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    Post a picture of your console collection!

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 February 2014

    Here are the consoles im currently using, I also have a WiiU but its down in the Theater room. As for older consols they are all packed away somewhere.... I have most Sony Nintendo and Sega consoles and handhelds....

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    Killzone Shadow Fall and Ryse lead for most Traded in Current gen Games

    in Sales Discussion on 02 January 2014

    I don't trade in games but I can understand why these two have been traded in. Ryse is alright, it is an extremely short game that offers almost no replay value. Killzone was just blah didn't really feel special or next gen to me, I probably should give it another try but I'm having too much fun playing AC4!!!!...

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    Sessler: Nintendo needs to change controller for Wii U to succeed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 December 2013

    Darc Requiem said: Finnbar said: I belive he is just talking about the right side of the controller, as in the stick is above the buttons which is the opposite of almost all modern controllers starting with the PS1, N64 gen.  On topic I somewhat agree with him. I find the controllers rather cumbersome and awkward. I would much rather play the games with the pro controller,...

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    Sessler: Nintendo needs to change controller for Wii U to succeed

    in Nintendo Discussion on 30 December 2013

    Cheebee said:Aren't the Xbox and Playstation's sticks in opposite positions compared to each other, too? Like, symmetrical sticks for PS, and assymmetrical on Xbox...? That would make it exactly the same as what he's talking about in regards to Wii U's setup, then; muscle-memory being thrown-off 'cos the controller's layout is different. That's just biased silliness. He's right about...

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    What Gaming Goodness Did You Get In Your Christmas Haul?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 December 2013

    I did pretty well this year! -Xbox One -Dead Rising 3 -Ryse Son of Rome -Tearaway -Beyond Two Souls -PS+ 1 year...

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    Vita Owners: Whats the last 2 games you bought? (digital or physical)

    in Sony Discussion on 16 September 2013

    The last two games I have purchased for the vita were Gravity Rush, and Wipeout. Both physical copies....

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    What are your gaming "Budgets"?

    in General Discussion on 04 February 2013

    Not all that much for me. My brother and girl friend are both gamer's so between birthdays and Christmas we get most of the games we would want to play in any given year also because I don't really enjoy playing online sharing games is no problem. ...

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    Can someone identify this wood?

    in General Discussion on 21 December 2012

    Looks to me like light oak....

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    The MOST iconic VG Chartz Poster(s) / User(s)

    in General Discussion on 10 October 2012

    D21Lewis- Always great for a laugh. DMeisterJ- was he the one banned for failing to post on Gaf that he likes VGChartz? Pichupichu- Always remember him being highest in the post counts or something, either way I have never forgotten him. Leo-j-He was such a crazy sony fanboy back int he day. Made for some great reads....

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    Who's the most original band/singer today?

    in Music Discussion on 01 September 2012

    What are we hipsters here? who cares if they are original. As long as they are making great music whats not to love? I would say either Mumford and Sons or Florence and the Machine, cant get enough of either of them also I seem to have taken a liking to Marianas Trench. ...

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    How many BluRays do you own?

    in General Discussion on 31 August 2012

    I probably have about 30-40 blurays though for the past couple years I kinda stopped buying movies, Ill still pick up the odd movie if its really cheap but owning movies just does not seem worth it to me anymore. ...

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    What was the last game you bought, how is it?

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 August 2012

    Just picked up Gravity Rush. Its the first game I have bought in months and cant wait to play!...

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    Post your voice! - We will no longer be silenced!

    in General Discussion on 19 July 2012

    Record and upload audio >>...

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    Does your Girlfriend/Boyfriend know of your VGChartz life?

    in General Discussion on 09 June 2012

    Yes and she has an account here, she used to post a little bit a few years ago. ...

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    Here's the most offical IQ test on the web for free! Take it!

    in General Discussion on 18 May 2012

    108 in just over 12 minutes. Not too bad....

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    What are you doing this summer?

    in General Discussion on 10 May 2012

    Visit various family cottages up in the Muskokas, Elvis Fest!! aka epic beer garden weekend, Stay at my cottage for the month of July, hopefully go on a contiki trip to Europe, work, bike, swim, game! ...

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    The Highest Grossing Films Of All Time: Elimination Game - THE FELLOWSHIP OF THE RING WINS!

    in Movies Discussion on 22 April 2012

    + E.T. - Matrix reloaded...

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    Gilgamesh's drunk thread

    in General Discussion on 21 April 2012

    Gilgamesh said: Finnbar said:It's only just hitting 11 now, its not Cottage season yet... But I do think the Hot Tub and some Thornbury Ciders are calling my name! Dafuq you talking about, you must be drunk cheers! Cheers!  Best drink ever, and its local!!!!!!!!!! ...

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    Gilgamesh's drunk thread

    in General Discussion on 20 April 2012

    It's only just hitting 11 now, its not Cottage season yet... But I do think the Hot Tub and some Thornbury Ciders are calling my name!...

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    Mastering the art of sleep

    in General Discussion on 16 April 2012

    Buy a Larger bed!...

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