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< theprof00 Where is that final fantasy concept art with the watercolor japanese style? Did I just imagine it?
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< Wright posted something on theprof00's wall:

VGChartz Plays! is up! Come join us!

< Aielyn posted something on theprof00's wall:

In response to your post responding to me in the "The Nintendo 10" thread:

You say you agree with my examples, and that your problem was having "dozens" of threads about single ideas for NX... yet you also complained about my thread, which was explicitly a "what is YOUR idea for NX?" thread. In other words, made to be general enough to cover all of them.

My "condescension" wasn't just a response to your post in the "Nintendo 10" thread (which contributed nothing to the discussion), but to your attitude towards threads that are about NX ("these belong in MY thread!"), as demonstrated multiple times recently. In my thread, your only post just said "I'm just going to have to bump the official nx thread every single day until people get that one thread is enough."

Perhaps I should put it another way - you're not a mod, if you have a problem with a thread someone made, and think there's an issue with it, then report it, and let a mod deal with it. Posting purely for the sake of complaining that they should have posted in YOUR thread is childish and counterproductive - it bumps their thread, and makes you look bad.

I've posted this on your wall because it doesn't belong in the thread, and I had nothing more to contribute to the thread at this time. I generally try not to post off-topic content in threads without at least adding something on-topic as well.

So it all comes full circle. You're mad that I posted in your thread, which was EXACTLY what my thread was, and you're trying to subvert the idea of my thread in order to validate your own. Gotcha.

on 24 June 2015

Erm... no? Your thread is the "Official NX discussion thread". It's for discussing news about NX, and beyond that, generic discussion. For specific discussion, you have dedicated threads. I made a dedicated thread for discussing what people think will be the nature of the system, with the expectation being that people would draw from non-NX statements to try to get some sense of what Nintendo is doing.

But hey, I like the way that you tried the "I know you are, but what am I" defence. And by the way, I wasn't mad that you posted in my thread. I barely noticed that you posted in my thread. But when I saw you do the exact same thing in someone else's thread, I decided to call you out on it, because as I said, you don't seem to understand the purpose of internet forums, and how they operate.

Next time I see one of your entire-off-topic complaining-that-this-should-be-in-your-"official"-thread posts, I'm reporting it, unless you at least find some way to add something on-topic to the post (because "stay on topic" is actually a rule, here). If you honestly believe that their thread breaks some sort of rule, report the thread, don't post off-topic in it.

on 25 June 2015

The actual name of the thread, before I changed it (right after your comment, and way after your thread) was "NX-discussion, rumors, speculation."
That falls exactly under what your thread was about.
But yeah, I'd rather just report the thread as well than have this ridiculous debate with you.

on 25 June 2015

< zorg1000 posted something on theprof00's wall:

Perhaps u should start reporting all the NX threads so the mods lock them and direct them to the official page?

< theprof00 updated his status:

Where is that final fantasy concept art with the watercolor japanese style? Did I just imagine it?

on 24 June 2015

< t3mporary_126 posted something on theprof00's wall:

Congratulations! You've scored second place in the Guess that NES Song Game!

You can check the results here:

Thanks again for playing!

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Write 33

I have no need to buy another game for the rest of the year.

in Gaming Discussion 4 days ago

I thought this was going to be about splatoon...

Write 124

Final Fantasy XV's Villain Will Top Sephiroth and Kefka

in Gaming Discussion 6 days ago

LuckyTrouble said:Topping Sephiroth I can see, because, let's face it, Sephiroth was kind of a crap villain. Of all the things that people love despite them being kind of mediocre in FFVII, Sephiroth is the worst offender. About the only evil thing he did was running Aerith through. Otherwise he was wholly unimpressive and almost pitiable for his nonsense motivations. Kefka on the other...

Write 63

Why the Xbox One is losing to the PS4, according to the guy who made Xbox matter

in Microsoft Discussion on 21 August 2015

The problem behind everything though is that they severely overestimated the brand strength of xbox. They thought that brand would carry them past the hurdles, and they were wrong. PS brand name kept the ps3 in business while it built a catalog. While xbox has a lot of fans, and diehard ones, they just don't have as many as ps does. Thinking they could get away with something ps was able to was...


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