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    Sony Fanboys Won't Support Insomniac Anymore?

    in Sony Discussion on 12 July 2013

    It's simple really. Sony fanboys know that their 1st party exclusives really aren't that great (most are mediocre), and Sony will never dominate if they have to rely on them. The only way that any PlayStation console will be on top is by money-hatting their way to the top (PSX era), or by being the only game in town (PS2 era) and pretty much having all the games on their system by...

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    Sony Fanboys Won't Support Insomniac Anymore?

    in Sony Discussion on 12 July 2013

    Only a stupid person would take this stance, and it takes a small level of stupidity to even try to justify the reasoning. It's because of shit like this that some people will always look at gamers as useless, basement dwelling, man-children....

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    GTA V to be on 2 discs, no disk swapping required !

    in Microsoft Discussion on 02 July 2013

    The 360 version can't fit on one disc, and the PS3 read speeds can't handle the streaming so pick your poison. I have no problem installing a game like this, anyone running open world games from the disc deserves all the stutter, pop-up and draw-in that they get....

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    Was Microsoft Forced to show next Xbox early by Sony? What to expect on May 21st from Microsoft?

    in Gaming Discussion on 20 May 2013

    Sony forced MS to show their next Xbox early by making them delay the reveal for 1 month? I think Sony had their hand forced if anything....

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    MICROSOFT is happy with the Nextbox rumors.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 April 2013

    enditall727 said: Mr Puggsly said: enditall727 said: Mr Puggsly said: enditall727 said:This is why M$ fans needed to bitch at them there needed to be a backlash so that M$ could know that the majority DONT want that always online shit. The point was to make a big backlash to make sure that M$ drop this wack ass idea BEFORE they announce the 720 so if M$...

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    MICROSOFT is happy with the Nextbox rumors.

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 April 2013

    Most of the people bitching never had any intention of ever buying any console from MS to begin with. Look at the avatars, sigs, and even the names of the posters if you recognize them. It isn't the sound of disappointment, it's the sound of joy. Any rumor that paints the next Xbox in a negative light is considered fact almost immediately. But somehow the PS4 is amazing even though the...

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    (Updated: GoW wins - Both bad) Sales - God of War Ascension vs Gears of War Judgement

    in Gaming Discussion on 01 April 2013

    I'm not surprised by the Gears numbers, and I wouldn't have been surprised if they were even lower. This game was made by another dev, and these aren't COD fans that can't tell the difference. Gears fans are hardcore and they knew this game would be different. I didn't really see anyone hyped for it except for the people that started the series with Gears 3. Very few maps for MP (bad maps at...

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    The Tomb Raider vs Uncharted argument has begun.

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 March 2013

    Pretty much everything in Tomb Raider is better except maybe the graphics. The controls are tighter and more responsive, the platforming is better, etc. Uncharted's problem is that it isn't really that great at anything except graphics and presentation. But if you don't like what's being served, the game itself is pretty average at best. It's a mediocre shooter, people who play real...

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    Stop calling the Origional playstation....PSX

    in Sony Discussion on 12 February 2013

    phinch1 said: Why is it irrelevant....It actually exists and you can't just dismiss it The PSX we are talking about is THE actual PSX console whos name was given to it by THE Creators of Playstation.....There is no deneying fact PlaystationPlaystation 2PSX              PSPPS3 Officially its just the Playstation, some code...

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    Stop calling the Origional playstation....PSX

    in Sony Discussion on 12 February 2013

    I'll put it to you this way. The PSX you are talking about is irrelevant and nobody even knows what it is, except for like 17 people and most of them are in this thread. If you are an old timer (I started with NES when it was in its' prime) you will recall that (at least in the U.S.) all magazines (the only real media at the time for this hobby) referred to the original PlayStation as the...

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    When you think about it, Scientifically we really dont know anything.......

    in General Discussion on 04 January 2013

    The problem with Scientists and people that follow everything they say, is that they try to figure everything out and when they can't they accept whatever our current level of knowledge is as fact. Instead of saying "I don't know", they just push whatever the best current answer happens to be, even though it might be wrong and disproven later down the road. The problem with religious people is...

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    I got fired from Burger King today

    in General Discussion on 29 December 2012

    It was your fault but I would have done the same thing. Fuck Burger King, your dignity is worth more than some shitty fast food job. You take the shit when it's a good job worth keeping....

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    How will Sony fans react if PS4 is not the most powerful Next Gen console?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 November 2012

    I have been on forums since the PS2, Xbox, GC days and I'm pretty sure Sony fans will always argue that they have the most powerful system despite what the reality is. I still remember those ridiculous arguments about PS2's "untapped potential", and the 2 vector units. If Sony fans have the weakest hardware, they will still think/say that it's the most powerful. If the machine is marginally...

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    I think EGM Halo 4 review is rational

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 November 2012

    So giving it a lower score because it's not Call of Duty is rational?...

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    Skyrim Dawnguard PS3: Punished for choosing wrong console

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 October 2012

    This is the PS3s fault, Bethesda is at fault for releasing the port as is. Anyone who knows anything about this engine would understand. Skyrim runs on PS3 the same way it would run on a crappy PC with a weak GPU and not enough RAM. What they could have done was plan for lots overhead. They would have had to lower texture resolutions, simplify geometry, remove tons of junk, clutter and misc...

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    Skyrim Dawnguard PS3: Punished for choosing wrong console

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 October 2012

    This game should have never released on PS3, all it did was hold back the PC and 360 versions and caused bad publicity. The problem is people are really stupid. Does anyone with a brain in their head really think Sony would have just been fine with this game not coming out on their system? Do you think they would have been fine with a late or gimped version? Sony and MS both have policies that...

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    'That isn't Kevin Butler', Bridgestone claims

    in Sony Discussion on 09 October 2012

    Turkish I hope Sony is paying you well to make those posts, because if those are your real opinions I feel pity for you. That's the kind of shit you find on N4G and youtube, and quite frankly it stinks up this joint. Moderated, -Mr Khan Beaten to it; User was moderated for this post [RH]...

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    In your opinion, which of these current Gen Rpgs is the best?

    in Gaming Discussion on 06 September 2012

    I voted for FFXIII (yeah that's right bitch), but only because Fallout: New Vegas isn't on there and I haven't finished Skyrim. I can't stomach most of the JRPGs on the market, I am a grown ass man and they just seem childish and ridiculous. FFXIII had problems, but it gets way too much hate specially when I hear the games people praise instead. I tried playing Tales of Vesperia after people kept...

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    Did Borderland steal's Id's thunder the way Unreal Tournament did?

    in Gaming Discussion on 24 August 2012

    I don't really think the situations are comparable. id was the top dog for FPS on the PC before it released Quake III, and every new Quake resulted in tons of new games using the updated engine. When they released Quake III they went head to head with Epic's original Unreal Tournament. It was in the same year (very close actually) and the games were very similar. Multiplayer-only games that...

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    Let's find out whether PSASBR is a rip-off or not.

    in Sony Discussion on 13 August 2012

    d21lewis said: Okay.  I lived in the 80's and 90's.  There was this little thing called Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  It was pretty awesome and became pretty popular.  As a result, we were treated to: Samurai Pizza Cats, Battle Toads, Biker Mice From Mars, Adolescent Radioactive Black Belt Hamsters, Street Sharks, and the list goes on.  Nobody got as bent out of...

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