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    How bout dat Blizzard!? UPDATE: Blizzard responds with "China isn't involved please believe us!"

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 October 2019

    Blizzard are doing their best Kent Brockman impression.  https://youtu.be/8lcUHQYhPTE ...

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    Circumcision - Yes or No?

    in General Discussion on 23 January 2019

    Absolutely do not circumcise your son. It is an outdated practice that make no more sense than female circumcision. If you are really still confused about what to do, as mentioned already above, your son can always get circumcised later if he wants. But if you circumcise him he can't undo it later....

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    What scaaaaaary games are you playing this October?

    in Gaming Discussion on 03 October 2018

    Every October I like to get into the mood and play some horror or horror themed games. This year I wanted to go back to a few games that I started earlier in the year but got distracted and never finished. So with that in mind my list this years consists of: rn Silent Hill (PSX) rn Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (PSX) rn Grabbed by the Ghoulies (XBO) rn Anyone else like to...

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    RIP George Romero

    in Movies Discussion on 17 July 2017

    Dawn of the Dead is in my personal top 10 greatest movies of all time. It gets better every time I watch it. ...

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    Wondeful video tribute to Iwata

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 July 2015


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    Zombie U currently in development for Xbox One and PS4!

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 June 2015

    I hope it does get ported to PS4 and XBone. Then when it sells poorly no-one will be able to blame Nintendo/Nintendo fans for it's poor reception. Ahhh, who am I kidding??? The games media will just ignore it an stick to their narrative!...

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    Splatoon is THE reason to get a Wii U!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 June 2015

    I can't get over how fun this game is! It's like Nintendo figured out how to take out all the unfun parts of online shooters plus make something original at the same time! There are lots of other great games on Wii U but nothing else so far where I could honestly say you HAD to buy the system so you could play them. This game though is something else!...

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    Curious about Broken Age sales

    in PC Discussion on 06 February 2014

    Disappointed or not (I am reserving final judgement until Act 2 is out) right now I just want to find out how sucessful or not the game is. I see that there are similar threads on the offical backer forums, but no data. I guess we have to wait for Double Fine to let us know :( ...

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    Awesome video on the new Dungeon Keeper game

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 February 2014

    This is pretty much why I don't play mobile games: http://youtu.be/GpdoBwezFVA...

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    Curious about Broken Age sales

    in PC Discussion on 28 January 2014

    I'm a backer and have been following the Broken Age docos. The game is out now and of course the big question is 'how will the game sell?' I know it's probably too early for sales data as the game only just went public, but seeing as VGChartz does not track digital sales I was wondering if there is a way to find out how sales are going without waiting for an announcement from Double Fine (the...

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    Games that people/critics were too harsh on?

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 January 2014

    Dead Rising: Chop Till You Drop Not a flawless game by any means, but a lot of fun! Unfortunately everyone hated on it from the first screenshot that was released....

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    So , did you get any new WiiU games?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 March 2013

    swii26 said:I picked up Darksiders II and pre-ordered RE:Revelations but may cancel it if it doesn't support the Wii Remote like I've been hearing... Loved the controls in RE4 You will need to cancel your pre-order. Just make sure you TELL CAPCOM WHY!...

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    So , did you get any new WiiU games?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 March 2013

    NeilStrauss said:I have a 500GB external HD, no power cable, can it work with a WiiU? No it needs to be powered or use a Y-Cable. People say you can use a powered hub but I kept having problems, just get a powered external HDD they are pretty cheap now....

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    So , did you get any new WiiU games?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 21 March 2013

    I got Need for Speed and it's fantastic. Real easy to get a game online too. Also Punch Out on the VC is great too! ...

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    Need for Speed MW U "Graphics seem slightly worse compared to other versions"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 March 2013

    I got the game this afternoon and played it for about 45 min or so, it looks really, really good and from what I have seen so far the frame rate is rock solid. I mean, I was disappointed when I heard the game was running at 30fps but when you see it in action, it's great. I have not played the PS3/360 versions so I can't compare, but there is certainly nothing wrong with the visuals in the Wii...

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    RESIDENT EVIL WiiU Preorders Outsell PS3 and XBox 360

    in Nintendo Discussion on 18 March 2013

    A lot of those pre-orders are probably RE4 Wii Edition owners, who will be mighty pissed off when they get the game and realise that it doesn't support Wiimote aiming....

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    Dark Souls II announced with a trailer! - PS3/360/PC

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 December 2012

    Wii U version pleeeeese!...

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    WiiU: Downloaded software can't be saved to the SD card

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 November 2012

    Something to do with transfer speeds on SD cards maybe? Software on SD cards on Wii were a bit slow to boot up, and they were small. ...

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    First Wi U System Update is Day 1!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 November 2012

    thekitchensink said:That doesn't bother me at all, but it's... kind of strange, I suppose. It is a bit strange. As I see it there are two possible reasons for this: The software was incomplete when the Wii U production started, or this is to stop information about these services getting leaked before Nintendo wants to announce them. Or maybe a bit of both....

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    Man has not eaten or drank liquids for 70 years

    in General Discussion on 23 August 2012

    Soleron said:He should take the Randi challenge and earn himself a million dollars. I know you are likely not being serious, but there are actually good reasons the JREF will not test claims like this. Here is a quote from one of their members: "We've been around this issue before. Does Mr. Randi have a reasonable basis for giving such "claims" short shrift? You bet he does. ...

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