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    Credit Suisse Lifts Nintendo Rating to Outperform, Predicts 130 Million Switch Units Sold by 2022

    in Sales Discussion on 19 September 2017

    Paul said:I can see vgchartz regaining it's old glory through the next few years if this is true. All the old nintendo fan boys will come out of hiding to savour the salty tears of fanboy meltdowns. I was in hiding for 5 years after the wii u debacle. I wonder what fanboy meltdowns, 'cuase ps4 is doing as good or better than switch, do you mean xbox fans?...

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    World gone mad: Music conductor fired for making racist joke even though "victim" says no.

    in Politics Discussion on 18 September 2017

    So, the black guy can make fun of his British accent and not be labeled racist, but if his white British friend makes fun of his southern accent, the British guy is labeled a racist.Hmmm... Talk about flawed logic right there. I don't think either of them is racist btw, friends make these kinds of jokes all time....

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    Most Overlooked, Underrated Game You've Ever Played?

    in Gaming Discussion on 12 September 2017

    Vagrant Story, it got buried under the shadow of ff titles during the ps1 era, but it's a masterpiece. ...

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    Xbox One demand will surpass supply (Poll included)

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 September 2017

    Off topic: my brother bought the dlc for Battlefield 1, but I can't play it in my account. We both use the same xbox, is there any way to fix this or do I have to buy the dlc too? ...

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    Listen to Taylor Swift's latest masterpiece

    in Music Discussion on 25 August 2017

    Taylor Swift and masterpiece in the same sentence....hmm?...

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    Proposal: Get political threads off the front page

    in Website Topics on 14 August 2017

    am I the only one to notice that we get a thread like this one every year? If you don't like political threads don't click on them....

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    Doe it really matter if God exists or not...?

    in General Discussion on 02 July 2017

    I am an atheist, if gods exist or not it doesn't matter. What matters is that we don't allow religious fanatics to dictate our laws and how we should live our lives. Separation of church and state, that's all I ask for....

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    Otto Warmbier is Dead.

    in Politics Discussion on 19 June 2017

    I just wanna know one thing, WTH is an American doing in North Korea, of all the interesting places you can go to, you decide to go to NK?...

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    I just now discovered that you can switch forum posts per page from 10 to 100!

    in Website Topics on 13 April 2017

    F%#! I've been around here for like 10 yrs and didn't know that lol. To my defense, i never looked at my profile's settings....

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    Prediction: Zelda BOTW will not reach 90 metacritic

    in Nintendo Discussion on 25 February 2017

    Geralt said: Thats what my gut tells me. Im hopibg im wrong. I think reviewers are more picky now and there will always be reviewers that want to get clicks. Also, the game was delayed and whenever that happens reviews are lower because of expectations. Well see! Btw majoras mask is one of my favorite games of all time and my favorite zelda game.  I wish nintendo would go that...

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    It's going to cost me nearly $750CAD to get the Nintendo Switch..... Not joking.

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 January 2017

    Damn, nintendo really has a nice cow to milk in you....

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    Rate the new trailer for Zelda: Breath of The Wild

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 January 2017

    i think it looks fantastic, it gives me wind waker vibes. It's a shame i will probably never play it. The world looks a bit empty though, that's probably because it is just a trailer and they didn't want to show a lot....

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    Which long-gone VGC member do you miss the most?

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 January 2017

    jonager, of course...

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    MTV hates on white men

    in Politics Discussion on 26 December 2016

    I really can't believe MTV had the guts to make a video like this. All those people with college degree working there really thought this was a good idea?...

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    What is the difference between a good and great game?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 December 2016

    One entertains you and the other doesn't....

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    With all the good previews of RE7

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 December 2016

    What i want is a RE like RE 1 -3. It seems i'll never get that....

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    Warning! Yahoo has been compromised. More than 1 billion accounts hacked!

    in PC Discussion on 15 December 2016

    Luckily I never used yahoo emails, but all these news are really starting to make me aware of how vulnerable emails and everything on the internet is. I'll try to make all of my stuff more secure. One thing I don't understand, though, it's why their CEO hasn't been fired yet, the company has only gone downhill even faster after she got the job....

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    New Final Fantasy VII Remake figures revealed!

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 December 2016

    they are really milking this one, aren't they? ...

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    FFXV's Sales In Japan: It Is Time For Japanese Devs To Support Switch?

    in Gaming Discussion on 07 December 2016

    this is sad, i remember the days when you could buy a ff game and expect quality (7,8,9 in my case). To see this great franchise turned into this, really sad indeed....

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    Anyone watching the chess world championship? CarlsenvsKarjakin

    in Sports Discussion on 30 November 2016

    i am watching it right now, it seems carlsen has this in the bag. But it was a hard fought match....

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