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    < peachbuggy Smash it at E3, Nintendo!
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    < quickrick posted something on peachbuggy's wall:

    Are you gonna keep throwing a hissy fit the media create thread?

    Nope because i wasn't in the 1st place, just telling you a few home truths. I can honestly see your behaviour getting worse in the coming months, if i'm honest. Not sure if you think you won your bet with CGI, that may explain something!

    on 19 July 2018

    What's his bet?

    on 19 July 2018

    They had a bet concerning 2014 ps4 vs 2018 Switch in the U.S, It was inconclusive who won. The terms were, if CGI won he was going to give free rein (Within reason) to those who ridicule Quickricks' comments. However if Quickrick won, then CGI and possibly the other mods would be lenient with Quickrick (again, within reason).

    on 19 July 2018

    Why was it inconclusive?

    on 19 July 2018

    Iirc the Switch had an extra week and won but if a mean was done. Eg for the 4 weeks against 5, then the ps4 would have won. It was still within the +/- 10% though and they hadn't stipulated properly between them what the actual figure the Switch had needed for CGI to win the bet.

    on 19 July 2018

    < peachbuggy updated his status:

    Smash it at E3, Nintendo!

    Think you can take me?

    on 23 June 2018

    Don't forget me!

    on 25 June 2018

    < peachbuggy updated his status:

    LABO variety kit 10m (eventually!) Robot kit 3m (Eventually!) Splatoon 10m (Eventually!) Smash 10m (This year!) .....Chef Bro for Smash!

    No rude labo creations yet

    on 27 April 2018

    There will be!

    on 28 April 2018

    < AngryLittleAlchemist posted something on peachbuggy's wall:

    Do you have a foot fetish?

    Errr, no, lol. Why do you ask?

    on 18 February 2018

    Look at your avatar, dude. I'm pretty sure that's made by a foot fetish artist.

    on 18 February 2018

    Pretty sure it's just made by a fellow hitmonlee fan.

    on 18 February 2018

    < Ka-pi96 posted something on peachbuggy's wall:

    That's Pikachu abuse!

    He deserves it :P

    on 14 February 2018

    Nooooo! Pika is the best Pokemon!

    on 14 February 2018

    The best pokemon is the one standing on him!

    on 14 February 2018

    ewww, no! That one's got nothing on Pika!

    on 14 February 2018

    Jokes on him, Pikachu has the Static ability, so hitmonlee can't move now!

    on 14 February 2018

    hitmonlee has limber then :)

    on 14 February 2018

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    Amazon U.S. September 2018 bestsellers and general Amazon-based discussion

    in Sales Discussion 3 days ago

    Mario Party seems to be doing well in the Amazon European markets even, moreso than Smash! It seems France, then Spain, followed by Italy are the most receptive European markets for Nintendo. At least, if Amazon is anything to go by. Mario Party seems to be especially popular in Spain. Perhaps they like both their siestas and fiestas!...

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    France Day 1 Shipments for SSB Ultimate: 500k (30k Switch Bundles)

    in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago This is an article from the end of June, mentioning the 450k....

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    Super Smash Bros Ultimate 1st Year (Dec only) SHIP+DIGITIAL WW Predictions!

    in Nintendo Discussion 3 days ago

    NA:- 5M Jap:- 2.7m Eur:- 1.9m R.O.W:- 0.9m WW:- 10.5m. Gonna round it down to 10m though, as i'm not that confident it will break 10m by that amount. ...


    Occupation: market research interviewer

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    Favourite Games: All Mario karts, Rush 2, all pokemon, all Mario sports games! Animal Crossing/ city folk.

    Favourite Music: Britpop, Indie, Red hot Chilli peppers, Kaiser chiefs.

    Favourite Films: The Wanderers, The Warriors, Quadrophenia, Scum.

    Favourite Books: Guinness World records videogame edition, Jensen Button Autobiography, Lewis Hamilton autobiography.

    Favourite Food: Piccallilli, pizza, Steak, Indian.

    Hobbies: Videogaming, kids! sports, films, cars.

    About Me: I have been really busy. I have 5 kids! Unfortunately none of them live with me. I see them regularly though and our good clean gaming fun needs are met with the Wii. They are into N64 and gamecube too so it's all good. Of course that's not all i do with the kids as when i see them we spend most of the time out, weather permitting, doing all kinds of stuff. Don't want them getting too addicted to videogames! I work in market research and find it extremely interesting. I meet so many different people with so many different opinions! So i shouldn't be surprised by so many differing opinions in the forums. Although i am, regularly!

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