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    Games you literally fell asleep while playing

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 April 2015

    I have fallen asleep plenty of times while messing with the chao garden on Sonic Adventure 2 battle. Couldn't get enough of the tails chao you can unlock from phantasy star online. Lol those were good times playing until the sun came up and waking up to the controller in my hands and the chao garden music playing. I can still hear it......

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    Why should we even waste our time voting for President anymore?

    in Politics Discussion on 28 September 2012

    I think the biggest kick in the balls would be for everyone to just not vote for one term. A big f you to all these bastards. I could just see it now: "Nobody wins the election! Americans were sick of shitty candidates and just said fuck it!" If only no one could win. Democracy is flawed. Even the Greeks knew that. The world is a more complex place now and one head of state can't handle...

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    Why I believe Epic games is the best game developer ever.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 28 November 2010

    Even though I love the Gears of War franchise and play the hell out of Gears 2 online (made it to rank 100 twice), I am going to have to disagree with you big time. Epic Games is only good at making flashy graphics. When Gears 2 came out, multiplayer was even more broken than Gears 1. Matchmaking didn't work day one. The shotgun hit the ground when you hip fired for three months after the game...

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    How ya liking Reach's voting system?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 21 September 2010

    I wish they would make swat and sniping a different playlist because that is all I want to play. Mainly because they are the most evenly balanced gametypes. You can run or deceive. No jetpacks, invisibility, armor lock. Just two teams, the same weapons, and your ability to get a headshot....

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    Fallout 3 Game of the Year Question for 360

    in Microsoft Discussion on 30 March 2010

    I own the game and I can say with certainty that you can install the addon packs on as many xbox's as you want and anyone can play them. No one profile 'owns' the content on the disk....

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    MadTV iPad skit

    in General Discussion on 30 January 2010

    And that is from an older Mad TV too. It's almost like they are prophets or something....

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    Xbox 360 or... Monopoly?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 January 2010

    I'm glad I am not the only one that watches Reckless Tortuga. They have some good stuff....

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    Cracked.com Any other fans?

    in General Discussion on 03 November 2009

    I love that site. Read their new article every day. I enjoy too many articles there to even think of a favorite, but the 7 soldiers who make rambo look like a pussy is pretty damn good....

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    Gears vs. Halo

    in Microsoft Discussion on 22 October 2009

    Gears of War rapes every version of Halo violently and fiercely. Halo 3 is the most average game I have ever seen, and if it wasn't for GTA4, I would say the most overrated.I just like Gears' one life per round style deathmatch. It feels like it takes so much more skill than Halo, even though I know there are people who will disagree.Team SWAT does kick serious ass though....

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    Quick math help?

    in General Discussion on 29 September 2009

    You need to use the point-slope form y-y1 = m(x - x1) to find your new line. So you put the y coordinate in for y1 and the x coordinate in for x1 and solve! The end....

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    I'm Sorry but PS3 & 360 Motion Peripherals = Epic Fail.

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 June 2009

    WereKitten said: rockstarjerry981 said:   No I was not aware which is why I almost didn't say that in fear of looking like a fool. But, It looks like I have removed all doubt.   I guess that they use Six axis motion control so much that I didn't even know it still existed. Now that's commitment. About this, they are certainly not as central as the use of the...

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    I'm Sorry but PS3 & 360 Motion Peripherals = Epic Fail.

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 June 2009

    Lafiel said:@ rockstarjerry )"Yes, Sony did have motion controll at the beginning of the generation, and what did they do with it? They ditched it in favor of rumble."uhm.. are you aware,that Duall Shock 3 controllers still have SixAxis control build in?   No I was not aware which is why I almost didn't say that in fear of looking like a fool. But, It looks like I have removed...

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    I'm Sorry but PS3 & 360 Motion Peripherals = Epic Fail.

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 June 2009

    slowmo said: You're welcome to your opinion but it does appear you know very little about software development.  The avatar glitching was simply a result of the camera picking up the feet leaving the ground of Kudo and it didn't interpret the motion of his knee bending.  The software can be easily written to understand the human bodies natural ranges of motion so it knows not to...

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    your favorite stand up comedian ?

    in General Discussion on 07 June 2009

    I love Carlin, but my favorite has to be Daniel Tosh.I wish he would do some more specials, I can only watch the same one so many times....

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    I'm Sorry but PS3 & 360 Motion Peripherals = Epic Fail.

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 June 2009

    I'm sorry but anyone who looks at that Xbox Avatar having a siezure and says that it's the future of motion technology is so high on the Microsoft propoganda I don't even know if they can think for themselves any more.And what the hell happened to the whole motion is just a gimmick BS? Three years and fifty million units later, Microsoft and Sony are practically admitting that motion was the...

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    Epic iss Developing a new game called Nano.Strike?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 May 2009

    Hopefully this game will work completely when released. After Gears and Gears 2 I don't think I'm ready to buy another game from them until I am sure it is not broken. Make it look like a pile of shit, I don't care. JUST MAKE IT WORK!...

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    Blink 182 is Back

    in General Discussion on 09 February 2009

    Holy crap I am so happy to hear this. I have been such a huge fan for so long.This is like a miracle....

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    Men Are From Mars...Women Are From "As the World Turns"

    in General Discussion on 18 December 2008

    Holy crap that was hilarious....

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    in General Discussion on 14 December 2008

    Father Christmas by The Kinks. It kicks ass!...

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    Does Live ruin your single player gaming sometimes?

    in Microsoft Discussion on 24 November 2008

    I am that guy who only plays one game. I don't give my friends guilt trips when they don't want to play though.That one game used to be Gears of War, but now it's Gears of War 2.Off topic: Matchmaking is pure shit on Gears 2. I hate waiting 10 minutes to play a match sometimes only to have that match lag like hell....

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