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    Nintendo wasn't doomed THEN, but is doomed NOW

    in Sales Discussion on 01 June 2011

    RolStoppable said: That's an analogy-overkill, but it can be summed up by "Nintendo is selfdestructing". No real interest to continue with what made them successful, but instead pursuing what drives them towards irrelevance. this is exactly what OP meant...

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    The Malstrom thread 2: Revenge of the Lapsed Gamer

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 October 2010

    subscribing to the new thread!...

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    Hardcore games

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 August 2010

    MrT-Tar said: IMO hardcore is a word to describe how one plays a game, rather than a description of the game itself. For example, many might consider my Mum playing Tetris a 'casual gamer', but she played Tetris on my gameboy colour for 40 mins each day, almost without fail for 9 years (last year I bought her Tetris DS to play on my old DSlite).  My Mum is a hardcore Tetris player,...

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    The New Chartz

    in Sales Discussion on 12 August 2010

    damnit, I need those tools, so now I'm forced to pay a bunch of money just to check sales damnit I would, if it was paying once only. If it's a subscription that's gonna be difficult as hell for me to pay up. I don't earn THAT much.     really hoping it won't cost a fortune...

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    The New Chartz

    in Sales Discussion on 11 August 2010

    I'm glad to hear these core features are coming back, since it's the main reason I came to the site. but what is this "VGChartz Pro"?...

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    Okay we got to discuss this - Wii/Sales

    in Sales Discussion on 11 August 2010

    Stefan.De.Machtige said: akuseru said: Nintari said: This is what you get when you cater to people who aren't gamers. They made their money and success off people who don't care about the industry. The type of people who only buy what's "trendy" and "cool". Those people have very short attention spans and they're moving on. The core gamers, the ones who made their company what it is...

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    The New Chartz

    in Sales Discussion on 11 August 2010

    Am I the only one who finds the new VGChartZ section lacking in options? I can no longer compare hardware nor software sales from launch or. I can no longer make a sales graph of software or hardware...actually VGChartz has become insanely useless except for the occasional news and gamrConnect forums......

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    Okay we got to discuss this - Wii/Sales

    in Sales Discussion on 11 August 2010

    r3av3r2k1 said: mortono said: Antabus said: mortono said: I like how Nintendo puts things in perspective: http://www.gonintendo.com/viewstory.php?id=132837 If the Wii is the fastest-selling console by 15 months, why do we keep seeing these posts? Shouldn't we be celebrating the fact that it is the fastest-selling console ever? Here's the facts. 360 had a redesign. PS3 had a...

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    Okay we got to discuss this - Wii/Sales

    in Sales Discussion on 11 August 2010

    Buzzi said: c0rd said: Well, saying Nintendo cares more about gaming than profits is obviously misleading. However, saying they care more about gaming than short-term profits may not be inaccurate. For Nintendo, gaming is everything - gaming is their future, so the state of it means everything to their long-term success. We can't say Sony or MS doesn't care about the state of gaming, as I'm...

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    Okay we got to discuss this - Wii/Sales

    in Sales Discussion on 11 August 2010

    ChichiriMuyo said: Oh look.  It's this week's "wii is doomed" thread.  Maybe next week's will be more interesting (but certainly not any more original). Carry on.  Nintendo's been doomed since 1989 according to research already provided here on VGC, and more than 20 years on we can't expect any different. IKR?...

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    The Official The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward Sword Thread

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 July 2010

    Hype me onto the Train FAST   even though I totally despise spirit tracks and the BS train....   Skyward Sword seems to finally be moving into the right direction xP...

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    Amazing Pokemon theme song a capella cover

    in General Discussion on 19 June 2010

    effin' A!...

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    A mixed bag of fail from the E3 Microsoft press conference.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 14 June 2010

    dsister said: skeezer said: dsister said: why, because I know how to count? Or because everyone knows that the proper acronym for versus is FFvsXIII? :-p I think you MISSED the X in FFVXIII cuz FFVIII is 8 NOT FFVXIII. And I think you forgot how to count using roman numerals. When the smaller number is in front of the larger number you subtract it. So... 10-5=5, 5 3=8!...

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    Naruto Shippuuden Clash of Ninja Revolution 3 coming October!!!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 May 2010

    the game..plays differentlythey added alot of gameplay changes so if you like multiplayer this game is a blastmuch better than any clash of ninja game todate..and I'm not joking or exaggerating I used to own the japanese game..and GNT4 was the best till this one came around...

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    How will Zelda Wii be "Different" than other Zelda games?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 May 2010

    alfredofroylan said:Link is a girl. might be an option to choose sex.. would be cool..finally...

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    Why these hardcore games didn't sell.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 May 2010

    MontanaHatchet said:The two main problems with these excuses:1. A lot of games don't get much advertisement at all and are still successful (I've never seen an ad for any Game Party games, for instance).2. Many of these are things that people would have to play the game first to know (or read reviews). I agree.   wich means: those games weren't nearly good enough to deserve...

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    Walmart has a Wii and a game for $199.99.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 April 2010

    yeah..Wagramyour opinion is grounded in...fantasyours is grounded in factsit's very unlikely the Wii will have a pricedrop seeing as the first price drop wasn't planned....it's more likely for them to raise the price again...

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    Classic Nintendo games : why are they so expensive ?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 April 2010

    why are they expensive?good/great games become classics because no matter how HD new games lookthese games still retain their value and are still fun games...and good gamessometimes better than all these HD gamesthat'w why they cost so muchthey are worth more than most HD games...

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    Pokemon moves that describe your sex life (NSFW?)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 April 2010

    hahahaha loving it, thread of the year please?...

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    My Take On Nintendo And why I Sat this Generation Out

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 April 2010

    moar flamebait pl0xxorz?...

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