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    Zelda Breath of the Wild Turns 2 today!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 March 2019

    My three most memorable moments were: 1) First leaving the Great Plateau on the way to see Impa in Kakariko village. Crossing that first bridge and seeing the first shrine imagining what was out there in the world. 2) Being on mountains and high areas seeing across the whole world. Then seeing just how far the towers and what you can see was. 3) going into the lower area's. I spent most of my...

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    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 November 2018

    Had mine day one and wouldn't hesitate to buy it day one again. Was a good console to me and had a great time with it....

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    Retro talk: SW: Shadows of the Empire

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 September 2018

    From what I remember, I really liked the game. I say it's worthy of a HD remake....

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    Nintendo Account question

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 September 2018

    I know that Nintendo has a family plan for $35. Is the $20 for all persons on a console or do you need the family plan even if you only have one Switch? I was under the impression that the $35 was for multiple consoles....

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    Is Octo Expansion worth it if you haven't liked Splatoon single player in the past?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 June 2018

    I'll say this, the expansion is a much greater challenge than the Splatoon and Splatoon 2 single players. I have been chipping away at it a little everyday. I have collected all 4 things. I do plan to finish all missions....

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    Splatoon 1 or 2?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 May 2018

    Medisti said: The second one because they removed the absolutely broken specials of the first game (Kraken and the Bubble especially) and added Salmon Run, my favorite mode. The Kraken was replaced with the Baller and the Bubbler with the Armor....

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    Ninja Turtle Theme Splatfest.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 April 2018

    https://nintendoeverything.com/nintendo-announces-first-ever-tournament-style-splatfest-for-splatoon-2-featuring-teenage-mutant-ninja-turtles/   I like the tournament style. Should be interesting.    Go team Michelangelo!...

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    Super Mario Odyssey VS. Other 3D Marios

    in Nintendo Discussion on 19 March 2018

    CaptainExplosion said: flashfire926 said: Mario Odyssey will be the bestselling 3D-Mario ever, for sure. I appreciate your enthusiasm, but even after all these years, none of them have exceeded the lifetime sales Super Mario 64 had. Considering the success of the Switch and Odyssey being a mush have, I say it will take Super Mario 64....

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    A Mario FPS?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 March 2018

    It could be done. My suggestion to Nintendo would be to create a new character the story revolves around....

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    So, was 3D World better than Odyssey? S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 January 2018

    mZuzek said: No. Hell No....

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    Pornhub pledges support for the Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 January 2018

    Super Mario Adult Odysses...

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    Aonuma feels that Breath of the Wild’s freedom needs to be maintained in future Zelda games

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 January 2018

    curl-6 said: I hope they keep weapon durability, it kept things fresh and interesting by not allowing me to lean too heavily on one weapon and constantly changing up my arsenal.  About the only things I'd like to see change is make the major dungeons thematically distinct instead of all the same rusty beige aesthetic, give them more interesting bosses, and increase general enemy...

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    Breath of the Wild is a great game, but a not-so-great Zelda experience (Mild spoilers)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 December 2017

    S.Peelman said: Really all that's needed is for them to add a handful of unique, classic-style dungeons and you basically have the perfect game. That and a few more towns....

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    Splatoon 2 sudden influx of new players (europe)?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 October 2017

    I never really play turf wars after qualifying for ranked and have never had trouble finding matches in my rank....

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    Bethesda: Doom on Switch Runs at 30FPS, Multiplayer Download is 9 GB, more.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 September 2017

    AngryLittleAlchemist said: Nogamez said: Most of the people i work with, socialise with, who game, Wouldnt even know there was a differance between the two versions that what im trying to say. But yeah pretty sure soon woth Xb1X there is gonna be a big differance in the two consoles. Dont mean shit though, to the average consumer playstation is where its at. But...

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    Nintendo switch announced for South Korea

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 September 2017

    d21lewis said: North Korea doesn't get it until they cool it with the nuclear stuff. That'll learn 'em. Yeah! Why give them Switch units that would just get bombed when there is such shortages....

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    Rumour: Netflix is ready for the Switch

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 September 2017

    ResidentToxy said: Green098 said: All I want is Netflix and YouTube, I don't even think I'd even need a web browser on a console. I agree. Having a browser on any gaming console is a novelty that doesn't serve much purpose. Whereas having Netflix and YouTube is definitely a function that would get a lot of use.  Console  browsers are terrible.  The Wii...

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    Ports on Nintendo Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 September 2017

    In the case of the Swicth, I think it's a great idea seeing as many people didn't play the game on the Wii U....

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    Resident Evil: Revelations 1 and 2 will launch for Switch on Nov 28 in the West and Nov 30 in Japan

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 September 2017

    Wyrdness said: spemanig said: It's probably cheaper to manufacure. Lest we remember that that matters now. It's not cheaper to manufacture as the default space is 32GB so the cart that comes with RE:R1 can already hold the second game with out any extra cost, this move literally makes no sense on their part. I agree. That makes no sense. Hopeful they hear all the...

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    9 Switch games I want

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 September 2017

    We may not know of an Advanced Wars in development but we have Tiny Metal and War Grove coming. Can't wait for those....

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