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    Valkyria Chronicles II IGN Review!

    in Sony Discussion on 31 August 2010

    I got hold of the Japanese version... but my Japanese still can't deal with all the slang... So am picking it up in a few days when it is released in the UK. Don't see why they have to release it so close to freshers week. >.> I like that the sub characters get a lot more spot light time and you get to know them better then just from DLC and those diary entries....

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    Attention PS3 Owners: Go Buy More Games!

    in Sony Discussion on 27 August 2010

    That what piracy does to sales......

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    Games that have aged badly

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 August 2010

    3D games age worse then 2D. Other then that It's roses tinted glasses. There are things that can however help, mute colors like in gears1 would hide any such problems... The next thing that makes games age is weather you played them when they were new(still considered good looking) I've recently been playing starcraft1 through and ddin't find it at all bad, however a friend of mine just couldn't...

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    PSJailbreak cloned already? Creators plea to buy the original for 'support'

    in Sony Discussion on 22 August 2010

    I think a PSP hack wouldnt be as bad as people think for te PS3... the PSP to PSN access didn't exist. I believe you can't access the PSN from a hacked PSP, and would you want to as code could easily get your account details i'd think.   I feel sorry for Sony however, They hold out for 3 years then they get a hack which doesn't even require any modifications atall. If it had atlest been...

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    How Many Games (New) Do You Plan to Buy Between now and Dec 31?

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2010

    Really really shouldn't buy any as I have a huge backlog. I'm half tempted to give up gaming and go build a time machine... that has more possibility of me doing then actually being able to play anywhere near half the games I want to get through....

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    So what're the official Starcraft 2 DRM limitations?

    in PC Discussion on 05 August 2010

    thelifatree said: I think Allowing only one account is stupid.it's stupid as I live with my brother. However, we share an account and the game. Yes If he loses it affects me, and if I lose it affecs him, but it's not a deal breaker for me, because the games so damn good. And if you care that much about star craft... you can buy 2(which is what their counting on) or learn how to...

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    So what're the official Starcraft 2 DRM limitations?

    in PC Discussion on 04 August 2010

    I'll try to make it clear how to DRM works You buy star-craft and are given a key. You then add this key to a battlenet account. You are only given one key, Although you do get two seven hour trails...(not enough to finish the game really) The account with the key can play online and play multi player and have achievements from battle.net etc. For anyone else to play online, or have access to...

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    So what're the official Starcraft 2 DRM limitations?

    in PC Discussion on 04 August 2010

    I'm surprised the DRM of starcraft hasn't created any stires, it is imo far worse then spore. One player account per copy of the game is rubbish, I bought my copie, however my brother was given first go. Now I am unable to even play the game I bought with my own account. Can't play single player even. I could understand only allowing one copy of the game to be played at a time, but not a single...

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    Ubisoft does away with paperback game manuals

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 April 2010

    I miss manuals, i mean real manuals with loads of information. Not just "here's how to turn the console on and start the game" 3 page jobs you get is most games now. When I buy a game I often can't wait to get it back to play so I love having a good read... now there's more information on the back of the case....

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    Does the ps3 emulate a multitap? please help! :)

    in Sony Discussion on 12 April 2010

    I hope so, I'll go try in abit when I have time... I bought 2 extra controllers just to play red faction 1/2 and times splitters# in HD with friends when they come over... there is still no HD game that compares imo for split screen fun....

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    No Buttons, No Go.

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 April 2010

    It's the feedback which is important. when a key/button moves down they give, gives you feedback which our brains almost need to process. which vitural buttons we get none of that. It's ok for touch screen controls if it's in react to what we are going... like writing on the screen but things like typing or other actions that extend our bodys like the keyboard typing or buttons on a controller...

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    The pressure of the trophy

    in Sony Discussion on 04 April 2010

    Can I borrow your time machine some time? I hardly find the time to complete a game once,...

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    The pressure of the trophy

    in Sony Discussion on 04 April 2010

    I know just what you mean, After reading a article about how Microsoft hired some sociologist to create achievements I've started to hate how they can affect your behaviour when playing games. I would want a opt-out or even just a hide notification.No one can deny that the "reward" of an achievement or trophy doesn't feel nice, and that one of the first things you do with a game is look at the...

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    Will YOU legalize your PSP?

    in Sony Discussion on 10 February 2010

    I've got a old japanese psp1000 that is customed, it lets you change the o and x back to western style... remote play gets confusing. I've also got a few home-brew program on it and a psp 2000 which is unmodified and used mainly for my games. Customed PSP gives it a whole new reason to use it like the ipod apps piracy is one of the main things killing the PSP, to do so would to be to shoot...

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    Intel or AMD processors?

    in PC Discussion on 10 February 2010

    Look at some benchmark tests, Intel generally have the fastest CPU's but if your looking for a set price AMD CPU preform the best....

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    Why are Adobe products so expensive?

    in PC Discussion on 08 February 2010

    Problem is that for professional web developers it's at a fair price point... but for your average student that might want to make a quick website it's very expensive... Anyway, personally I've moved from adobe stuff to text editors and GIMP but it takes longer... they have no real competitors... ...

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    Should Sony make Custom Soundtrack mandatory like they did with Trophies?

    in Sony Discussion on 31 January 2010

    I wish fat princess had it, can't say I use it to much on the X360, but on some games it adds a nice touch. I can understand games wanting players to use their music that they paids for and selected to best fit the game however. So I think the PixelJunk method of giving custom soundtracks after the games has been completed would be a good item...

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    Are you happy with MW2?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 27 January 2010

    COD4 became out games of choice for split screen, very few games have bots anyway. While I love that you can now create your own classes so we can have themed matches much easier... none of the maps feel as good as the firsts....

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    PS3 Being Hacked - Good or Bad?

    in Sony Discussion on 23 January 2010

    If I enabled me to run linux better on it. I'm all for it, would mean I could replace my computer, just my ps3 for all my needs.if they get homebrew on the XMB then that would be ok too,blu-ray rips might not impact it too badlybut a iso loader from a external hdd would ruin the PS3 imo like what happened to the PSPno doubt compressed versions of games would come out most games don't take much...

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    MAG is out apparently

    in Sony Discussion on 22 January 2010

    Did he say "I get a whole new meaning of special?"...

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