff you never played

Favourite Music: Stuff you never heard

Favourite Films: Stuff you never saw

Favourite Books: Stuff you never read

Favourite Food: Stuff you never ate

Hobbies: Stuff you never did (For example: play Kororinpa)

Lobbies: You'll find these in large public buildings

Bobbies: Arrest me for public nudity

Snobbies: Think they are better than you

Zobbies: You have a blocked nose and you are about to become part of the living dead

About Me: I have cute dimples, I like the colour blue, and my list of Sassy and Sexy Dark-Haired ladies who make me want to be them includes: Sharleen Spiteri, Liv Tyler, Jaime Murray and Jacqueline Jossa (oh that top lip bigger than the bottom - so RARE). Yeah, I don't want to have wild and passionate sex with them, I want to BE them. This is the 21st century. Don't judge me.

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