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    Kingdom Hearts 3 on Wii? Nomura: Maybe room to consider that...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 29 June 2009

    I think that we will see KH3 by the end of 2011 at minimum regardless of the platform....

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    GTA Chinatown Wars announced for PSP - enhanced GFX and new missions

    in Sony Discussion on 22 June 2009

    What this indicates is that Take Two has realized that the GTA audience isn't really on the DS. However, I fear this won't sell as much as the other GTA games on PSP because it's not 3d and it's the 3D GTA that are popular....

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    Shia LaBeouf (Transformers) calls Wii "an amateur console"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 June 2009

    Maybe I'm a film snob but Michael Bay, Megan Fox and that guy LaBouf are what's wrong with Hollywood today. Also, who cares about the opinion of an actor on anything else but movies?...

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    Final Fantasy 13 vs Tales of Graces

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 June 2009

    Most people that will play both games will think Tales is better. Well, at least that's what I think. Tales of Symphonia and Abyss were both much better than FFX and FFXII in my opinion. As for the story, the story of both FFX and FFXII weren't anything special and were extremely predictable....

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    Marvelous, crying over bad sales.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 June 2009

    They need to realize that the success of a game (especially on the Wii) is directly linked to the the marketing campaign. Besides, most of their games, while great, are of niche appeal....

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    FORZA 3 : Screenshot update. HOLY CR*P!

    in Microsoft Discussion on 16 June 2009

    I thought that Prologue looked nice but this looks much better. I actually don't care if it doesn't look as good as GT since I don't own a PS3 and like the PS3 and Xbox 360, both games are likely to be equal in quality. I'll get Forza only because I don't own a Ps3....

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    What's wrong with JRPGs today?

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 June 2009

    I'm actually quite annoyed by the fact that FFXIII takes forever to come out and when it will finally come out, we will have 3 Final Fantasy games in the same year. Yet, KH3 isn't likely to get released this generation unless it lasts longer than I expect....

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    Modern Warfare 2 to sell 11.1 million in two months - Analyst

    in Sales Discussion on 15 June 2009

    And people were predicting 12m for GTAIV for the whole year....

    Write 74

    Whats the most PROFITABLE Game Ever?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 June 2009

    I'm surprised nobody mentioned GTA:SA. The game probably costed little to make and sold more than 20m. I don't know if it compares to WoW though....

    Write 53

    I think Lightning is the worst character name of all time.

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 June 2009

    blaydcor said: Showertea said: blaydcor said: I mean, holy shit. What is Square Enix thinking? Names like that were cool when I was, I don't know, eleven years old? This is seriously even worse than "Edge Maverick". What are the other characters going to be named? Blade, Danger, and Bolt? I have never seen a name that has so simultaneously tried to be cool and yet utterly...

    Write 217

    The rumors were true: Nintendo games can now play themselves!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 June 2009

    SHMUPGurus said: Well... I guess that for the speedrun community and speedrun lovers (as in the fact that you watch someone else play the game good) this could be quite good. As for gamers trying to find satisfaction playing a game, not too sure. The speed run community will not benefit from that. It's most likely going to be a slow AI that shows the player what he should do not...

    Write 57

    Kikizo - Natal: Why it's a Bigger Thing Than Critics Think

    in Microsoft Discussion on 12 June 2009

    Can anyone tell me how that voice recognition is light years ahead of technology and Microsoft still has a rather mediocre voice recognition on Windows.Also, anyone that thinks this technology works like magic is obviously too old to be absolutely impress. It's like the people that are still impressed by CGI. The reason they are impress is that they were alive when those technologies seemed like...

    Write 82

    Sucker Punch explain their exclusivity

    in Sony Discussion on 11 June 2009

    Well, most if not all their games are published by Sony so that answer the question about exclusivity. Everything else they say is merely spin.i...

    Write 58

    Microsoft has to do something about the PC pirates.

    in PC Discussion on 11 June 2009

    How about Steam? It seems like a good way to stop piracy....

    Write 23

    HVS interview: my suspicion proved correct, HVS has a secret funder. gr

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 June 2009

    Actually, it's far less uncommon that you may think for a company to have investors... Especially if the company is small and has good ideas....

    Write 44

    What happens when Kingdom Heart 3 is release and isn't a wii exclusive?For those of u dat hope it'll be....

    in Nintendo Discussion on 09 June 2009

    This game won't see the light of day this gen or if it does, it won't matter anymore....

    Write 80

    How will Wii counter Natal, 360+, MS Moneyhatting Ways and Press Bias?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 June 2009

    Well, Natal is addressing the issue of motion control, not the issue of games like Wii Sports and Wii Plays that are extremely popular. It's also not addressing the issue of the bathroom scales that are likely to oversell the PS3 and they are not addressing the plethora of successful Nintendo titles. Oh yeah, they are not addressing the fact that the mainstream have no idea about the Xbox 360,...

    Write 62

    NEW Spyborgs absolutely gorgeous screenshots!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 June 2009

    Do we have any idea of the release date?...

    Write 17

    Activision suing over Brutal Legend to prevent it from releasing

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 June 2009

    Activision right now is much worse company than EA has ever been. EA always had a good development team. Activision is basically the same shovelware company from last generation but they got lucky with Infinity Ward and Harmonix (I mean those are the good developers)....

    Write 208

    Malstrom: "the whimper of hardcore dreams".

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 June 2009

    It's funny to see people getting angry that Malstrom is condescending while most the gaming community is condescending towards Nintendo....

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