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    < Immersiveunreality posted something on Runa216's wall:

    It is like baked into human culture to have children it seems but it should be more important to be ready mentally and financially to be able to support them before feeling forced by society to have them,i also feel like there should be a stronger focus on adoption because the world is already populated enough and there are so much children without parents in third world countries.But yeah i support pro choice.

    < Baddman posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Just want to say post like yours are appreciated. especially when i begin to lose faith in this place

    Thanks. I try to be progressive and positive but sometimes coming here shows me that, as a race, we're not as good as we really could or should be.

    I just wish people would look to the future instead of clinging to the past.

    on 20 October 2018

    < darkknightkryta posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Are you still writing for this place?

    Nope. Much as I enjoy writing reviews I found half the team to be toxic to work with and the community is full of even worse toxicity.

    on 25 August 2018

    I can imagine XD
    How's everything going? Did you go to the EX yet?

    on 27 August 2018

    What's the EX?

    on 27 August 2018

    Exhibition Place. You know, the carnival that comes every end of August.

    on 27 August 2018

    < spurgeonryan posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Who is the greater Genius on Vgchartz? You or theprof, come join and find out!


    < naruball posted something on Runa216's wall:

    Hey. Saw one of your posts and just wanted to say, good to see you back.


    Never really left, just kinda took a break.

    on 14 November 2015

    Good to know.

    on 14 November 2015

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    Write 2362

    Donald Trump: How Do You Feel about Him Now? (Poll)

    in Politics Discussion 1 day ago

    TallSilhouette said: How has this become normal? How has this become tolerable for the highest office in the country? [url]https://www.cnn.com/2019/03/18/politics/donald-trump-twitter-sunday/index.html[/url] Trump is a genuine madman. That is all.  The funny thing is that I tend to read reports, cross-reference data and claims, hear about his antics through twitter, and...

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    Donald Trump: How Do You Feel about Him Now? (Poll)

    in Politics Discussion 3 days ago

    Immersiveunreality said: Runa216 said: People need to start having opinions worth respecting; not every opinion holds equal value no matter how much certain groups like to play pretend. This whole Trump administration is a perfect example of that because now we have people genuinely believing that liberals rip babies from wombs or that Mexicans/Muslims are bad people or that there...

    Write 220

    Should The Political Discussion Board Remain?

    in Website Topics 3 days ago

    Naw, fuck that place. I got banned for calling Trumpards out for being Trumpards (Keep in mind I called them Trumpards, not Trumptards, because mental health is no laughing matter but Trump is) and saying that they were bad for the country. I made matter-of-fact statements about how abhorrent some mentalities are and apparently someone decided to whine to the mods about 'flaming' because...


    Height: 5'11

    Build: Other

    Eye colour: Blue

    Hair colour: Blonde

    Zodiac sign: Aquarius

    Relationship status: Partner

    Favourite Games: Final Fantasy VI
    Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars
    The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past
    Donkey Kong Country 1-3
    Megaman 2

    Favourite Music: Dream Theater

    Favourite Films: Pirates of the Caribbean
    Lord of the Rings
    (Sci-Fi Fantasy Epics)

    Favourite Books: I write, I don't read...but Animorphs and Jurassic Park.

    Favourite Food: I like to cook, so I like a lot of things.

    Hobbies: writing, biking, gaming, more writing

    About Me: just in it for the lulz, ladies and gentlemen!

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    • Action favourite genre (33 games)
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