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    < theprof00 Trump is gonna fix this nation i can feel in deep in my groin
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    < Teeqoz posted something on theprof00's wall:

    Well well, looks like the result for our bet is in

    What was our bet? I don't remember :/

    on 07 January 2017

    Uncharted 4. We bet on wether or not it could reach 6.5 million by the end of 2016. We made this bet way back though, like in 2014 or something. I can find the post if you want.

    on 07 January 2017

    Who bet what? I said higher, huh?

    on 07 January 2017

    You said less :-P

    on 07 January 2017

    Haha guess I was rght. I can't remember exactly what the discussion was. Do you have a link? I know uncharted is awesome, but it think I did the math or something. I'm curious

    on 07 January 2017

    Wut. Sony just said UC4 had sold through 8.7 million in 2016... :-P

    And yeah I'll find the link to the bet.

    on 07 January 2017

    ahh i had no idea, I just checked our numbers and we're like 3 million undertracked

    on 09 January 2017

    < MARCUSDJACKSON posted something on theprof00's wall:

    Yeah I'm around every 2 days or twice a day nothing to say really PlayStation's winning domination confirmed

    < LivingMetal posted something on theprof00's wall:

    Hi. I thought you were perma banned.

    lmao no way, I'm always up and about. I just havent been online very much. ps4 dominating kinda hurts discussion cuz there's no one to argue with :D

    on 01 December 2016

    Maybe I was thinking of ethomaz. Hmmm... My PS4 Pro should be coming in the mail soon. Not that I have time for it.

    on 01 December 2016

    Has he ever been banned? I don't think so...

    on 02 December 2016

    hmmm i've been banned but never longer than 2 days. That was in the good old wild wild west days of pswii60

    on 02 December 2016

    So there you have it.

    on 02 December 2016


    on 03 December 2016

    < theprof00 updated his status:

    Trump is gonna fix this nation i can feel in deep in my groin

    < theprof00 updated his status:

    I feel like holding a man without a shirt on, nothing gay just like want a mans warmth

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    Write 143

    VGC's Most Attractive User 2017: Sign-Up!

    in General Discussion 14 hours ago

    There aren't enough pics! We need more entries this is so small compared to previous years...

    Write 36

    Why Arcades died in USA?

    in Gaming Discussion 1 day ago

    arcaneguyver said: Bigger & better killed the arcades, I think. Cabinets got expensive, so arcade owners jacked up the price to play; one could play a very close approximation on home console for far cheaper. I also think there's a link between arcades closing and Dreamcast dying. At that time gamers were really getting into the idea of deep long games, not arcade style at...

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    Why Arcades died in USA?

    in Gaming Discussion 2 days ago

    The major problem with arcades in the USA was that they were overly expensive. Arcades were never really able to convey a price point that made sense for the average consumer. Games were made to be tough, and quarter eaters. Basically, business ate the market. Japan had cutting edge games, and were updated constantly with new cabinets and different variety of genres. When new systems came...


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