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    Anyone recommend me 400gb or higher SD card for Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 August 2019 by Conina

    Conina said: Just buy a 400 GB SanDisk Ultra for $50 - $60. Good deal in Germany for that card: 44 € (taxes and shipping included) https://www.mydealz.de/deals/sandisk-ultra-microsdxc-400gb-uhs-i-100-mbs-lesen-20-40-mbs-schreiben-sd-adapter-10-jahre-garantie-1421153 https://www.euronics.de/newsletteranmeldung/ ...

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    Trump's new tariff proposals include a 25% tax on video game consoles

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 May 2019 by Mr Puggsly

    SpokenTruth said: Mr Puggsly said: Agreed, he does do plenty of stuff worth attacking. But I guess its not juicy enough, so we waste time with Russia. Anybody know how much is actually being spent on subsidies? People always say they hate them, but how much is it really. I suspect its not really that much in the grand scheme but I could be wrong. Based on the figures I see, we...

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    A Plague Tale: Innocence - One Of Gaming's Finest Hours

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 May 2019 by John2290

    This game looks goooood. Like, better than GoW at points when it hits those highs and ontop of that, good lord it is pretty on top. Stunningly beautiful. ...

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    Favorite E3 Moments

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 May 2019 by Mnementh

    Ljink96 said: Pulling your next generation console out of your blazer pocket...doesn't get much more epic than that imo.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qt8CBYAnMYc The announcement of Virtual Console got so much applause... and Nintendo scrapped it. ...

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    Never feel badly about sharing your Netflix

    in Politics Discussion on 24 March 2019 by KLAMarine

    I will now not feel bad. Thanks!...

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    Google GDC Keynote Official Thread

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 March 2019 by RaptorChrist

    I was curious so I checked on the stocks of the Big 3, and for the most part, Nintendo and Microsoft seem largely unaffected, but Sony has taken a significant hit. I'm not very big into stocks, so I don't check that often, but it's interesting because Nintendo's stock seems to be jumping up and down quite a lot, as though there are some gigantic trades being made, causing the graph to seemingly...

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    Avengers Project on Google

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 March 2019 by Zones

    kirby007 said: That might be so but if you take a look at remakes recently those sell like sex But sex is generally just a fun 'free to play' game that's flooded with an insane amount of pay to win* microtransactions**. * & ** Only applicable if you select the male gender....

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    Push Square's Hands On - "Dreams Is Arguably PS4's Most Impressive Exclusive Yet!"

    in Sony Discussion on 29 January 2019 by KazumaKiryu

    Good to hear. Perhaps the most innovative and creative game of all time. ...

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    PS4 exclusives should get a 4K 60 with high resolution assets update next gen Update: Confirmed

    in Sony Discussion on 14 January 2019 by Pemalite

    GOWTLOZ said: Pemalite said: No they don't.Here are two Geforce 730. Roughly the same flops. 50-65% performance difference.http://www.jagatreview.com/2015/04/gt-730-ddr3-vs-gt-730-gddr5/2/Here are two Geforce 1030... Roughly same flops. 100-125% performance difference.https://www.gamersnexus.net/hwreviews/3330-gt-1030-ddr4-vs-gt-1030-gddr5-benchmark-worst-graphics-card-2018Here...

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    Brand power: Sony v MS v Nintendo v Playstation v XBOX

    in Sales Discussion on 12 January 2019 by VAMatt

    pokoko said: VAMatt said: I don't see where anyone is treating it as anything other than what it is - a ranked list of the value (according to somebody) of various brands.  Beyond that, people are speculating about regional differences in relative value of various brands.  That seems to be exactly what the OP is about.   I just read back over the...

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    I need help with 4k HDR pass through on second gen PsVR HMD.

    in Sony Discussion on 23 December 2018 by Hynad

    SvennoJ said: GTS is still the best though. Every time I play that it still wows me. That’s no small feat, considering you play that game daily. :-D...

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    Sony Exclusives Attacked For Being Downgraded

    in Sony Discussion on 19 September 2018 by SpokenTruth

    GOWTLOZ said: melbye said: You can't compare Mario Kart to last of us or God of War since Mario Kart sales-potential is far higher than those for various reasons. Her logic is very easy to understand, despite selling relatively well Mario Kart 8 potential was hindered by a flop console. And that is true for most WiiU-games, just compare games like Mario U and Donkey Kong Country...

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    Spiderman PS4 Review Thread - Currently 87 Metacritic (97 Reviews)

    in Sony Discussion on 18 September 2018 by KazumaKiryu

    sounds awesome guys :) I often read that the game has a more exciting / better story than the movies. the fightsystem/gameplay & bossfights are my highlights. and the "Easter Egg's" are funny in the game xD It's kind of funny, the sequences looks better than reality. ps. Accolades Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Qzc4cqWaI8...

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    God of War review thread - Meta: 94 OC: 95

    in Sony Discussion on 15 September 2018 by Ruggarell

    I'm glad the game did well for those who enjoyed it but as a hardcore god of war fan who has been there since 2005 it just wasn't for me. I know the change was needed but I still personally loved the old god of war formula. I know it's never going back and that saddens me. At least it shows people still enjoy single player games....

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    DF: Crash Bandicoot N.Sane Trilogy on Switch/Xbone/PC

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 July 2018 by DonFerrari

    curl-6 said: DonFerrari said: Then I'm glad it's a pleasant experience. But one person porting in a single day is something we hear rumors since Sony said PS4 was easy to dev. But per the quantity of cutbacks on a native 30fps I can't say it really is an easy port (but I can conceed it isn't an overly difficult, more like in between) The trimmed settings aren't really...

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    EDGE #321 review scores

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 June 2018 by HollyGamer

    Edge somehow has become to edgy these days ...

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    Nintendo has a realistic shot at returning to #1 this fiscal year - RESULT: Nintendo back on top (21.45m), Sony second (19m+)

    in Sales Discussion on 09 May 2018 by Biggerboat1

    Lauster said: Biggerboat1 said: The RAM expansion pack for the N64 gave the developer different technical requirements to hit, but again I don't think anyone would consider that a different platform... So on the one hand, you have accessories which change the way you interact - Wii Balance Board, Labo, the bongo drums, Kinnect and indeed the PSVR. On the other you have ones that...

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    God of War is the most hyped PS4 exclusive game thus far, will it outsell Horizon?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 April 2018 by Dr.Vita

    Shiken said: Dr.Vita said: What is Bot2? BotW...typo fixed!  XD Okay haha now it makes sense. xD...

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    Does God of War's Hype Exceed Uncharted 4's?

    in Sony Discussion on 13 April 2018 by AngryLittleAlchemist

    VGPolyglot said: AngryLittleAlchemist said: I think this thread is somewhat vindicated, kind of surprised how much people thought UC4 would win hands down. I still stand by what I said, I saw more hype for Uncharted 4. That's fine. I don't really know which one won myself. TruckOSaurus said: AngryLittleAlchemist said: I think this thread is somewhat...

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    NIS Apologizes for Seemingly Negative Comments Towards PS4

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 April 2018 by Azuren

    outlawauron said: VGPolyglot said: It is very disingenious to say that this means that PS4 version has a physical option just like Switch. It's a limited edition (I don't think NISA produces more than 5k of these for any platform) that will only be available through their store. Beyond being grossly overpriced, no one will ever see it in any retail stores. It...

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