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    Octopath Traveler (NS) receives a prequel "Champions of the Continent" for IOS/Android

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 March 2019 by zygote


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    Are You Looking Forward to E3 This Year?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 March 2019 by BraLoD

    V-r0cK said: BraLoD said: Looking foward to what Sony has show us near that time. It's obviously going to be a new Legend of Dragoon :P That would put the nail on E3's coffin. Losing the biggest announcement ever....

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    Pokemon Sword and Shield coming late 2019 worldwide

    in Nintendo Discussion on 01 March 2019 by Kai_Mao

    MrWayne said: mZuzek said: I just wanted to point out I don't think anyone ever expected BotW levels of either graphics or ambition. After all, this is Game Freak we're talking about here. It's not that people expect it to be like that - it's moreso that people are questioning why it can't be like that, when it's a franchise that's consistently sold massive numbers, much higher...

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    The Legend of Zelda's Link's Awakening Remake announced for Switch!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 February 2019 by Hiku

    Jumpin said: PortisheadBiscuit said: I mean if they asked $60 for Tropical Freeze and Mario U (and the games are selling well) you're darn tootin' they're going to ask $60 for this. The difference being those games are new. Their only prior release was on a console few people had, and fewer actually played. Additionally, the games are still market valued at about that price,...

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    Alita Battle Angel by James Cameron and Robert Rodriguez (based on the manga

    in Movies Discussion on 18 February 2019 by Keiji

    TallSilhouette said: I thought the writing was terrible, but the visuals and action were good. As far as the eyes go, I definitely felt the uncanny valley in the initial trailers, but not during the film. I don't know if they tweaked the visuals or I just got used to it in between, but she looked great on screen. I love the script of the movie. They manage to put the first 2...

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    Nintendo Is Unhappy About Surge in Short Term Switch Online Plans

    in Nintendo Discussion on 12 February 2019 by Slownenberg

    Kwaidd said: It's definitely not a premium experience, but they aren't charging premium dollars.  I happily paid the measly $35 for the yearly family plan.  It costs more to stop at a fast food place for a shit lunch or to see an hour and a half movie at a theater. I can play Monster Hunter to my hearts content...maybe toss some Kart, Smash or Splatoon into the mix.  I'm...

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    Is it unusual to game on multiple consoles in a gen?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 February 2019 by Conina

    melbye said: I would say that these days it's unusual to own only one console if you consider yourself a serious gamer. Don't forget that we are in a bubble of a gaming forum... we aren't the norm. The majority of gamers is probably happy with the content for their system and doesn't feel the need to buy a second system to get access to more games....

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    PSN Alone Generated More Revenue Than The Entirety of Nintendo, MicroSoft's Entire Gaming Division!

    in Sales Discussion on 09 February 2019 by Sam1994

    sounds good....

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    THQ Nordic teases potential ports of the Darksider series to Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 February 2019 by CaptainExplosion

    wombat123 said: I hope they're not expecting much in sales because I don't see it doing well. And how so? Are you some kind of expert on remasters and ports?...

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    No Metriod Til Atleast 2019 Seriously Nintendo?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 05 February 2019 by Dulfite

    This is awkward......

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    Circumcision - Yes or No?

    in General Discussion on 30 January 2019 by PaulGaleNetwork

    VAMatt said: Our healthy boy was born today, by C-section, after a 45ish hour long, unsuccessful induction and labor. His weenie is still intact. Almost two full days...wow!  Good to hear that he was born healthy and here’s to a happy, healthy life for him.  To you and wife, congratulations!  😁...

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    Total 2018 Software Sales for Japan

    in Latest Charts on 28 January 2019 by AngryLittleAlchemist

    Darwinianevolution said: Now I'm curious, which one will sell better in japan by the end of the gen, Splatoon 2 or MH World? The game that's on the console that keeps selling, of course! ...

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    Play Assassin's Creed Odyssey makes me appreciate RDR2 a whole lot more

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 January 2019 by VAMatt

    I've gotta say, I find the range of views expressed in this thread, regarding the relative quality and enjoyability of RDR2, very interesting. I'm not sure that I've seen this level of divergence of opinions on a mega-hit game like this before. ...

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    What JRPG has the best soundtrack you´ve ever heard?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 December 2018 by Cloudman

    What came to mind right away was Chrono Trigger. Almost every single tune in that OST is excellent and worthy of being on a music device. Funny enough, the main so-so tunes were ones that were cut, haha. Even they knew those 2 weren't quite up to par. A runner up would be maybe XC2 or Grandia 2. XC2's ost has many excellent tunes, and Grandia 2 has one of the greatest battle themes to ever...

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    Why NON Nintendo games prices go down so fast

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 December 2018 by Zekkyou

    Teno said: Actually, I prefer Nintendos way a lot. Because I buy games on launch then. I think it sucks to buy a game for $60 and three months later the price drops to $20. What is the reason to buy the game on launch then? It's always easy to wait with a gigantic backlog like mine. I've stopped buying games on other platforms almost entirely and beside Blizzard games on Pc, I get...

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    Reggie on why Red Dead Redemption 2 isn't on Switch

    in Nintendo Discussion on 17 December 2018 by Bofferbrauer2

    0D0 said: I don't think Ark running on Switch is proof enough that any game could "run" on Switch. Run could have many meanings. If by run we just mean "be playable", so perhaps yes, but most PS4 would be playable like rubbish on Switch. Playable is not enough. Well, considering Ark is running in glorious 640p on PS4 (it can't keep up it's target 720p, nor it's 30fps target),...

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    Almost in the 2020's, What's Your Game of the Decade So Far?

    in Gaming Discussion on 15 December 2018 by tripenfall

    Breath of the Wild.... ...

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    Is LABO going to explode this holiday?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 December 2018 by Jumpin

    WhatATimeToBeAlive said:  Is LABO going to explode this holiday? Is it some kind of terrorist organization?Seriously, what is this LABO? All I know is I have heard evil things....

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    Nintendo Switch is perfectly viable as a primary or even only gaming device...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 11 December 2018 by DonFerrari

    If something is equally as viable, then it should as well be equally as chose... so there goes your point. And OP say portability should be ignored, but all his points are basically "I like portability because it doubles my playtime so that is the reason why it's viable". Consoles lived for over 30 years without it, if you want to use portability as sign of viability do it comparing to...

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    Sony will not be at E3 2019 for the first time!!!

    in Sony Discussion on 01 December 2018 by BasilZero

    I would have left too, E3's been garbage - way better to host your own show....

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