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    The Wii U drought 2K15, who is to blame this year?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 January 2015 by Emme

    True, the attach rate is pretty good on Wii U, percentagewise SSB U is at some 30% while SSB Wii is only at 12.5 etc. But it takes too long, Ubisoft cant wait two years for a game to pay for its development. The Zombi U figures are cool, but too little, too late for third party developers. The games must sell some 400k right off the bat to be considered profitable....

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    Most overrated developer?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 January 2015 by XanderXT

    Goremichel said: sabastian said:Nintendo. false and not because they got a price for the best developer. Because they make the best games A bit biased, do you think? For me, 2K Sports and EA Sports. And the guys who make MLB: The Show. Every game they make can literaly be...

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    Dat Nintendo Cash Grab!

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 August 2014 by Leadified

    bigtakilla said: Only 22 hours, how far did you get, off the island? Yeah that's not the hour counter, that's the last time I played the game. How far off of Outset? I'll give you a hint, the coordinates for the area is E4, and I was under the sea, I wonder why....

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    TLOU Dev Fires Back At Those Who Feel $50 Is Too Much For PS4 Version “It’s a Steal”

    in Sony Discussion on 21 July 2014 by Carl

    Blood_Tears said:I never understood the irony of certain fans wanting an Empire type of thread for their respective systems as they felt “ a normal thread” would get hijacked by each other’s fanbase. Then I read this thread and realize the Empire type of threads are just a club house to hang out at after they cause the chaos.. You just couldnt hold back, could...

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    UPDATE Project Cars fanpage: “If People Want a Race Sim on Wii U They will Buy it, Even in One More Year”

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 July 2014 by MoHasanie

    Torillian said: MoHasanie said: Yes you're right. It seems to be falsely reported by Nintendo Enthusiast and clearly exagerated. Um, because there is no facebook page anymore, I think this thread should be locked.  It's your thread, if that's what you'd like say so and I'll lock it.  Just making sure that your intentions are clear before I lock the thread....

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    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate coming to west in early 2015

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 January 2014 by Mr Khan

    Locking duplicate....

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    Nintendo: don't expect 99-cent Mario game

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 December 2013 by Mr Khan

    gcube2000 said:no Do *NOT* necro threads like this. You get one warning. I'm locking this, since we have more current discussions on this topic....

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    Platinum Games Creative Director is Fed Up With Bayonetta 2 port begging

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 December 2013 by Mr Khan

    Okay, this thread has gone well off the rails. Bye!...

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    Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale will outsell Smash Bros

    in Sales Discussion on 03 August 2013 by Alby_da_Wolf

    Sylvania.  :-P ...

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    Nintendo's wii U truly next gen??

    in Gaming Discussion on 30 June 2013 by Barozi

    Locking for obvious reasons....

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    50minutes FROM NOW

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 June 2013 by Smeags

    Conegamer said:Not to be a downer, but we have a thread for this... Regardless, yes I'm excited! Yeah. *laughs* Guys, we already have a Nintendo E3 thread. The party's over there. Please join (and bring some Nintendo Music!). ^_^ Locking...

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    Nintendo fans are hypocrites when it comes to PS3 ports on Vita

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 November 2012 by radishhead

    This thread got out of hand, and the topic was always going to attract this sort of attention from the outset. ...

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    Am I the only one who most can't stand Nintendo games/consoles on this site???

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 November 2012 by Kantor

    From your description of what constitutes a "hardcore game" I very much doubt you have ever owned a Wii or been a Nintendo fan in the slightest. What makes a first party Nintendo game any more "hardcore" than Mass Effect? What you personally enjoy is up to you, but it's ridiculous to suggest that because you don't like a certain type of game, it's "casual". Combined with your sweeping...

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    The ten year decline of Sony (article)

    in Sony Discussion on 09 September 2012 by Kynes

    You can say whatever you want, the numbers are there. If you want to close your eyes and still believe that the economic problems Sony has won't affect you, tell you the same the next time they have to close a developing studio. We've seen some examples in the recent times, and we will see more in the future. Some of you want to kill the messenger, and say that we are haters and all that. You...

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    Nintendo fans have overtaken VGChartz - Who do we assassinate first?

    in General Discussion on 27 August 2012 by NiKKoM

    So now that this has been locked:SEGA4LIFE!!!!!...

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    what have I missed as a Nintendo only gamer this Generation?

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 July 2012 by MontanaHatchet

    Just going to lock this thread since the replies given here are generating a lot of complaints. Sorry Spurgeon that others couldn't respond more appropriately....

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    Can we stop making threads about religious preaching and cultic crap?

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2011 by twesterm

    Ugh, completely agree but mainly because I'm tired of seeing reports on the subject. Anyways, this thread doesn't belong on gaming, feel free to make it in off topic and bitch to your hearts content there. I'll agree with you but can't do much about it at the moment. ;_;...

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    Rate Nintendo 2011 E3

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 June 2011 by snfr

    I'm a bit disappointed... + New Mario for 3DS + Mario Kart 3DS + Star Fox 64 3D + WiiU's controller and the possibilities looked great - "WiiU" (what a terrible name) - Only a montage of a few multiplatform games (what about exclusives?) - Wii is dead (in terms of software support) and this conference proves it Score: 6/10 I'm thinking about all my scores again, somehow every...

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    Vote Now! VGChartz Most Wanted: February Edition

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 February 2011 by zarx

    The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim StarCraft II: Heart of the Swarm Batman: Arkham City Diablo 3 Deus Ex: Human Revolution PC...

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