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    Men of VGC: Can you cook?

    in General Discussion on 11 July 2011 by ethomaz

    Yeap... because I live so much time alone....

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    The TOP 3 trailers from E3 2011

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 June 2011 by Zucas

    1. Battlefield 3 Tank Trailer 2. Halo 4 Teaser Trailer 3. Assassin's Creed: Revelations Trailer Battlefield 3, though, has easily been the most impressive one shown. Graphically, it is probably the best looking game of the shown (and I know that is not going to settle well with some haha). Just looks gorgeous and the gameplay looks extremely fun. Unless Nintendo can really show some good...

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    You Voted, Now See the Results! The Top 5 new IP's of the Generation!!!

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 May 2011 by huaxiong90

    brendude13 said: huaxiong90 said: Edit: nevermind. Say what xD? Nu-tin'....

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    As a Nintendo fan I feel relief with the current drought.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 April 2011 by Conegamer

    Torillian said: MaxwellGT2000 said: Torillian said: milkyjoe said: Torillian said: But that's a ridiculous standard for a statement like "____ is having a software drought".  A similar statement would be like me saying "the Wii has no worthwhile games" because none of the games fit my tastes.  If I go into a thread and say that I know for a fact that every Ninty fan...

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    Beat my box art!

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 March 2011 by adriane23


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    Make and post and of you top ten lists related to gaming.

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 March 2011 by LordTheNightKnight

    Now I'm not a misogynist, but I'm no prude either. I'm willing to admit when things turn me on... okay sometimes with things turn me on. Anyway, these are the 10 video game outfits I think are the hottest, following 5 outfits that many say are sexy, but for various reasons, I don't.Also, you might have to look some of these up. I'd post pictures, but like my fanfare list, I don't know of that...

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    Insomniac Round-up: R&C: All4One and Resistance 3 gameplay+interview

    in Sony Discussion on 12 March 2011 by Ferrari_7861

    chris.m95 said: Good to see that the weapons reel is back, The graphics look awsome and overall this looks awsome! i wanna get it but its an 18 WHY? Insomniac made it an 18 so you can't play it....

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    A place for VGChartz Pro data

    in Website Topics on 19 February 2011 by Conegamer

    Kantor said: scapegoatsqueal said: Conegamer said: scapegoatsqueal said: OH! Here's an idea guys. Listen guys. You could, oh i dont know, apply for a VGChartz Pro membership? Do you realise how much said membership costs however? When I applied, I didn't see you had to pay anywhere. I suppose its possible though What do you think is the point of VGC Pro? They wouldn't...

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    So Vgchartz Pro has arrived...

    in Sales Discussion on 14 February 2011 by MARCUSDJACKSON

    Carl2291 said: Didn't we get told that everything we had available to us now would stay... The Pro membership would just be ADDED stuff? i beleive so. this makes pro a waste of money if theres nothing special about it....

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    Major Nelson Taunts Kevin Butlerís Battleship Mistake

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 February 2011 by dsister

    ClassicGamingWizzz said: Galaki said: ClassicGamingWizzz said: you think he is realy a employee !!! LOL he is just a actor contracted ahahahah So, you're saying, getting paid by Sony from working for Sony does not make you a Sony employee? Okay... he is paid to do commercials, do you think he gives a fuck about root keys or even know what is a root key!!! xD You think the...

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    GT5 not available for purchase says "Microsoft". LOL

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 February 2011 by Ping_ii

    HAHAAHAHA!!!! ohhh MS.........

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    Post a symbol/icon from your favorite game

    in Gaming Discussion on 02 February 2011 by Hapimeses


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    What do you hate about the person above you? Feces just got real up in here!

    in General Discussion on 14 August 2012 by PSwii60

    Is this how we're communicating now?...

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    Seece in April 2011: Kinect Guarenteed to top 10m in Q4 2011!, Motion Controls Still A Fad!

    in Website Topics on 20 April 2012 by Staude

    Carl2291 said:I think Fishyjoe was before my time... @darth, he left when he lost his mod powers! He sorely missed, he was like the Jarjar of VGC :-( Edit: Clarification. Talking about Maxwell.The fact that he became a mod almost got me off this site permenently. He is the only to have ever banned me, and without warning (for 5 days mind you. No prior bans) - And he was a complete...

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