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    Any info on Resistance 2 sales?

    in Sales Discussion on 08 November 2008

    its prolly low... it will do well during christmas tho...

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    PS3 has the best games now.

    in Sony Discussion on 02 November 2008

    ok here we go (a list of good exclusive games not including halo, mgs4 and mario) wii uhmmmmmmmmm.. waiit waiiit ill get one... mario and sonic at the olmypic games? O Crap that has mario... jks it has zelda and metriod 360 gears, left 4 dead and i guess forza since i know some people like it ps3 uncharted, ratchet and clank, resistance, littlebigplanet, motorstorm, gran turismo, heavenly...

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    in Sony Discussion on 29 September 2008

    yep many stores are doing this.gamesopt 50 bucks off...

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    Sony Plans To Charge Fees For MAG!!!!!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 27 September 2008

    omg stupid pay 2 play crap.. o well i guess i just wont get it.....

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    PS3Fanboy4Life is getting very annoying

    in Website Topics on 20 September 2008

    cougerman do u really have to make a post like that. like do u?...

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    PS3Fanboy4Life is getting very annoying

    in Website Topics on 20 September 2008

    hes not a ps3fanboy hes a 360fanboy who made a second acc to piss people off at ps3fanboys//...

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    OPM RUMOR: OPM Rumor’s Kingdom Hearts III at TGS

    in Gaming Discussion on 31 August 2008

    "omg if this is true im going to buy haze" BAHHAHAHAHAHA funny man u are lolthis is the only rpg I like! honestly when they said FINAL fantasy wouldn't be an exclusive I said " so what? I wana hear about kh3!" Also I think final fantasy sould die already... like comon FINAL fantasy gahhhhh...

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    How many of you are loosing interest in the Wii

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 August 2008

    Do i sense a change in sales for next year? a new tide of sales for the ps3 2 outsell the wii? maybe?...

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    Gear Critic – Ten 360 Games to look out for

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 August 2008

    K i know this list is bad guys but I couldn't think of any games I wanted off the top of my head. I tried to find some but didn't want to waste time looking....

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    Gear Critic – Ten 360 Games to look out for

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 August 2008

    10. Mercenaries 2: World in Flames 9. TNA Impact! 8. Pure 7. Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 6. Baja: Edge of Control 5. FIFA Soccer 09 4. Halo Wars 3. Saints Row 2 2. Fable 2 1. Gears of war 2...

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    I Was Just Banned For A few Days... Why?

    in General Discussion on 25 August 2008

    can the person who banned me tell me what I said?...

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    The Future of Kingdom Hearts, 360? or PS3?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 August 2008

    I don't want it on the wii because thats the only console I don't have and don't want. What I find more interesting is how well LBP will sell or if Resistance 2 outsells Gears 2 (Yes gears fanbase is bigger but resistance 1 was a LAUNCH TITLE)...

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    Why LittleBigPlanet will bomb.

    in Sony Discussion on 12 August 2008

    Also pre - render wtf no only one or 2 have been.. AT MOST 2....

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    Why LittleBigPlanet will bomb.

    in Sony Discussion on 12 August 2008

    Grow up lil wisher. The PS3 doesn't need saving because we know it's here to stay. No1 cares who wins. The game is amazing and every1 wants it. People like u really really piss me off... The ps3 isn't hyped at all.. On my tv all i ever get are 360 commericals and the WII WOULD LIKE 2 PLAY.Littlebigplanet will last a long time. You need to gorw up....

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    Who else is sad that Nintendo is winning/won this gen ?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 August 2008

    Why would any1 want nintedo to win, if they do they will become thye biggest childs company. They promote sterotypes!A Japanese company makes their mascot a fat Italian sterotype, who gets sucked into his toilet into a fantasy world, where he has to save a princess and talks to SHROOMS! Then when u finally beat bowser there is a stupid shroom guy and says, "sorry mario the princess is in a...

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    Leo-J: 'ps3-19-23mllion(will not go below 120k WW any week in 08)'

    in Sales Discussion on 31 July 2008

    OMG you do know that vgchartz doesnt not track the entire world right... They most likly sold over 120k this week we just don't see it!...

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    Did the wii ousell the Genesis yet?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 July 2008

    Genisis sold over 40 mil. EDIT Yea sry I ment 30. Wikipedia says 29 but Im pretty sure its 30....

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    Long awaited Sonic + Sword fighting platformer is announced!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 July 2008

    Looks cool, I want Sonic to get back into the public eye maybe this will work....

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    Offical Vgchartz PS3 trophy league

    in Sony Discussion on 18 July 2008

    Can we see a list of games that include trophies?...

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    I believe that one of the "HD twins" are going to crash and burn in sales

    in Sales Discussion on 12 July 2008

    You are crazy... Microsoft announced they won't make another xbox, playstation will never die, and wii might still lose this gen. It's been 1 year and a half still 8 and a half year sto go!...

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